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At Boldhome after Varanis returned from her temple to find Xenofos still residing at temple of Uleria. [[[s02:session-30|Session 30]]]


Varanis stayed at temple of Vinga for a week. When she returned to the inn, week before the sacred time began, Xenofos was not there so she sent a word to Xenofos in temple of Uleria.

She gives him a huge hug when she sees him. Then studies him to try to see how he’s doing.
1 Insight? Special! He is wary, he is still ashamed, he does not hate you… He does look a bit more healthy.

“You called mylady, here I am.”2 pass love family, loyalty Varanis and honor

“I have missed you. But you look like you have being doing well.”

“I am better, Ranie.” He is looking at the floor when he says that.

“Xenofos – do you remember what I told you before I left?”

“Yes. I have no doubt you believe it to be true.”

“So, can you accept that my respect for you has grown rather than diminished?”

“Ranie… I believe you speak what you believe is the truth. I still feel shame.”

“Maybe one day, you’ll be able to see yourself as I see you,” she replies sadly.

“You don’t see it all Ranie, you see what I manage to keep up.” he looks in far corner “But it was close to crumbling anyway. And start of this season I don’t think I could have said that out loud.”

She looks like she wants to argue with him, but she subsides and lets him continue to speak.

“So when I say I am better, I mean I am better than before Clayday.”
He says, looking Varanis in the eyes.

“That is a very good start, Xeno. Both that you’ve begun to heal, but also that you know there’s work to do yet. I’m proud of you. And I’m so very glad that you aren’t angry with me.”

He blinks. “How could I be angry at you for my weakness?”

“No. For forcing you to confront something you didn’t want to confront. And for meddling in your life.”

“Tell me again, why you did it Ranie?” he asks, still looking at Varanis in the eyes, his tone tender.

“Because I want you to have a chance to heal, but you weren’t. You were… like an alynx with an injury. Hiding the pain, but not able to heal it. And without healing, it was just going to fester. I had to lance the wound in hopes it let the poisons out.” Her eyes plead for understanding.

“Because of love, sweet little alynx. To heal. Not to mangle me for play…”
He affirms with soft voice.

Unshed tears make her eyes glassy as she nods. “Berra thought it was wrong of me, but… I knew I had to. I was taking a risk, but… it was necessary.” She breathes deeply. “I didn’t plan it, you know. But, I saw you there and I saw Aranda and…” She shrugs, trying to hide her uncertainty. “It felt like the right time.”
She watches him a moment, then adds, “Did you learn to change your dreams yet? Aranda said she would try to teach you some ways to take control of a dream.”

“Not really, no. It is still early…”
scholar looks at Vingan “She said that would take seasons to learn, and is an art where little knowledge is dangerous…”

Varanis wanted to know how Xenofos was doing after she broke him.

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    Insight? Special! He is wary, he is still ashamed, he does not hate you… He does look a bit more healthy.
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    pass love family, loyalty Varanis and honor