Fear and Loathing in Las Vulva

S01 — Session 11

1625, Earth Season

Season, Week, Day

Earth Season, Fertility Week, Godday
Earth Season, Stasis Week, Freezeday-Windsday

Dramatis Personae


Berra Daughter of Jarang
Nala of the Unicorn Ladies
Tiwr (played en-troupe)
Rajar son of Ranulph
Serala- GM played when necessary


Irillo Jasilsson- Initiate of Issaries Goldentongue, and Merchant Adventurer
Salid the Sniveller (Sid)- Trollkin Guardstrollkin
Koraki- Wind Lord of Orlanth
Crone Priestess of Maran Gor (Name unknown)
A local peasant of the Shaker Temple (Name too insignificant to know)
A mule (Of unknown name status, unloved but respected, and doomed)
A mixed panoply of hallucinations/visions


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, from The Sonnets to Melia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia, The Lay of Serala, Lance of the Cold Sun , The Death of Rajar or The Sonnets to Vestra, Grey Lady of Wisdom, and NalaTiwrSaga. Also included are some extracts from ‘The Accounts of the travels of Irillo Goldentongue‘, and some “commentary” recorded best in oral testimony of the Unicorns of Prax.

[It should be accepted that the nature of all of the extracts for today’s lecture are at the very least deeply allegorical, if not outright invention. We shall discuss through these passages possible meanings, as well as alternate suggestions as to the nature of these writings. We begin with an extract from NalaTwirSaga]

Grim Goddess Priestess1 The ambiguity here is probably deliberate. Is this the Priestess of a Grim Goddess, or a Grim Priestess of a Goddess? The other possibility, that it is a Goddess who is a Grim Priestess is probably implausible.
Warns of dangers yet to come
Suggests Blood to solve!

[This downright gnomic (if not ominous) suggestion is elaborated on in considerably more depth in the Sonnets to Vestra. ]

To Maran’s Gory2 Fox brings this forward as more evidence that the writer was Esrolian. The Maran Gor/Gory pun does not work in Heortling or Praxian. Library Vestra went
Midst old scrolls and prophesies downward sent
She found a tale of Kero Finn and how
The wrong and low’r shrine was worshippéd now.

She carried the secret triumphant where
Orlanth first had his mothers gentle care
When forth her vulva came the stormy God
Was found atop that sacred mountain odd

[The Heroes seem to have set forth, guided by tales as far as the lower temple to Orlanth a day above the plain. Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga picks up the tale, with a brief word on conditions underfoot.]

Cold Comfort3 Derzinsky famously remarked that this meant that the Warrior Berra had ‘Cold Comfort Arms’. Nobody laughed. for Champion Berra!
Chill clouds calling her!
Snow suffocating Swift-runner4 Berra as a swift runner is not otherwise remarked upon in translated segments of
Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga but is mentioned in Berra Saga. This implies a further link between the two works.
Soft Silence no Sword foe!

White walls wearing
The Warrior of Whitewall
Honouring Heroes here,
Humakt’s Housethane hurried

Snow Spears stabbing
Still stood She
Forced feet forth
Friends forgot not!

[It is implied that a night pause is taken. Mowbray suggests that a recent archaeological find in Darktongue relates to this time, but this seems implausible, as there is no suggestion that any of the group were literate in Darktongue (especially the Trollkin, Salid). It is possible it is a later token left at the site in relation to this quest.]

,,Cold Night. Kyger Litor Guards from Daystar.
Friend5 Lit: ‘NoUzUs’. There is considerable dispute as to the meaning of this word. band waits for warmth come afar6Garin (Altn 6) calls this graffiti, saying that stone is not an archaeological layer and dating via residue scratches is highly inaccurate.,,

[The next day, presumably, the group moved on, entering the clouds which shroud the needle of Kero Finn, as relatively clearly described in The Death of Rajar. ]

When Storm Bull enters clouds
And he seeks to grasp the spirits
He has clearly mist7 Another Esrolian pun, although this one mostly works in Praxian also.

[ Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga picks up the tale, as our heroes step purely from the physical hazards of the mountain, to more metaphysical dangers.]

Clouds cloak coming
Crept caressing like cloacasan8 The famed courtesan geisha of the Durulz/Ducks
Koraki keeping care
Counting his company

Windlord after wouldn’t word
Whisper of what he Witnessed
Pressed past, proud
Upon Parents9 Kero Finn is, of course, the mother of Orlanth. past path!

[Nala appears to be the next challenged- with a surprising postscript.]

Nala downfalling
Babeester and Maran Gor
Offering choices!

True heart to Ernalda
Denied vengeance and secrets
Found herself unchanged!

Tiwr striding along
Unbothered by the air sprites
Prejudiced ‘gainst him!

[From internal suggestions, it appears Vestra was the next to be tested, and loyalty to her God came up against respect for the secrets of the Air spirits.]

Amidst the snow and ice, and swirling cloud
Vestra strode forth, wise, and brave, rightly proud
But then she found herself in great Nochet –
The temple libr’y where she used to pray!

The God came to her robed in simple grey
And bade her go fetch scrolls instead of stay
He wished to know if what she heard she’d tell
Or if she’d hold the geas of others fell?

Vestra vowed all secrets would come to him
A fact the spirits heard with visage grim
And thus it was the Sage was cursed betime
By the fell spirits of the icey rhime!

[Berra was the next to be put to the test by the Spirits. ]

North Wind Neophyte10 Prior to being God of Death, Humakt was the North Wind. Knew
Now the Nearness of Air as she Knelt
Swordless she, who saw
Stealer standing, speaking!

“Leave Loyal Liegemen!
And I’ll let Lifeleaver11 Death, the first sword loose!
Yours as you yearn,
Yours, if you come yonder!”

Bladeless Berra bade him
Bide by her! Baseless his boasts!
Taunted the thief
Took Wind Tooth, to her!

Honour Humakt has
Here His Handmaid showed
D’val Dagger12The use of the obvious D’Val-Dagger compound word here lends credence to the notion that D’Val was a Hero, worshipped by Berra. D’Val-Follower takes a more central narrative note when this kenning is an option. did
Duty against dishonour!

[The test of Mellia seems to have been more traditional- following closely the theme of the Heroquest Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars, as told in the Sonnets to Meia.]

Noble Mellia to the cold mountain came
To save her friends and keep them close to sane
She found them lying broken ‘neath a fall
And Lunars stood there, golden breasted all13 The Lunars are the prime Yelm worshippers of the area, apart from the men of the Grazelanders. By appearing in this form, the ‘otherness’ of the Sky Tribe is emphasised.

“Our wounds are ill , wilst heal us ‘ere thou go’st?
For your friends are few, we a suff’ring host!”
“Nay!” said Mellia, “To you I shall return!
My feelings for my friends do keenly burn!”

“Burn thou say’st thou noblest Healer White?
Then heal the burning host in this evil plight!
Upon thy vow I call, and bind thee to it
Heal the folks who at thy feet in pain sit!”

She heal’d them then, and as she turn’d to go
He said, “Why should I let thee heal my foe?”
She healed his blindness too, harmony mark’d
And when the others liv’d, feril’ty harked!

It seemed a dream but such a strangest thing
For each her hands carried rune marked sting!

[Mowbray’s expedition also found another Darktongue carved stone at an analogous point higher up the mountain. He has suggested this is another later stele, but dating this is notoriously difficult, without even the stratiography of the earlier find.]14Alleyn (Amb 375, Altn 2) suggests that evidence above the snow line is subject to the movements of Wind Spirits, and therefore there are no analagous points in time, although there may be in space. Garin (Altn 6) dismisses the whole trail of steles as manufactured evidence, placeable at any time.

