Die another Day

S01 — Session 20

1626, Sea Season

Season, Week, Day

1626, Sea Season, Harmony week Windsday through into the early hours of Fireday

Dramatis Personae


Varanis daughter of Serzeen, of House Saiciae
Tiwr- Played en Troupe


Ganrel, Doorkeeper for House Saiciae
The Grandmother of House Saiciae
Serzeen, Lieutenant of the Guard for House Saiciae
A Humakti of House Saiciae
A Lunar Assassin
A Eurmali of House Hulting
Another Eurmali
A corpse


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, from The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia, The Lay of Serala, Lance of the Cold Sun , The Death of Rajar, and NalaTiwrSaga. Joining us this time will be extracts from the Sonnets to Varanis. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. Both the {“D”} and “T” voice appear in this selection of extracts, and there is one brief excerpt from The Accounts of the Travels of Irillo Goldentongue.

[Greetings, and welcome back. I note several of you have made reference to plans for what you will be doing over the Winter Holidays, and I think you will find the answer is ‘Reading Ahead for this Class’. You will find details in your inboxes on your return. Now that this troubling question has been easily resolved for you, we shall move to today’s lecture. Now, I have heard from reliable sources that some of you have murmured in the Junior Common Room that I have been wasting your time on an obscure set of poems from this most fascinating period. Now, of course, I refute the suggestion that examining these particular neglected gems is a waste of time, but in order that I shall not be completely excoriated in your student feedbacks1Narrator’s Voice: but he was completely excoriated, I shall stretch a point, and bring in a more well known poem of the same era, which I fancy some of you have already identified have crossed the narratives of our previous poems last session. So, to start with Sonnets to Varanis today]

In that day of peace, there was a noble feast2At this time period noble feast’ would contain no double meaning. It was simply a feast to which the nobility were invited, to make up the main part of the guests. Still, the moral difference between nobility and poor existed in Esrolia already at this point, and in much of the nobility – but not among the hoi polloi – elsewhere.
Many gathered, Varanis not the least
Bedecked in gems, gold and copper bands coiled
Her body silk wrapp’d, her hair both piled and oiled3So notable is the description of her general attire in how it differs from the armour of the Guard Lieutenant Serzeen that many posit two Serzeens, adding to the general confusion of lineage in the 1620s summed up by the sage Llewun as ‘delicious’.

But more than this, in flawless honour cloth’d4 Throughout this poem we are constantly, nay to nauseum, reminded of Varanis’ honour. This is her motif, as it were, although it is important not to confuse the “civilised” honour of Esrolia with more recent codes. Here the reminder is in the form of emphasising the richness of her attire, and then saying, “but her honour was more.”.
To noblest fights and purest struggles oath’d
Of Saiciae, a Noble Princess5 This is pure hyperbole. There is no evidence in literature, archaeology, or records that Varanis was ever treated as a princess in Esrolia, even if House Saiciae held a Queenship, which it did not, at this time. she
Above the lesser sorts and aliens6 Obviously, this is aliens in the sense of ‘foreigners’ she sees.

But as all guests are sacred, so are they,
And none within her halls will dare to prey
‘pon their weakness without her mighty arm
In vengeance raised to do them deadly harm!

And so ’twas, when evil Lunar spite tried
To strike a hapless merchant7 Wiermonken has identified this merchant as Irillo. , then she cried
Vengeance, and leapt like unto a mighty hound
Bearing bow and archer down to the ground!

Fearing no mortal foe, needing no aid,
Triumphant without e’er needing her blade
Varanis sav’d her Liege, her kin, the guests
From Sartar sent, which Orlanth loves the best!

Led by Goldentongue, with Sword and Urox rare
And other kin, with Praxian Maid fair
And later join’d by Pure Mare and Lady White
And Trollkin who slunk in by dead of night!

And these Varanis greeted all as guest,
And with her noble presence they were blessed.
Her sword with theirs against this affront grave
As they did seek their fallen Prince to save!

She shew’d8 sic mercy as great as her pui’ssance
Perceiving the true foe she gave then a chance,
“Speak truth to us swift, and you may yet live,
Prosper, protected, and we shall forgive!

Lie or deny, and we must with sorrow
Dispatch you before the dawn of tomorrow!
Your clan can be savéd, your folk repriev’d
If your words are honest, and are believ’d!”

