Duck and Cover

S01 — Session 16

1625, Sacred_time Season

Season, Week, Day

1625, Sacred Time, First three days

Dramatis Personae



Kallyr- Prince of Sartar, portraying Orlanth
Tennebris- Chief Priest of Orlanth at Boldhome, ritualmaster for the Stationary Lightbringers Quest
Andrin- High Priest of Eurmal at Boldhome, representing his God
Beneva- High Priestess of Chalana Arroy at Boldhome, depicting her Goddess
Dorasa- High Priestess of Lhankor Mhy at Boldhome, depicting her God
Feshin- High Priest of Issaries at Boldhome, acting as his God
Venharl- “Retired” Bandit, playing the role of Flesh Man..
Eril- High Sword of Humakt at Boldhome
Kalis- High Priestess of Ernalda at Boldhome
D’Val the Sword- One Eyed Doomed Death Duck
Koraki Silverhand- Louche Tarshite Windlord
Jenn Finmastdottir- Brand new Chalana Arroy Initiate
Karlag Kanargsson- Brand new Orlanth Initiate, Portraying Jinna Gor
Mr Cutte-mine-owne-throat Dyblah
An unfortunate pickpocket
A chorus of Sartarites, Lunars, and diwerse others.
And Vengulf, a ghost.


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, from The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia, The Lay of Serala, Lance of the Cold Sun , The Sonnets to Vestra, Grey Lady of Esrolia, The Death of Rajar, and NalaTiwrSaga. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. Both the D and T voice appear in this selection of extracts.

[Welcome back for the next in the regular series of lectures. I am sure we would all wish to give our thanks to Professor Alleyn who has returned to his venerable institution in the Marsh. Now, after that scenic detour, we move onto how our works depict one of the most written about elements of the mid 1620s in Sartar. Naturally, the major sagas dealing with these events are well known to us all, and do not need touching on here in anything more than the briefest of ways, but it is interesting how works which are probably largely contemporaneous deal with the Matter of Kallyr. Let us begin, as is my wont with Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, but let us not fail to also comment on an extract of Kallyrsaga which I feel also raises an interesting possibility about the D voice.]

Ending Season shifting swiftly
From Storms Surge to Serenity
Sat Blue-Tree1The Blue Tree clan were (other than certain incidents recounted elsewhere) known as friends of ducks; this gives credence to the multiple possible interpretations of the next words. Small-Sword2 This is believed to be a pun on Berra’s size, presumably small, her other kenning as Dagger (lit a ‘small sword’), and her alleged association with the probably legendary and apocryphal Duck Hero D’Val, a ‘Small Sword.’ It is entirely possible the poet was too clever by three quarters!
Seeing Starbrow set searching!

Placidly prepared places
Pouring pale potent mead!
Feasting forth on figs,
Flesh of beasts from far!

Resting rightly, as Royal
Ringgiver Rode forth reverently!
At her side strode sweet3The epithet for the Chalana Arroy representative is identical in form to that which is consistently used for Mellia, but rare in other C.A. initiates (and in other sources). It seems this is another attempt to prematurely promote Mellia, friend of Berra, by association with the High Priestess.
Sealer of Swordstrokes

And… [Unfortunately at this point the main manuscript is damaged, and there are several versions of the following stanzae, all of slightly different format to the original, and presumably interpolations to the missing text. All list, with a variety of qualities of Kenning poems, the other known members of the Stationary Lightbringers’ Quest. We need not trouble with them here. Moving on it appears there was a little local difficulty for Rajar, as his ‘Death‘ notes, ]

When stealing money
Ensure it’s not Urox Tithe
Else painful. No Bull!

[It is worth comparing this with ‘Erilssaga‘ which survives in fragmentary elements.]

Strife and Suffering Seeing
Saved Sartarite from Seething
Praxian’s pain. Peace bringing
Pouring away peoples passions.

Truth telling, Tall Eril
Taunted from Thoughts
Deftly distracted by deceit
Drawn on by Dull Draft-rider.