,,Here Salid saw the God
Spear Carrier
Trollkin Saviour
Striking –Zorak– Urox15 It is unclear if this association of the Troll Beserker Cult Zorak Zoran with Urox is deliberate or a Freudian Slip
Light shielder.

[The shortest comment is in The Accounts]

Balance: Nil.
Situation: Desperate.
Personal Assets: Nil
Drawable Assets: Friendship. Bravery. Endeavour.
Situation: Promising.
16Garin’s ‘ritual’ theory is silent on this matter. (Alleyn).

[Moving on, the meaning of the Stele inscription appears clearer- presumably a reference to this extract from The Death of Rajar]

Urox rests in Prax
Lush plains and verdant orchards17 Prax was alleged to have been a verdant paradise in the God Time. This was lost with the coming of Chaos.
Gentle wind of peace

Chaos comes, held back
By wives18The Spurious Rajar contains this gem:
Storm Bull has power
Ernalda respects that strength
So use Protection
, Urox struggles free
Fights. Argan helps him

The White lady healer,
“Ice work if you can get it”
“I shall still save Prax!”

[The healing of Rajar achieved, the team travel upwards. The tale is picked up in The Lay of Serala.]

Through Airs most wise deceits our heroes passed
And Yelms golden blessings felt upon their brows at last.
Serala brave did to her followers then declaim,
“Yonder is our destination, bless Cold Sun’s Holy Name!”

[Naturally, other epics phrase things somewhat differently- for example the Sonnets to Mellia.]

Mellia of, Harmony the most blessed
With Runed Fertility and pureness dress’d
Look’d upwards, unto the sky to Yelms own eye
And halfway there, she glimps’d a cavr’n dry

And all about was such a cedern cover
As wom’n dark might gift unto her lover
It sat betwixt a twain of tower’ng ridges
Where a rock curve above did form a bridge!

This then was the cleft from which Orlanth came
They rose up to it, and bless’d his holy name!
Serala stood outside, to guard the place
And yet they stepp’d within and saw her face!

[This is clearly another vision. The Death of Rajar picks up the story.]

In friends face stood God
Or Spirit bade them come, eat!
The Hero19 The Capitalisation is of later addition. came and ate!

[The Sonnets to Vestra are a touch more specific, as one would expect.]

Thus Elmal to the cave did welcome them
But it seem’d to Vestra no Yinkin den
But a palace such as Gem’d Nochet sees
The Watcher God did bid them take their ease.

Koraki sacrificed his rings of gold
Serala’s shape, did give them scrolls to hold
And bade them carry them to good purpose
It would help Tarsh and Sartar as they rose

And They thank’d the Air Spirits ‘ere they left
Nala slipp’d away to probe the deeper cleft!
But what it was she found would not say
And so they rode20 It is unlikely they really rode. This is poetic license. twards temple with the day!

[NalaTiwrSaga merely notes:]

In deep cleft thrusting
For Mules sacrifice thanking
Nala was giv’n a choice.

[On which note, The Accounts merely gnomically record]

One mule. To be balanced against Temple contributions.

“See! Four legged things can get up and down mountains, if you don’t sacrifice them! You didn’t have to leave Billy!”

Our heroes gathered themselves, and committed themselves to their Gods. Before they set out, however, Berra and Nala both went in search of people suitable to give them information on the mountain. Berra, being somewhat less charismatic found Generic-Peasant A, who was able to tell her that the Mountain’s main dangers were of the cold, and of visions. He acknowledged that there was a shrine about a days climb up, but opined that there was supposed to be another further up. Nala sought out someone far more…’interesting’- a Crone Priestess of Maran Gor, who suggested blood sacrifice up the mountain in order to propitiate the Gods, whilst implying heavily that Rajar would do nicely as a victim.