With this the evil traitor spoke her fill
And spoke of Onjur’s plans to do them ill!
Of how he sought to thwart their noble plan:
Kallyr to gain the living world of Man!

Rock’d by this secret tale of Sartar’s woe
And how it struck the Kingdom as a blow
Varanis wept the bitter tears of pain
And swore she’d aid them help her rise again!

Beneath her sight, a strategem was hatched
Which struck t’wards the hidden foe ‘gainst them match’d
Varanis set herself to guard her ward
With no aid save only trollkin, Urox, Sword

{“So, where do we find a body in Nochet these days”}

[Now, I trust I have adequately fulfilled your desire for the more oft quoted examples of this genre, and we can I trust see precisely how this is meshing in with the interplay of tales I have regaled you with previously. It is a mistake to only rely on a single source, when we are attempting to tease out the realities of the distant past in this manner! A typical issue of the time occurs when we bring in the The Lay of Serala, Lance of the Cold Sun, which has a small segment on her riding out, which draws emphasis to the paranoia of a plains warrior in such a setting. ]

And thus the Lance sallied forth, as guard to the sly Dormal’s plan
Though she trusted him as much or as little as she did most any man.
Through the ambush hiding canyons of Nochet’s stone built hills
She rode, past barracks made to look like inns, and Warpriest’s towers like to mills!

And when at last his prize was near, he bade her wait as he strode
To places hidden, where she would not return, if in she rode.
Waiting patient, like the Sky eternal arched above,
She sat in silence, whilst the quiet man did onwards rove!

{“Is that a crossbow, or are you just pleased to see me?”}

[Meanwhile, it appears Nala escorted Mellia back to the Great Hospital, as told at some length in the Sonnets to Mellia, and rather more tersely in NalaTiwrSaga]

Amidst the towers of her city fine
Mel’ia rode as if ‘pon a crow drawn line
Her guardians speaking fast to vanquish doubt
None in Nochet would put a healer out

And ‘pon the Sacred steps of marble white
There sat a Hulting bravo in open sight
Unarmed- at least he seem’d – in Arroy’s care
Using carvéd marble as finest chair!

He bade them peace, and spoke of Dormal’s sin
And leaving them, he turn’d and wandered in
They followed , and Mel’ia bade Nala pause
For none may harm within those sacred doors!

No ambush but talks
Who would have thought it ends with
Unicorn admired ?

[Back at the Palazzo, if I may call it so, of House Saiciae, we find Berra in reflective mood, whilst Rajar demonstrates a more practical bent.]

Foes fear fighting
Forthrightly but flourish fire
We fain must force fight
On Fleeting Phantom foes!

Attack from Ambush angers
All who All-Sword approve!
How to help Humakt to
Hold foe hirelings to redden hilts?

Moon-sword, madness wielding man
Must be mightily matched!
So no shame settle on
Sartar’s Swords and Spears!

If there is bed sleep
If food, eat, and drinks then drink
Till time to ‘wait war!9Yes, there is a Spurious Rajar stanza about the entire happening, and it too concentrates on Rajar’s inner thoughts.

When soppy bison
Meets Serzeen of the Great Axe
Should he slash or crush?

[We close with a gnomic comment in ‘The Accounts‘]

Today I die.
Soon rise, like Issaries lightbringing
Gods willing, to profit.

With a new player, Varanis, we flashed back slightly to revisit the assassination attempt. It played out much the same as before, except Varanis leapt up to the minstrels gallery to attempt (without notable success) to grapple the assassin. The assassin still ended up captured, but injured (with Varanis healing her).

Confusion and panic erupted, as you might expect, Rajar summoned Serala and Sid back from the Inn, and Granny summoned the party through to apologise to them, and as she was pre-warned by Dormal, to dump them with Varanis, to ‘help them’, but mostly to keep track on what’s going on, and to try and ensure House Saiciae got some political advantage from the event.

After some discussion, they saw the assassin, who had been interrogated by the House guards. She seemed to have been a Lunar Assassin, and after direct threats failed, they offered to release her with effusive thanks. This, combined with Irillo in his role as ‘Good Cop’ appeared to do the trick, as it appeared that her family would then be at risk, whereas if she succeeded, her family would get financial reward.

After more discussion there was a decision to ‘go and get a body’, so Irillo could ‘die’. Dormal and Serala set off, Dormal ditching Serala at an inn, where she totally failed to get lucky.

