Baby Blues

Session 3.2

1628, Sea Season

Dramatis Personae




Some of Rushes to Battle’s cronies
Some Storm Bulls that Rajar picked up in a pub well OK a temple really
Some Humakti that Berra commandeered also from a temple
Baby Berra


Maalira began in Pavis and made her way to the Straw Weaver Beesons.1GM failed pronunciation. En route, she encountered a group of Impala Riders who tried to take her hostage. They changed their minds when they found out that she was a White Lady and offered to help her find her tribe if she healed an injured impala2The animal, not the rider. at their camp. She healed the impala and the leader of the riders tried to convince her to let him keep her or take her hostage. They took her to the Straw Weaver camp.

Rajar and Xenofos were on guard duty. The Storm Bull was singing and drinking kumiss, but Xenofos spotted an incoming dust cloud. Rajar sounded the alarm despite being certain he and Xenofos could take them. As the dust clouds drew closer, it became clear that they were a swarm of Impala Riders. Rajar decided to get some companions, leaving Xenofos alone to negotiate.

In his efforts to be courteous, Xenofos invited the Impalas to come get some, adding that he owned a fine harem of Morokanth.3Fumbled communication roll. The rider took the first shot, but his arrow bounced off Xenofos’ armour. Maalira heard the beginning of the conflict and decided she’d best pick up the pace.

Rajar heard the shouting and charged back. Things were not going particularly well back where Xenofos and the Impala rider were facing off. At the same time, Maalira tried to intervene by explaining that Xenofos didn’t speak Praxian. Rajar was recognised as negotiations proceeded. Based on this, and on the fact that Rushes to Battle might be in the area, Gallaf decided to move the clan closer to the Paps.

The Praxians safely made it to Boldhome, where they met up with Berra and Varanis. Berra had taken the chance while waiting for them to pay Rondrik’s son and the gate guards to keep an eye out, as a way of passing money to the gate guards. There was a lot of blethering, a tour of the new house where Maalira and Rajar were mildly horrified by Varanis’ attempt to make them a Praxian themed room, but neither of them reckoned it was so bad it was insulting.

They made for Blue Tree, accompanied by a couple of Storm Bull warriors that Rajar picked up. The village had a lot of added fortification in the form of earthworks. At the village, Berra hired three Humakti to join the party.

At Jonstown, Maalira visited the hospital and Xenofos the Library. Rajar took his Storm Buddies to the baths and threw them in, after which he took them on a pub crawl. Varanis paid her respects to Orngerin, the City Rex. Berra and her Humakti did her best to make sure that both Varanis and baby Berra were under guard, with brief visits for each to the Humakti Temple.

On the way out of the city, they passed Gunda riding in. Berra noted her to her friends as the biggest trouble in the city except maybe Sarostip, and Rajar lifted a hand in greeting. Gunda was very unimpressed, even when Rajar offered her beer. Berra piped up that he was with her, and told Rajar to move along, they were on a job.

En route to Clearwine, they discovered a sign warning that the road was out and a detour. Xenofos determined that the sign was made by a duck writing phonetically, and everyone immediately guessed at Devolin. They ignored the sign and came across a puddle in the road. Rajar decided to cross it, at which point he discovered that the puddle was deep enough to bathe both him and his bison. The others opted to ride around. Berra, to her joy and horror, blurted out that they were in the Hero Wars now and that meant that stories were entwined and THAT was why they would keep meeting him.

At last, they reached Clearwine and Varanis had Xenofos introduce them at the gate. A guide was offered, and they accepted, although they stopped for food and a night at the White Grape to freshen up and not surprise King Leika with their arrival.

Session Quotes

  • 1
    GM failed pronunciation.
  • 2
    The animal, not the rider.
  • 3
    Fumbled communication roll.