[For what little it is worth, there is no documentary evidence from surviving Lunar archives that the attempted theft from Rajar4 Which one assumes to have been a pickpocketing attempt, as nobody would attempt banditry in Boldhome against an Uroxi was part of the plan. To have Eril involved, never mind distracted, is too uncertain to be part of Lunar planning. Therefore we can assume that Erilssaga at this point is merely being an apologist for the undoubted mistakes the High Sword made at this point. Nonetheless, we are getting a touch ahead of ourselves and we should really move over to
NalaTiwrSaga, which picks up at this point.]

Watching Questing folk
Nala seeks the wisdom of
Goddess Ernalda

Sees two red moons5 It seems unlikely that Nala literally saw two moons. It is more probable this was a sign from her Goddess. drip
Blood onto Boldhome one north
Other south. Dead lland.

Kalis wisdom seeking
Nala finds friendship and sent
North to seek the moon!

[ It would appear from this that Nala and ‘friends’, perhaps including Kalis, were sent North. Archaeologically, we know that there was a small north fort in Boldhome at this period, with a tiny pathway through the mountains. It was not viewed as a plausible means of attacking Boldhome, but the vague possibility of danger from that direction led to both the North Fort, and our heroes dispatch6 See also the campaign of 1812, which demonstrated this point. . Alternate evidence indicates that the ‘D’ voice remained behind. We return to Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga. ]

Striding swift and silently
Sped she snow-wards7 Either up, or north.
Friends around as fearsome fyrd
Foes in fields fleeting.

Slain servant seeing
Stopped she, saving
Rajar who rashly
Raised cut-rod in rage!

Spectre spoke to Spiritmaid
Solace seeking, against slayers.
Darkening day delaying
Drove Dagger to dispatch

Swift Serala to Sartar’s
Stronghold. Saying what was Seen.
In Argans8 The Surface Darkness, presumably, in this instance night, rather than in any way implying Berra had a preference for Trolls arms, attacks
Assaulted against armour!

[This is a theme picked up in the Lay of Serala.]

Bravely forth rode Serala knowing, that none save she
Could save her kinsmen gainst the foes arrayed against the free.
She rode with preternatural speed along the dark and sullen road
Her horse, unseeing, but trusting the Lance forth quickly strode!

And so it was that she make in half a night a path which other kin
Could never race, and hope to either even live, or win

[We will leave Serala there, mid stanza to avoid spoiling the plot twist, however, and return to our other heroes at the Southern Meadow of the hills above Boldhome. It would appear there was discussion about what to do, for we find Mellia declaiming.]

Mellia, the sweetest torn between two posts
Chose to guard the sleeping Nala ‘gainst hosts
Whilst the Prax Queen lay in spirits wyrd9 This appears to be a pun on Wyrd/weird. thrall
And let none ‘gainst her to come with sword afall!

[And Nala remarking]

When Lunar Shaman
Come charge outside the Empire
It’s not of my race

Running outpaced him
A Unicorn maid is ne’er
Caught except by will!

[In the meantime, this left Rajar and Berra in a somewhat difficult situation.]

A dozen lunars,
Bison rider and Sword Maid
Unfair odds for them!10 This stanza is subject to much debate. Is it (in the obvious reading) a typical case of Rajarian bravado, where twelve versus two is unfair on the twelve, if one of the two is Rajar, or is it the more honest reading that this time Berra and Rajar may have bitten off a little more than they can chew?

Small spears swishing
Swords speeding slashing
Spilling Scarlet life Stuff
Sore pressed Stood She!

[And now let us reveal the twist in the lay of Serala]

Seeing her friends struck, bravely rode Serala out
Letting Duck Sword raise his sword without a further doubt!

Rajar cruelly pierced and struck with arrows ten
Which would have killed many lesser men
Then Serala to the battle rode, and made them flee
And thus did the Cold Lance set another from deaths shadow free!