Dormal went off to the Eurmali temple, where he regrettably ran into one of the Hultinga Eurmali, and a crossbow. After some negotiation, it was revealed why Dormal was in such demand. The House Hulting girl he had helped escape had left with the House Matriarch’s diadem, and they were…. annoyed. Dormal bought them off with profit, political profit, and help to get the diadem and girl back. Dormal then acquired a body, then Serala, and took it back to the Palace.

Irillo drank the “poisoned” wine, and they settled back with a view to faking a death, come morning.

*new player arrives*
“GM, for ONCE you giant slacker, are you going to introduce people?” – Serala

“We’re trying some combinations.” – Vara/nala
“That’s underwear.” – Berra

“And I am the GM.” – GM
“For your sins.” – Nala
“And they are many.” – GM

“We’re comparing axes.” – Rajar

“They are not known for the compasionate caring side of female nature” – Rajar
“I can appreciate that.” – Berra

“Don’t lick the unicorn.” – Varanis
“He’s my unicorn. I’ll lick him if I want to.” – Nala

“They ARE known for explaining the error of peoples ways for not engaging in consent discussions by way of brief service over the grave and hanging the skins of the perpertrators as a warning on nearby walls….” – Rajar

“The armour is over the robe on the top half, but she’s gone beyond merely politely wearing a breastplate, and obviously has greaves and vambraces.” – Berra

“GM, you are the duck. It only quacks when you are speaking. I think it is an echo which has delusions of being Durulz” – Nala

“Escaping again?” – Berra
“He has previous…” – Berra

“Stop trollkinning GM, Berra.” – Nala

“Oh god, you mean that they only talk about marriage here, too?” – Nala
“No, Nala. They talk about marriages AND lovers.” – GM


“Are we retconning?” – Nala
“No, flashbacking” – GM

“Classy” – Rajar
“Axe Party!!!!!! My favorite” – Rajar

“Leave that unicorn alone.” – Nala

“This is why we WEAR ARMOUR, Dormal…” – Nala

“Apologise to Grandmother for not jumping in the way,but my instincts judged Dormal was less able to defend himself” – Nala

“Stop about a bit and secure various entrances and so on” – Rajar
“Go find Serala and tell her about the attack and come bring weapons” – Rajar
“Bring Sid” – Rajar
“And his really big pointy stick” – Rajar
“Splitting the party!” – Berra
“Run outside and check on Tiwr” – Nala

“Grandmother, thank you so much for seeing me.”- Dormal
“Yes, what?!?”- Grandmother

“He’s a sarcastic 4 legged pointy headed horsey” – Rajar

“I shall tell Tiwr to meet me in my rooms.” – Nala

*WAVES* – Rajar

“That boy has no survival instincts. -Serala
“STORM BULL!!!!” – Omnes

“Even if I did chop his leg off that one time” – Rajar
“You’ve got nothing against his leg.” – Dormal
“I did not take it and eat it after cooking it over a low flame. So better than his relatives” – Rajar

“You put the lime on the trollkin limb.” – Dormal
“And eat them both together.” – Dormal

*threw d6 over shoulder* – Dormal
“Hilarious – but I now have to find my die.” – Berra
“I have a lot of them, which both helps and doesn’t.” – Berra

“Cute little axes” – Rajar
“Axe-chucks, yo.” – Dormal

“I’m just eyeing the room now. And keeping Irillo behind me.” – Berra
“Look at Berra bristling like a kitten, meet Irillo’s eyes, and stifle a grin and dimple.” – Nala

“I feel like I’m looking rather abashed. It’s not been a good night yet. Grabbing a drink from someone.” – Varanis
“Not from me. The Humakti is holding a drink and not holding a sword – but her right hand is free.” – Berra

“I’m not exactly pretty. More… plain.” – Serala
“Well, you are a plainslander.” – Nala
“Oh, go to the bad pun corner.” – Serala

*applause* “Correct attribution” – Nala
“Yay!” – Berra

“Hey. Serala. Someone tried to kill Irillo, I think.” – Berra
“Serala thinks about that for a moment. ‘Not very hard, if he’s not dead, in a place with few exits. They need lessons.'” – Serala

“Rajar helps himself to some food and eats one handed while keeping his axe handy.” – Rajar