Vestra, having little truck with unreliable things like human sources hit the library in the Shaker Temple to try and get a little more information. Unfortunately, it hit back, being written in Hjortling, which she didn’t speak, although she was able to get the phonetics right. Using Berra as a hearing-ear-Humakti, she gained more information about the higher temple which was ‘Within Kero Finn’s Vulva’. Whatever that meant.

Thus forewarned, our heroes set out, making the ‘low temple’ towards the end of the first day, and bivouacking in the A-frames and tripods set up there securely in rock set sockets for such a purpose for pilgrims. None suffered in more than discomfort (Berra and Irillo), whilst others positively thrived on the cold.

Setting out again the next day they approached the cloud-line. Progressing, roped together, through the mist, each in turn had a vision, in the thinning air.

Nala was first of the players (Koraki was ahead of her, and did not share what he experienced), and she felt the rope had vanished, and the Earth gave way beneath her. She managed to leap and grasp the edge of the sudden crevasse. As she hunt there, a pair of sandaled feet appeared in her vision, and she looked up to see her mother there. “Your mother is dead” it helpfully announced. Nala took in the runes ‘Earth and Death’. “Do you want vengeance?” As Nala considered this point, a hand closed around her dangling ankle, and she recognised the voice of the crone priestess of Maran Gor, asking if she wished secrets. The pair asked in unision who she would follow, now her Mother was dead. She said she would follow the Earth, and tossed a votive offering into the crevass, the voices in unison said that her mother was NOT dead, and she found herself back on the path, seemingly unchanged, but without the offering.

Tiwr did not experience any visions (RACISTS!)

Vestra was walking along in the same mist when she looked up from the book she was reading in a cool breeze in the Great Library back in Nochet. As she did so, she saw the High Priest approaching. She knew he was the High Priest, despite the fact it wasn’t anyone she recognised. The clothing was right… but only for the statue, and his beard was not squared off in the style of Nochet fashion, but straight for a length then forked, like an inverted Y. Her God then asked her about her commitment to gathering knowledge…. even if it meant breaking oaths of secrecy on the mountain. She declared she would. And found herself back on the mountain, but with the winds tugging at her, towards a cliff.

Berra found herself, a follower of the North Wind Humakt, surveying the world from Kero Finn. On her shoulder where Berra’s death rune would have been, there was an air rune carved by the God himself, with his axe, to mark her as a Guardian of the North Wind. She barely noticed the absence of her rope, but her missing sword was enough to bring back her rage. She saw someone off to one side, holding Windtooth, saying, “Look what I found, brother.” He offered her the sword if she came to him, and abandoned her friends. She saw the sword, and taunted him into attacking her, and then took the sword from him, and found herself back in place, as a real Humakti.

Mellia found herself amongst wounded warriors, clad in gold chased armour, in the Lunar style. Somehow she could read the unit markings which only Vestra had managed before- 1st Legion, 1st Century, 1st Maniple. She also saw her friends lying broken on the rocks below, still feebly moaning. The leader of the Gold Warriors called upon her to help his men. She said she would return to heal them, after healing her friends. He called upon her by her duty to heal them, and she reluctantly complied. He then informed her he would not let her heal his enemies. She attempted to make him (Berra…) sleep, but failed. She then talked him into letting her proceed, but before he let her leave, his 3 fingers touched her right hand, and seared it with 3 lines, of the Harmony rune. She went to the Wind Tribe did, healing her friends also, and Koraki (in the role of Orlanth) touched her left hand with his gloved fingers, and it was like an icy touch of two triangular glove ends, leaving the fertility rune, and she found herself back on the mountain path, and roped once more.

Sid found himself a slave once more. Tied by a rope around the waist. His master was the dread Sun Emperor, who burns the innocent Troll, and at his side was his son, and slave master, Lodril. Despairing, but still patient, the trollkin saw Orlanth slay Yelm, and whilst Lodril was distracted, he grabbed the Fire God’s spear from him, with the help of a Dark Troll Figure in Sunglasses, and beat him around the head with it (for at that time, Argan Argar had given the spear, but had not taught its use as anything other than a club). Once the Sun God was subdued, Argan Argar showed him how to cover his eyes and head from the Sun, and how to use the Spear, and he stood prouder, understanding the rope was a bond of loyalty, not of servitude.