[And clearly Nala also sallied]

When a unicorn
Decides a path he strikes with
Hooves, labour11 This line is used by Wiermonken as part of his argument that the Saga is written by a city dweller. The technical term in Prax for withdrawal of labour at this time was ‘starvation’. or horn.

Serala looked around the field of scattered gore
The Lunar army bereft by death of half its legion core12 There is no evidence that even heroes such as these could fight a legion. This is obviously heroic hyperbole.
She wept to see such a load of useless death
And leapt from Pag to ease a last and shudd’ring breath

[Now we move on to my argument that the ‘D’ voice was in fact an Esrolian called ‘Dormal’. We need to look at Kallyrsaga.]

Err half the hallways of death were hailed
High Kallyr halted hearing
New noise, nearing
Knowing nightmares now

But in Sartars Soil stood
Seventy secret stolen soldiers13 This is either exaggeration of numbers, heroic description of the ‘relative number’ of assassins, or a shocking failure of security. I tend to the first view. !
Cunning Koraki quickly
Cut past counting

Dutiful Irillo-friend Dormal14 This is the line which Wiermonken feels identifies the D Voice, via Irillo Goldentongue, the only known Irillo at Boldhome at this time, and a known associate of the Heroes with the warrior hero described here, Dormal. deftly
Delivered death blows and dealt
Lunges and leaps leaving
Legs and lungs lying.

A final felon struck Flesh man
Fleeing Kallyr Friends feebly
As life left the Lunar
So lay Venharl lifeless.

As myth mangled no Man
Air-Master-God met
Kallyr collapsed cold
Corpselike with companions in Quest!

The story for this session actually begins a couple of seasons ago. Divination at Lunar High command showed problems in Sartar, with an initial nexus around the Alda-Chur area. A squadron of heavy cavalry was deployed, but failed to connect with possible problems, and a high ranking officer to the city. He also failed to track down the details of the issue.

Divination also revealed a chance of dealing with things in Sacred Time in Boldhome. Jar-Eel, busy with matters elsewhere, dispatched troops from her own personal legion, along with Lunar Tarshite soldiers. The plan consisted of four thrusts.

The first was a small, but reasonably highly skilled group approaching the North Fort of Boldhome, with a view to capture it by escalade, or a coup de main. This was, anticipated to fail, but to draw troops north.

The second was a rapid thrust from the south against the main gate of Boldhome. The lack of time to get a large army into position meant this was going to be of a small force but of high quality. This consisted of about 500 soldiers, mostly of Jar-Eels personal legion, “led” by a fake Jar-Eel… a female Rune-Lord, under a visual and auditory illusion. This might succeed, with incredible luck, but was anticipated to fail, but with the advantage of drawing major Sartarite military resources south from Boldhome.

Thirdly, some Tarshite soldiers would sneak in as travellers ahead of time, with a view to assassinating a participant in the Heroquest – preferably Kallyr, but anyone to mess up the ritual would do. This was also anticipated to fail, but to reassure the Sartarites that infiltrators had been dealt with.

Finally, a group of five Lords and Priests had been sent in, under illusions, with a view to wait until the later period of the Heroquest, and when the Sartarites were more relaxed, kill one or more of the Questors to ensure the Quest failed.

None of this, of course, was known to the players.

Our heroes were relaxing in Boldhome, no longer being stressed, or busy. Instead they settled down to watch the Heroquest because… why wouldn’t they? There was a brief distraction when Rajar fell for a bait opportunity by a Eurmali fast foodie, had his pouch picked, and punched the pickpocket into the next season with a Crush result. Eril judged his actions to be justified, and Rajar didn’t get mobbed by the Fyrd.

Nala opted to meditate near the Heroquest, and got a vision of two Red Moons in the sky- one North of Boldhome, and one South. She saw the land drying, and cracking, and a red flood, perhaps of blood, flowing into the city. Interpreting this as something of a bad omen, she went to Kalis for advice. Kalis agreeing with that view, and advising informing Eril as the most important warrior who wasn’t tied up in the ritual.