“Esroli-whatian?” – Rajar
*shrug* – Nala

“Who’s Jenn?” – Varanis
“She’s an NPC who got firmly adopted.” – Berra
“Jenn is a village girl the party rescued her village from a bad thing” – Rajar
“(mostly themselves)” – Rajar

“Oh, she thrust herself.” – Berra
“Just a step to the left?” – Nala
“She’s not that kind of girl.” – Berra

“Tch. I hate this place, yet I was one with it. Speaking of which, I need a bath.” – Nala

“I’m more small and nonspecifically reminiscent of a weasel.” – Dormal
“NON-specifically….” – Berra
“And there are knee prints on your chest, @Dormal” – Nala

“Irillo gets to be in front of me.” – Berra
“standing at the back” – Dormal
“<.<” – Berra
*ignoring each other* – Dormal and Berra

“((brb cheesecake calls))” – Rajar
“I. AM NOT CHEESCAKE. I’m just Charisma 40” – Nala

“GM’s playing with himself again…” – Serala
“Berra stares slightly.” – Berra
“(Insert comment here)” – Nala

*gets down on her knees* – Grandmother
“wince” – Berra

“Granny says to do this, so I will do it and bring her honour.” – Varanis

“Berra’s giving Varanis a long, thoughtful look.” – Berra

“Berra grimaces, but doesn’t look away, as such. She mostly seems to be keeping to the bodyguarding of Irillo.” – Berra
“Stupid choice really, for healers, white.” – Nala

“Whatever the Red Goddess demands.” – Assassin

“Berra looks like she’s about to step forwards, and then doesn’t.” – Berra

“I didn’t execute her. I just set her on fire!” – Nala

“Heft axe thoughtfully.” – Rajar

“Let’s go guard the door.” – Rajar

“No let’s leave the talky talky types to it.” – Rajar

“Berra gives Dormal a tiny nod.” – Berra

“Go mount guard. If I had sent a killer in they’d either know nothing or need shutting up.” – Rajar
“So they might try and take out the killer.” – Rajar

“Switch to Praxian. ‘Rajar I am so tired of the red bitch. She wanted to be red’.” – Nala

*spits, but carefully, so as not to stain the parquet* – Nala

“I’m using First Aid. I’m really angry with her.” – Mellia

“Igniting rarely kills. I just wanted her maimed a bit Rajar.” – Nala
“Oh I understand. I’d have killed her. But it can wait.” – Rajar

“Alllllll the axes” – Rajar
“Rajar, Nala looks a bit Maran ish atm.” – Nala

“Berra looks like a very worried person right now.” – Berra

“I think he was in charge of the spec ops recruitment for the Tarshites that attacked BH. There was a similar op vs Grazelanders. They like Werewolf tactics….same person likely in charge of it all. If that’s him or he works for them.” – Rajar
“Yeah. He was really annoyed that we killed his “crack troops” who got trampled.” – Nala

“There are two people here that I need… that we need to keep alive.” – Berra
“Looking at Berra with intensity. ‘Who?'” – Varanis
“Irillo and Mellia.” – Berra
“Merchant, and Healer. And somewhere there is Vestra, but she’s only our problem if we can find her. I think she’s gone to Alda Chur.” – Berra
“I’m feeling super honourable and serious right now, so ‘I will do my best to protect them.'” – Varanis

“I need to get out of this tomb. Want to ride?” – Nala
“I think we should guard our friends. I would love to ride …but for now we stay here. The fighting may not be over” – Rajar
*pouts and manages to look adorable, sadly* – Nala

“I’m sure this city is an insult to the earth,” – Nala

“Good. I need to think briefly about who to assign to whom. Mellia is probably not at risk, but he might find another assassin who will try what the first did not.” – Berra

“She would hate it if she knew” – Nala

“They are fanatics.” – Berra
*blort* – Dormal
“(Death Cultist calls someone a Fanatic)” – Rajar

‘Irillo isn’t totally incompetent.’ — Berra, damning with faint praise

“For the moment lets think of us as one larger group” – Rajar
“Still in Prax?” – Nala

“I don’t know how to separate myself.”- Varanis
“Just ask Rajar…..- GM
“I can separate you!” – Rajar

“No one wants to piss off the Gloranthan Medical Association.” – Mellia

“Dormal, are those cookies? Share!!!!” – Nala
“sharreee…. coookies…” – Dormal
“Does not compute.” – Dormal