Irillo found himself in a burnt out Nochet. His mules were dead. The city was destroyed. Even the Lunars who had taken the city had died there. His goods were on fire. There was nothing. He had nothing. His pockets were empty. His staff was broken. He despaired, for he had nothing to trade, and without trade he could not travel, and without trade and travel, he could not spread understanding to the world. He called upon friendship, and Sid gave him some bolgs. He called upon kinship and Vestra lent him cloth, and Mellia shared food. He called upon Honour, and the rest of the leapt to his aid. And he found himself, shaken, and cold, but back on the path. Just as Rajar had a little moment.

Rajar found himself the gentle Zephyrus breeze that lightly plays over the lush pastures and orchards of Prax, where the most bountiful things lived. He lived at peace with his wives, Ernalda and Uralda/Eiritha. He knew the place was perfect, without Chaos. But as soon as he thought of it, and somehow it was his fault, Chaos came. But it came to only half of Prax. He knew if he confined it, rather than fighting it, the other half of Prax could have been kept. But he tried to fight. The clinging arms of his wives around his waist prevented him lunging forward, so he tried to free himself, flailing with his axe, knocking his helmet loose, preparatory to launching himself against chaos. Which is the point Sid knocked him unconscious.

After some first aid from Mellia, the party were able to proceed upwards, and came up above the cloudline, into clear air. Nala attempted to lead the party over a crevasse, but the others noted the two ridgelines coming up and together up the mountainside, with a cave at their junction. They climbed towards this, and as they did so, they noted the area around the cave and in a triangle above the cave entrance was carved with a mass of air runes, forming a pubic hair analogue. They climed up, Mellia falling off, and then, thanks to a handy ‘flight’ spell, wafting up to the cave. They stepped inside the cave, Serala standing, as the faithful Thane at the doorway as guard. Inside, each perceived the place as reflecting their own home culture, and someone who looked like Serala who had been left to guard the place in the absence of its Lord and Lady (or Lady and Lord for the Esrolians) apologised for their not being there. It bade them eat, drink, and take refreshment. It also permitted them to take some scrolls (or parchments. Or Praxian knotted strings). Nala meditated, and saw the truth of the cave, and explored deeper, finding a deep cleft into which she thrust her hand, feeling secrets of the deep womb of the Goddess. The others ate, Koraki left arm rings, and then they all left, meeting Serala once more, and Nala left the last of the moss from her alcove at Whitewall in the appropriate place, before climbing down (Koraki flying down). They descended once more by stages still suffering from the cold, down to the Temple, where they checked the ‘scrolls’. These proved to be a Hjortling manuscript of the Stationary Lightbringers Quest, which they resolved to take back to Kallyr, and two Esrolian papyrus scrolls of ‘How to return the Boat Planet’, and ‘The Nativity of Giants’.

We leave our heroes back at the Shaker temple, trying to defrost.

“As mentioned, smooch her from me.” – GM
“Remind me never to get ill.” – Berra

garbled stuff – Rajar
“Are you sure you’re not actually broadcasting from on top of a space hopper.” – Nala

“I’ve come undone.” – Nala

“I also wanted to go learn sleep, because Oratory doesn’t work on PCs…” – Mellia

“We have a 100% record of not falling over a cliff to our deaths.” – Rajar
“Everyone says so, who comes back.” – Rajar

“Well, there’s the cold. And the snow line…” – Lay Member
“Snow line?” – Berra
“Well, even when you get higher, even though it’s not Dark Season, there’s snow on the ground. And if you get higher, you may be blessed with visions.”