Eril sent our heroes north, whilst sending and leading Humakti south. Rajar informed Harmast and the Storm Bulls also started patrolling south. Dormal opted out of leaving even as pathetic a city as Boldhome, and instead lurked, with Koraki who was staying back in the city, trying to run reserves from the Orlanthi Fyrd.

Our heroes pushed north, finding a dead peasant, who Rajar sensed was of chaos (he wasn’t), and attempted to decommission with a 2 handed axe. Oddly enough, the peasants ghost objected, and engaged Rajar in spirit combat. Berra managed to pull Rajar away from the ghost, and Nala deescalated the situation, learning the peasant had been killed by lunar archers (force 1). They moved a little forward, sending Serala back to the North Fort to report, and found an upland meadow, with a longhouse, and some lunar picquets. They settled down to build some sort of basic wall, or at least cover, and got sniped at, with Rajar taking a solid hit, which he hid and healed.

Nala was dispatched in spirit form, to get extra help (initially chased by a lunar shaman), whilst Serala rode back, carrying D’Val. With Serala rejoining them, there was a flare put up (okay, Sunbeam) to light up the Lunars, and combat started up. Serala tried to set the longhouse on fire with fire arrows, and the Lunars had time to saddle up and sally on horses. Concentrated arrow fire against the robe dressed lunar was ineffective, until Berra cast dispel magic, and then Berra and Serala killed him with arrows.

This left 4 lancers and 3 archers closing in. Rajar –stupidly– heroically charged forth, armoured with magic and berserk, but ran into 3 arrows, disabling one arm, and making him pretty unwell. Nala thankfully dismounted 3 of the 4 lancers by shooting their mounts (which all survived, but lost a limb use each), and the remaining one badly stabbed Billy the Bison in a leg, before being in turn dismounted by D’Val decapitating his horse, and Berra killing him on the ground.

Meanwhile, Serala’s message had moved 50 troops from the Ritual Ground to the North Fort, and Nala’s had pulled Kalis up there. Meanwhile Dormal had worked out that he would have sent assassins ahead, as attempting to enter the city whilst it was closed up would be troublesome in sufficient numbers to make any difference. Realising this, he had gone to identify 3 potential assassins watching the ritual, and went to inform Koraki of this. As a rider from Eril arrived to announce that he had found Jar-Eel with a very small force, and the Fyrd would be striking, Koraki teleported to counter-assassinate. Dormal killed another, and a third known one went down to a number of blows. Sadly the other three assassins made it to the ritual. They weren’t all killed in time, and one struck down Venharl with a glowing blade, disrupting the Heroquest.

We leave our heroes licking their respective wounds.

“Your nice local co-GM will help you.” – GM
“Too hung over to care.” – Co-GM

During the Heroquest:
“Rajar goes to intervene and then remembers this isn’t the done thing.” – Rajar
‘”No. She’s more competent than I am.’ But quietly, from under my breath in the Humakti ranks.” – Berra


“It is dark, it is cold…” – Tennebris
“Good job breaking it, Hero.” – Dormal

“Keep an eye out doing my warrior duty :- Keeping an eye on the crowd for bad dudes” – Rajar the sizeable

“There is a great mythic journey to the Far West. Or at least, the west of the ritual circle.” – GM

“Elmal’s Priestess – being Yelm’s Daughter and not letting them through – until Kallyr points out, ‘You have sworn to see me dead.’ Then they step through a gate, and get slightly misty.” – GM

“Now they have to do a lot of stuff on their way back.” – Berra

“Look around for someone selling something on a stick” – Rajar
“And show the nice Eurmali where you keep your money.” – Berra

“I will go find my friends for the first time in a while. ‘Hail. Hello. Hi.'” – Berra

“Someone else is trying to help himself to your pouch.” – GM
“OK Friendly bat around the head.” – Rajar

“That’s a total of ten.” – Rajar
“Well, that was a little harder than I intended.” – Rajar
“So remember when you buffed, saying ‘It’ll be fine, I’ve seen my fist skill’?” – Serala
“And he’s not wearing armour, is he?” – Rajar