“I like our nemesis, he has style.” – Dormal
“He really does” – Rajar
“(And needs to be axed into itty bitty pieces.)” – Rajar
“Burned. Shot, charged at.” – Nala
“Trampled.” – Nala

“During the Civil War…” – GM
“tl;dr – it wasn’t that civil” – Dormal

“Brief break. Please write down funny quotes while I am gone.” – Berra

“Failed intimidate.” – Berra
“Because I am wincing.” – Berra
“Bad cops aren’t very intimidating though.” – Varanis
“Berra continues to look like a Humakti.” – Berra

“Anyone else want tea?” – Nala
“Please, if you’re making.” – Berra
“@Berra come get” – Nala
“Is it REALLY GOOD tea?” – Berra, 100 miles away

“Irillo is talking to the Assassin… Varanis. You would buy a used horse from this man.” – GM
( I don’t know what he’s saying and I want to agree with him! ) O o . – Berra

“Glad I’m not there to collect the tears and savour them” – Rajar
“Mmmmm salty tears.” – Rajar

“Probably hired by that Lunar. Irillo’s working her over. I think she’ll give him all her money shortly.” – Berra

“I’m going to need a corpse about… stand up please?” – Dormal

“A corpse, some rags, a bucket of gold and some lubrication…..” – Rajar
“…..” – Berra

“How do you propose getting a corpse about that high?” – GM
“There’s a Humakti in the room.” – Berra

“So I’m sure they will have a plan. Meanwhile we have to look after Irillo and Mellia.” – Berra

“Irillo is playing dead. How much protection does a dead man need?” – Varanis

“We should go in, but you need to not kill the assassin. Not.” – Berra


“Funerals are important.” – Varanis
“How long does it take? Could be days of display, etc.” – Varanis

“Serala is looking very unconvinced at everyone’s obsession over dressing up corpses prettily and making with the wailing and gnashing of teeth.” – Serala
“I’m sure we can find a body.” – Rajar
“I’m happy to help.” – Rajar

“Nala walks in and gives the assassin a very hostile CHA 40/” – Nala

“Whoever’s body it is will be done with it.” – Rajar

“Berra’s trade talk is all short words.” – Berra

“The Praxians (Rajar and Nala) and the Grazelander (Serala) don’t speak Esrolian.” – Berra
“We three have a special line in standing around looking stern and pretending we have half a clue what’s going on.” – Serala
“Rajar juggles axes while they all yammer along in furriner.” – Rajar

“Rajar did insult him. Told him his countrymen died like cowards. That keeps me warm on cold nights, still.” – Berra
“I did enjoy telling him that” – Rajar

“He’s basically a Lunar Humakti.” – Nala
“Ducking!” – Dormal
“No….” – Berra, quietly

“Bleah!” – Mellia

“Berra’s passing battle, meaning she’s more interested in how to do this than whether it’s technically correct.” – Berra

“I’m taking Irillo to the Great Hall so he can get his wine back.” – Berra
“I can sulk loudly.” – Berra
“Or quietly.” – Berra

“Berra looks around the hall, doing the whole Humakti looking for enemies thing.” – Berra

“Serala, what are you doing?” – GM
“Trying to work out which way the Mute button works.” – Serala

“Who is doing what with the assassin?!” – Varanis

“So, I will start speaking in Esrolian… rather rapidly…” – Dormal

“Mellia, come up to my rooms, where we will up Tiwr” – Nala
“*pick” – Nala

“So, Rajar, I’m going to get a strip ripped off me in public by Irillo. Don’t worry. I stopped him from drinking wine earlier.” – Berra

“GM , will Tiwr let @Mellia Ride pillion?” – Nala
“(She asked, delicately.)” – Nala
“Yes.” – GM
“He may or may not make remarks on whether Mellia has been sleeping with boys.” – GM
“When would Mellia have the time?” – Mellia

“I am putting on my sodding armour…..” – Nala

“Serala is mutter quietly. ‘Stick together, I said. Yes, everyone said. And how long before we’re all walking in five different directions again? People!'” – Serala
“I wasn’t there for that…” – Nala
“I was too busy complaining to Rajar” – Nala

“Well, that’s what you get for trying to murderise prisoners.” – Serala
“I just wanted to maim her a bit.” – Nala

“4 legs Good 5 legs Bad. Storm Bull humour” – Rajar
“‘4 kegs good, 5 kegs better.’ – Storm Bull bar order.” – Berra