“But she is only slightly possessed.” – Nala

“I really could do with a prehensile tail sometimes. Or better telekinesis than I have got.” – Vestra
“Vestra, with the prehensile tail, in the library.” – Nala

“We might want to send the Storm Bull in first as he’s got a lot of wives.” – Berra
“I have no idea what you mean!” – Rajar

“No, you suggested it… I want to be perfectly clear about the blame and the credit here!” – Berra
“*I* don’t have any particular tie to truth…” – Nala

“We should sacrifice him!” – Berra

“You ain’t having Billy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Rajar

“When you go above the shrine supposed to be the place of the birth of Orlanth you may proceed to a higher cave which is in my mind the true one. If you are graced then once you have entered Kero Fin’s vulva you may receive visions. (Small stuff about the making of the shaker temple.)” – Book Vestra found and read out to Berra

“GM, never ever hold your hands like that while wiggling them again PLEASE.” – Berra
*makes very crude accidental gesture on purpose, innocently* – GM
“Now you are just trolling us.” – Berra


“Tea.” – Everyone
“Do you like Jasmine?” – Nala
“Lovely Girl.” – Rajar

“No satisfaction…” – GM
“Rocks fall, everyone dies, yeah yeah.” – Berra
“More, stones roll.” – GM

“Survival, 20.” – Berra
“I’m in the sixties.” – Nala
“That’s the Rolling Stones we were doing earlier.” – Berra

“I do not do survival. I sit around waiting to fight. You keep your expensive jet fighter in a hangar.” – Rajar
“You are not a jet fighter. You are a battleship.” – Berra
“Fair.” – Rajar

*fails survival roll* – Berra

“So this is the shrine for beginners, is it?” – Rajar

“It’s Cult Lore Storm Bull, isn’t it. Oh, it’s not that great…” – Rajar

“I specifically said I wasn’t bringing Billy. I remember how fleet-foot and gazelle-like he is.” – Rajar

“I figure that walking up and down the mountain is better than having to walk back to Prax.” – Rajar

*fails survival roll* – Berra

“You need the bison fat body rub, then.” – Vestra
“WHICH BISON?” – Berra

“Who’s in the lead?” – GM
“Someone who understands how to find a path in the snow.” – Berra
“Oh shit.” – Nala

“There are in fact manicured toes on the sandals.” – GM
“Is it Koraki?” – Nala

“Your mother is dead. Will you seek revenge?” – Babeester Gor
“And someone grabs your ankle.” – GM

“It would be really hard to slaughter a deer from this position.” – Nala

“To whom are you dedicating it?” – GM
“To Earth.” – Nala

“Tiwr! Are you alright?” – Nala
“No! I’m up a mountain and it’s bloody freezing!” – Tiwr, per GM
“And I’m surrounded by a bunch of idiots who are all RACISTS, and don’t have enough HOOVES!” – Tiwr, per Berra
“Oh good. I do love you, you know.” – Nala
*Whinny* – Mules

“This book is the clearest study you have ever seen of how it works.” – GM
“Book.” – Vestra
“Yes. Book that you are reading.” – GM
“Reading. I thought I was climbing.” – Vestra
“Why would you be doing that?” – GM

“You’d know that smell of incense and despair anywhere.” – GM

“Lankor Mhy will smite her for talking in the library.” – Berra

*pre-rolls religious nutjobbery* – Berra

“You were just about to walk off a cliff. You feel the wind tugging at you.” – GM
“Bad wind. No Vestra.” – Nala

“Sprouts!” – Rajar
“…sprouts?” – Nala
“Bad wind.” – Rajar

“There is a sacred sign known to all of Glorantha…” *gives the bird* – Berra

“Now, behind Berra… was Mellia.” – GM
“Oh boy!” – Mellia

“My people need healing, White Lady.” – Yelm
“So do mine. I will do my best I can to heal all.” – Mellia
“Where will you start?” – Yelm
“Both honour and love dictate I start with my own people. I will do my best for all of you.” – Mellia
“I will not let you leave.” – Yelm
“Luckily I have a cure for this attitude…” – Mellia