“Yeah, but you’re basically in the same room.” – Berra
“We have been assimilated?” – Serala

“I was on the way over there, and now I’m wincing. But watching.” – Berra

“Then you feel a sword on your shoulder, resting there gently.” – GM
“I trust you have a simply splendid explanation, which I shall be delighted to hear.” – Eril
“Perhaps I hit him a bit harder than I intended. He’s a bit breakable.” – Rajar

“Lean on my axe. Say ‘If I had wanted to kill him I’d have used this.'” – Rajar
“You seem to have done a reasonable job anyway.” – Eril

“There was a theft attempt. This is the truth. Humakt punishes those who are not truthful.” – Eril
*keeps talking* – Rajar

“One of my companions is of your order.” – Rajar
“I am aware of your… involvement with Berra Jarangsdottir.” – Eril

“Yeah, they could probably take me but I’d get to cast shield and berserk and go down gloriously.” – Rajar
“You know what you should do? You should Sense Chaos.” – Dormal

“Any day you’re not crapping your guts out is a good day.” – Rajar
“That is a low bar to squat over.” – Berra

“So. You have been picnicking at me, Rajar.”
“I have. Hands across another rat on a stick” – Rajar
“It was hilarious. Thank you. No…” – Berra

“Berra’s looking hungrily at the rat on a stick, and looks thinner.” – Berra

“Wander about the Holidaying town sensing chaos and eating and drinking and enjoying it all. Freely offer Berra food and drink” – Rajar

“Oh, I’ll eat in the city, but I’m trying not to keep eating without doing all of the running. Apparently it’s important to eat right. But I have missed Billy.”
“Berra looks faintly guilty. ‘Missing things is probably not Humakti.'” – Berra
“We can find some jerky and maybe dried fruit. Good for training.” – Rajar

“‘Please’ and ‘now’ in the same sentence. Novel.” – Serala

“I think we should follow.” – Rajar
“There’s bound to be a fight.” – Rajar

“I shall take her aside.” – Nala
“Is this the sort of aside where a large, grey head appears between two shoulders?” – GM

“Did someone say Trouble? It’s my Middle name!” – Rajar

“I’ll wander along with the crowd that is no doubt gathering.” – Dormal

“Wow. I just managed to keep my mouth shut.” – Berra

“She says to get Scouts and go out, and you’re in charge of the Fyrd.” – Nala
“I am aware of that fact. Thank you, earth lady.” – Eril

“Jarangsdottirrrr. I believe you know the Ramp.” – Eril
“Yes, my Lord.” – Berra

“Take a group you trust, scout along the North Road.” – Eril
“… People I trust is the PCs minus Dormal.” – Berra

“Don’t mind me, you head out, I’ll take care of the city.” – Dormal
“All the loose change in it?” – Berra

“You! Egilsson! To me! Walk with me please.!- Eril
“Eggleson.” – Nala

“Is he talking about the duck?” – PC
“Eril’s not a duck.” – Dormal

“What happens if you try to lock your Clearwine into a bottle?” – Nala
“Then you get Gluewein.” – Dormal

“So, the order was to Scout – which means not engaging. We’re going to want you to spot things, and we’re going to need to get information back.” – Berra

“Has anybody primed Harmast?” – Koraki
“Harmast, there are Lunars coming from the North and South. Get the boys ready.” – Rajar

“They have decided to go scouting…” – ???
“Not decided. Ordered!” – Berra

“You would inform your high priest, but he’s over there and is transparent – GM”

“So, at the base of the ramp, I’ll wait for everyone…” – Berra

“Does Billy have kegs built into his harness?” – Serala

“You see Harmast throwing a war saddle onto a … horse.” – GM
“Dear god, I thought better of him.” – Rajar

“Bring all my axes.” – Rajar

“Okay. On the ride break out beers for everyone” – Rajar

“Serala doesn’t have the beer, although she thanks Rajar.” – Serala

“GM: having been sent out on this sort of gig before, I’m assuming it’s a day or two up the road and then back and forth for a bit?” – Berra