“Mellia needs to find something to do that can be interrupted.” – Mellia
“<3 Mellia.” – Berra

“Will the temple think I am magnificent?” – Tiwr
“Probably.” – Mellia
“I am a VERY good healer” – Tiwr
“You might get recruited.” – Mellia

“My mother’s father died in a small scrap with four members of the Balkoth tribe, and him. My father’s father – the less said about him right now, the less I have to say.” – Berra

“Fumble, you say?” – GM
“Yep!” – Dormal

“Soooo, your temple has failed the building inspection.” – Dormal
“Falls through roof into bathtub and introduces self to nubile lady ///cos thats the rulz” – Rajar
“I like that rule too.” – Berra

“Shall I set him on fire?” – Nala

“It’ll cost an arm and a leg.” – Berra

“We could have taken more shots. One was a warning.” – Hulting
“We could have brought him back from the dead. What’s your point?” – Nala

“Let us speak in the spirit of peace here.” – Mellia
“I am talking in the spirit of peace. I’m not charging.” – Nala

“”WHAT IS THAT?” – Raisinish CA Priestess

“I’ve heard of pony play but really….” – Serala

“I don’t take bribes!” – Tiwr, chewing the bribe

“Maybe, one more bribe for the road?” – Tiwr

“It’s totally not Tiwr’s fault the hedges needed trimming. Really should be rewarded for such dedicated work.” – Varanis

“Hello?” – Dormal
“Hello Dormal.” – Eurmalite/Hulting
“That depends on who’s saying hello.” – Dormal

“So many crimes So many drunken nights.” – Rajar

“I’m a brother.” – Brother
“That’s good. Brothers should be friends.” – Dormal

“It would get us a corpse…” – Berra
“It gets us what WE want.” – Berra
“I’d hate this conversation to be almost the last thing that went through your head.” – Brother

“Dormal is misunderstood.” – Serala
“Yes. In a positive direction.” – Berra

“Watching him sell this guy his own property is joyful.” – Berra
“You wouldn’t want to make me into a liar, would you?” – Dormal

“It’s like watching a slow-motion Unicorn crash.” – Berra
“I never crash. Do I look like a bison to you?” – Tiwr
“I don’t know. Your magnificence is too bright to look upon.” – Berra

*courbettes* – Tiwr
“A sort of car?” – Berra
“Little white courbette.” – Nala

“As I was walkin’ away
I heard her say over my shoulder
We’ll meet again some day” – Rajar
“Tangled up in Glue…” – Berra

“So, are you going to be finding someone to sell you a corpse.” – GM
“Yes, yes I am!” – Dormal
“I honestly have no clue what the relevant skill is.” – GM

“Doesn’t everyone have a ‘Procure Corpse’ skill?” – Rajar
“Only us, Rajar.” – Berra
“It’s a sub-set of Sense Chaos.” – Berra
“And also you can get to it from Find Enemy.” – Berra

“Uleria is good at Little Death….” – Nala
“At this rate, Dormal could join Issaries.” – Mellia

“‘ere guvnor got any spare corpses? Doesnt have to be too fresh like.” – Rajar

“It’s a good thing I scammed that money out Irillo, because it turned out I needed it!” – Dormal

“The poor bastard who hit on Berra has entirely recovered.” – Berra
“Probably.” – Berra

“Of course, given that last time, chappie burned down the whole inn he thought we were in…. 0_0” – Serala

“I’m feeling reasonably fresh. You can go to bed….” – Varanis
“The bed is pre-warmed and lightly troll-kin scented.” – GM

“Stag beetle party?” – Nala

“I heard that as bolluck-driven and had to think about context for a moment.” – Varanis

“I assume more hay would be extra.” – Dormal
“Yep.” – GM
“They get you on the extras.” – Dormal

“Various young men have offered, against all odds, to show you a good time/take you to the Earth Mother’s paradise.” – GM
“She will ask for directions.” – Serala

“o/” – Rajar
“It’s still a particularly fascist wave and you need to stop it.” – Berra
“No, Storm Bulls wave how they want!” – Rajar

“Springtime for Urox and Praxia…” – Dormal

“The Bison tribe charge across the horizon, screach to a stop and…………………. SING!” – Rajar

“I have a bigger list of things I am not allowed to do now!” – Berra

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