“So, can you roll under 75?” – GM
“Let’s find out.” – Mellia

“My people need healing NOW, White Lady, on your oath.” – Yelm

“When you think you have done everything he says, ‘Now, why should I let you go to my enemy?'” – GM
“Because I will try to make peace between the two of you if you do.” – Mellia
“I see…. Go then.” – Yelm

“Irillo does have a moment…” – GM
“We’ll tell you later what that is.” – Berra
“It involves being destitute.” – GM
“Shit, that’s worse than I could come up with.” – Berra

“Almost worth the walk up here!” – Rajar

“It’s so peaceful!” – GM
“Errrrgh. Well, I’m sure I could do something about that.” – Rajar
“Well, no. You are the zephyr breeze that gambols over this land…” – GM
“Hmmmmm…..” – Rajar

“This is how Prax should be.” – GM
“This is how Prax was.” – Rajar
“This is how Prax is.” – GM

“It would be like this if it wasn’t for the Devil.” – Rajar
“And as soon as you have that thought….” – GM

“You can keep Half of Prax as it should be.” – GM
“Never. Charge.” – Rajar
“Which considering that I am roped to everyone else, could be a problem.” – Rajar

“You are charging, but the clinging hands of your two brides are holding you back.” – GM
“Cut the rope man, cut the rope!” – Berra

“Calling upon my rage to power me.” – Rajar
“What do you mean by ‘calling upon rage'” – GM
“Well, I’m not going to pull the trigger, because I can’t see the devil yet…” – Rajar

“Rajar first defeated a tree, then a mountain.” – Berra

“So, Irillo is closest to you… Would you like to make your grapple?” – GM
“OK, GM. That would be a fumble. That would be a 99.” – Rajar

“Let me find the correct table for someone fumbling on a narrow mountain pass in the fog while hallucinating about fighting chaos.” – GM
“That’s a very specific table.” – Berra

“I’m going to specify which bit. It’s your helmet. Because although Irillo missed his attack, Sid made his with his pike used as a quarterstaff…” – GM
“It’s amazing how often I wake up like this.” – Rajar

Sid’s vision entailed Argan Argor, God of Darkness and Harmony. Which is why, when you wake up, you have … it’s like there’s a triple line on your forehead.” – GM
“Not at all because Sid’s vicious.” – Vestra
“Vestra, I want you to sit down and think about what you’ve done.” – GM

“Well done that troll! Bags I not carry him.” – Berra
“I can probably bring him around. There’s plenty of snow here to use for ice packs.” – Mellia

“Waking up unconscious with lumps on my head is fairly standard, really.” -Rajar

“Check if I can see if Prax is OK, and assume I have saved the day!” – Rajar
“You do have this haunting thought that… you /could/ have saved Prax.” – GM
“And I will.” – Rajar

“Check your private window, Rajar” – GM
“private significant pause window.” – Berra

“Ur, is this a bad time to say I’ve run out of blanks?” – Vestra?

“After a moment to revive your Storm Bull…” – GM
“And to reassure Sid.” – Nala

“Whatever the healer is doing that involves the strange spell focus of a bag of snow on your head, it’s working.” – GM

“It would have been religiously inappropriate to run off that cliff.” – Berra

“It’s like going up a ladder into a hay loft. It’s beautiful sunshine up here, and you can see this solid floor for you to walk on, all the way to distant mountains where the dragons were…” – GM
“Let’s not.” – Nala

“That gap in the clouds looks just like a duck!” – Vestra
“That looks a lot like that thing we were trying to pronounce earlier, Vestra.” – Berra