“Can Rajar Develop some sort of martial art Drunken Lance /Axe” – Rajar
“The mind boggles.” – Serala

“Beer!!!” – Rajar

“He appears to be polishing his hand.” – GM
“Is that a -” – Serala
“Is that a euphemism for Ernalda’s bounty?” – Berra
“I’m in Berra’s head and I don’t like it whimper” – Serala

“Berra’s obviously concentrating on the road and the mountains and the everything. So glad to be out there.” – Berra

“Well, in general it’s an awfully good idea to have battles happen on someone else’s land.” – Koraki

“Serala appears to be occasionally riding with her bird, sometimes it calls out which which point she whistles it back and feeds it something unmentionable. Training in progress.” – Serala

“You should see her when Maran Gor is between her ears.” – Koraki
“From a distance?” – Dormal
“A different kingdom.” – Koraki

“Mine’s muted, I’m innocent.” – Serala
“Well, my mic’s muted, at least.” – Serala
“I disagree, Serala. Your kic is muted.” – GM
“Mine’s muted and … yeah. GM can have that line.” – Berra

“What could possibly go wrong” – Rajar

“It appears to be a ghost.” – GM
“Is it red?” – Nala
“No, it’s ghost-coloured.” – GM


“I’m going to twat it with my metaphysical axe.” – Rajar

“Unwise.” – Dormal
“I know it’s unwise. That’s not the point.” – Nala

“Stand, say, “STAY, RAJAR!”” – Berra

“Lunars. They came down the small track. I spotted them when I was tending my sheep. I left my sheep and ran towards the fort to warn, but they came behind me and shot me. A hand, or two hands worth of them. Warriors, all on horse. I didn’t see metal in their armour. They killed me, and came and reclaimed their arrows, and threw me in here and went back. Well, back away.” *points down road* – Ghost

“Nala decided it would be a good idea to poke the gods and see what happened.” – GM

“Rajar. We should set this place up to stop warriors. Stakes across the thinnest bit. They have archers. We will be outnumbered. Maybe Nala can get a message back to Boldhome, like she did with the Shaman.” – Berra
“It will take an hour to do that ritual, yes, I can. I would like a sheltered spot for my body.” – Nala

“Eril put Berra in charge of scouting.” – Berra

“Here is where we stand” – Rajar
“3 warriors.” – Rajar
“Serala’s gone back to town.” – Berra

“And I will kill many to act as my servants in the the afterlife” – Rajar
“Berserk is… well, that means I might die. If that is the best course, we should, but that means you have to pile in first, and I’ll come in after.” – Berra

“Berra, I am torn. You will need me. On the other hand, I might be the difference between Nala getting that message back and dying on the way.”
“Berra looks at Mellia, and bows. ‘I am a servant of Humakt. Death, to me, is the next step in protecting the world. I fear failure, but not death.'” – Berra
“Then I will aid Nala. May the gods smile on you both.” – Mellia

“I will face our enemies” – Rajar
“And they will die” – Rajar
“And so, maybe, ..will I” – Rajar

“You! Duck! Berra trusts you!” – Serala

“Which is the best course of action? Mellia, I can’t take you into the spirit world fully.” – Nala

“Nala, take the message.” – Berra
“Nala repeats, slowly, ‘In the physical world, or the spirit? Either works.'” – Nala
“If it’s faster to go physically, then that.” – Berra

“I could pick him up, while I’m in the city.” – Serala
“Dormal is not a casual pick-up.” – Nala

“I have principles!” – Dormal
“If you don’t like them I have others” – Dormal

“There is so much cat hair up my nose, for the record. -Serala

“I’m coming with you.” – D’Val
“On one condition.” – Serala
“Mmm?” – D’Val
“We never speak of this again.” – Serala
“Agreed.” – D’Val

“D’Val holds on grimly….” GM
“Like death” – Nala

“Eating the eyeball is not a euphemism for Ernalda’s bounty…..” – Nala

“Eyeballs…. MmmmMMMMmmmm.” – Serala

“If the Lunars were the ones who made that hole in Whitewall. If they could do that here, they could do a lot of damage. There’s no temple here to destroy, but still…” – Berra

