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1628 Sea season

Xenofos report on the River egg massive spoilers/bias

Private journal, undated

Private journal, undated

Into the library archives, Clayday, Fertility week, Sea season (copy this later, Fazzur code)

Thane Vareena returns to court of queen Leika to tell that a new river now runs from high lands of Lismelder tribe through pastures of Good weavers down to Quackford. She is introduced to wyter of tribe, the Black Spear.

Queen Leika of Colymar was in process of recommending thane of Blue Tree to undertake a quest when she let out she would wait to see whom Orlanth blesses before taking sides between king of Pavis, of blood of Sartar and Starbrow whom she refused to name her king. Lit by pride and loyalty Vareena spoke forcefully for Kallyr’s claim to the throne of Sartar as one who relit the Flame and married the Feathered Horse Queen, casting aside all arguments of Leika with her conviction.

Ill would proud Colymar hear such words, breaking her mouth in foul mood. Leika would not break her safe conduct but thane Vareena was banned from lands of Colymar for a length of a year.

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    Knowledge here partly Mysteries of Lhankor Mhy, partly witness testimony of Oraninna of Ernaldori
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    own observation
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    own tasting observation
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    Lhankor Mhy
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    Berra said later that during her unconsciousness she had a vision or instinctive knowledge of how to tend to the egg and of it’s nature and that she made a choice to want to have a river not dragon. It might be wise to further discuss the experience with her, but present writer may not be the best scholar for the task.
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    My liege later accused me of provoking this altercation, as did Humakti Berra. I disagree, but acknowledge I should have made sure my liege was better informed despite presence of outsiders. With such testimony from two independent witnesses this possibility can not be discounted entirely though.
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    See Torograi Berra the Waterbringer or Lhankor Mhy archives of Clearwine royal
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    There were fish observed in the puddle surrounding Berra
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    I find it unlikely that this attack was a mere coincidence, with us carrying a Draconic magical treasure with us. Were they perhaps trying to releas the dragon?
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    thanks Viikate
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    Adapted from Swedish Kavaljersvisan