Meditations on Swords

Berra — Berra Swords 01

????, Storm Season


Berra asked D’Val, “If the Rune of Death is a sword, why is the sword safe to hold? Why are all parts not deadly?”

His answer was, “It is not. They are.”

This required some thinking about. Fortunately she had time as she slogged up and down Boldhome in Storm Season.

Over the Round Bridge
I asked the wrong question.

Better would have been: If the whole rune is Death, how can it be wielded? What is it that makes part of it not slice Humakt?

Past Duck Pond on the Left
Because the same answer could well apply. When you take up the sword, it slices you.

Severance. The altar changes us. The Sword, Death, changed Humakt.

Tribal Manors
Did he Sever himself from his kin, or was it inevitable, from the moment he claimed it? What did Eurmal cut away? Or could he not have it, because there was nothing to cut? I… Probably need to ask about that one. Once I find the right form of words.

Long Straight Boring Bit
Eurmal is all illusion. If part of him could be cut away, it would be different from all other parts, but all other parts are different – so maybe there is a lost Eurmal, but I don’t think so.

The Ramp
I think the first Death was of Grandfather Mortal, but it was the first Severance of Humakt. He became the first Slayer.

North Fort
Once a thing has died it can never be the same.