“Cover” – Rajar

“3-rune Shield, with 2 points of extension. I’m settling in for the day.” – Berra
“And hoping they don’t hit me with a dispel Magic, because I’m going to be unhappy one way or another, and this might as well be it.” – Berra

“Scan roll at -50 please, Berra.” – GM
“13/24.” – Berra

“Hmm. Rajar. That hollow…. oh, that shouldn’t be bleeding. He’s in a hollow that way. I’ll keep an eye out for if he moves.” – Berra

“There are Lunars over there right?” – Rajar
“Yes, and our task is to hold them up.”
“We going to them or they coming to us?” – Rajar

“He has 90 in swim.” – GM
“That’s not doing him much good, is it?” – Serala

“If they can do the thing that was done in the Humakti temple, then it doesn’t matter how many are here now.” – Berra

“Does D’Val want to be in charge? I’m happy to hand over to him.” – Berra
“If you put the duck in charge, Serala will shoot him… 0_0” – Serala

“The Bolg drops.” – Berra

“THESE people, yes.” – Berra
“The ones in the city right now?” – Berra

“Eurmali the Murderer is a thing…” – Berra

“Be prepared to inconvenience him.” – Koraki
“Okay.” – Dormal
“It’ll either be when they make a move, or when I do.” – Koraki

“One of usz can ssee in the dark at the momentd, and it’s notd me.” – D’Val

“Can I see movement?” – Berra
“No, it’s a Rune.” – Nala

“Sense Chaos” – Rajar
“Twenty six of whatever…” – Rajar

“Not yet, Rajar. We can kill more if we wait.” – Berra
“So, I trust my companions. We’re going to kill them all.” – Rajar
( Phew ) O o . Berra

“Shoooooting.” – Berra
“7/55.” – Berra
“8 4 1 1 2 = 16 to left leg.” – Berra

“Stay back. I want to see them before we go in, if we have to.” – Berra

“Shooting the horses. Because they are worthless…” – Nala
“Nala! I thought we were friends!” – Serala

We need the Fyrd. Eril has made contact. The red whore is with them.” – Rider
“It’s a feint.” – Koraki
“It’s obviously a feint.” – Koraki

Mid conversation, Koraki vanishes (teleports)
““What is the reaction of the man demanding that troops be sent?” – Dormal
“He looks a bit pissed off.” – GM

“And your strength bonus, obviously.” – GM
“Ahahaha. I have heard tell of such things!” – Dormal

“Dormal needs to have more of his face visible.” – Serala
“All I can see is the top half of his head…” – Serala
“Best part of him.” – Berra

“Ok cast. Shieild and Beserk and go for it.” – Rajar
“At least we have a Mellia.” – Berra
“GO FOR IT!” – Rajar

“Eight point dispel magic on the guy in Robes…” – Berra
“14. Hit!” – Berra
“6 1 2=9 to 19.” – Berra

“Hang on.. when did midnight happen!?” – Serala

“Look to Mellia. ‘Bring Rajar down if we need it.’ And then D’Val, as Billy goes past. ‘Into the gap he makes.'” – Berra

“Got to go or flatmate will lynch me.” – Dormal

“The good news is he wasn’t aiming for you. The bad news…” – GM
“Billy!” – Group
“Whaaaaaaaat.!?” – Serala

“Rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwr!” – Rajar

“Can you make a scan roll, Serala? I suppose I should make one for the duck as well.” – GM

“Did he just decapitate a horse?” – Berra
“Yep. He couldn’t reach the rider to decapitate him.” – GM

“Help. Fumbling “extricate self” roll” – Nala

“I was thinking Mellia would be concentrating on Rajar” – Nala
“Yeah. Rajar was VERY lucky.” – GM
“We nearly had an extra road block.” – Berra

“Ignite Iron Hoof = Cauterisation.” – Dormal

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