“Rajar, they’re talking about Vulvas.” – GM
“Excellent!” – Rajar

“Charge!!!!!” – Rajar

“I’m going to do an anatomical drawing in the snow. We got up /that/ way and wave a lot in the right direction… But not so many times, or nobody’s enjoying themselves.” – Berra
“Have you got the buffalo fat handy?” – Rajar

“Berra. Your mission, should you chose to accept it… Sid in sunglasses.” – Nala

“So Sid basically looks like a cocktail.” – Nala
“Long straw, cocktail umbrella.” – GM

“My hands should work better than this.” – Berra fails a climbing rolls

“Hey, maybe mountains aren’t as bad as I thought! (Boing boing boing)!” – Tiwr, on rolling an 01 on his climb roll and being one with his (mountain) goat heritage
“Show-off.” – Nala, about to botch her scan roll

“84/41 Climb – someone had better catch Mellia.” – Mellia

“Mellia, you start plummeting downwards…. And then you start plummeting upwards.” – GM
“I believe I can flyyyyyy.” – Mellia
“It looks like beautiful controlled, if startled, flight.” – GM

“Carved in the shape of pubic hair. Lots of little spirals. All around the edge of the cave.” – GM
“One has to admire the artistic fortitude for carving at altitude.” – Rajar
“I don’t think the people who carved this worried about air.” – Berra

“Step through into a long house. A sartarite… sorry, it’s not a sartarite longhouse. It’s a beautiful marble-lined Esrolian Villa…. oh wait, it’s a yurt… You each see your home culture.” – GM

“Speaking in what used to be called YNL. Your Native Language.” – Nala

“I need to find a deer. For the sacrifice.” – Nala
“It’s why I brought the mule.” – Irillo
“smug GM” – Berra
looks smug – GM

On the Nativity of Giants
How one may return the Boat Planet
The Stationary Lightbringers Quest

“You may eat and drink as you wish here…” – Elmal
*perks* – Rajar

“We were told we should meditate upon this place.” – Nala
“Elmal laughs. ‘You are here.'” – GM
“We are living a meditation.” – Berra

“Rajar, hand over the Champion’s Portion, seeing as I’m here… oh god, I have to eat all that.” – Berra

“Speak for yourself. I want to find out what happens if you meditate in a meditation. I’m here for the secrets, man!” – Nala

Nala sees that there was an empty cave, and people were eating mule meat.

“Nala could hear the heartbeat of the mountain, or maybe of the child Orlanth before birth.”-GM
“Why do you miss when my baby…. Ahem.” – Berra

“Funny it looks like a longhouse. I wasn’t sure what to expect.” – Berra

“You step outside. Serala is standing outside…” – GM

“Koraki pauses, and takes a step into the air – and drifts down.” – GM
“BASTARD.” – Berra

“Mellia appears to have had the vegetarian moss option.” – GM

“Are Berra and Rajar covered in blood?” – Nala
“Yes.” – GM
“Nothing new.” – Rajar

*fails survival roll* – Berra

“Although she has the plan of snuggling next to Rajar.” – Berra
“My warmth is your warmth ……..er er…” – Rajar

“You’re supposed to rub the bison fat over you, not eat it!” – Vestra

“All dark and cold and clammy.” – GM
“So great, there’s no roof, I love it!” – Nala

*fails survival roll* – Berra

“It’s good, I’ve started shivering again!” – Berra

“A verry larege mushroom attacketh the badjer.” – Berra attempting translation of Heortling to Trade Talk

“I did a basic Heortling phrasebook…” – Vestra
“First of all, the word you used for phrasebook was wrong…” – Nala

“He looks at it. Looks at Vestra. Asks Vestra to read it.” – GM

“I got to sock Eurmal in the jaw.” – Berra
“Which you spent all of last week wanting to do.” – GM
“Yes, but I didn’t know that.” -Berra

“All the Lamias you can eat.” – Berra
“Yay?” – GM
“Lamassu is more fun to say. Lamasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” – Nala

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