A Deed Most Foul

Xenofos — A Deed Most Foul



At Duckpoint enroute to Nochet and Mellia’s wedding. [[[s02:session-42|Session 42]]]

Spoilery for Berra :p


Varanis makes sure Xenofos knows know where she’ll be and that he is needed back at the inn as close to Yelmrise as possible.
Xenofos is welcomed at the Temple of Uleria by the same initiate he met last time. There is good food, a shrine to pray at, any other services he desires, and a warm bed to spend the night.

Xenofos pays his respects to Goddess in words and deeds, assisted with another local initiate.
With a wistful look on his face he looks at the picture of the goddess on the wall. And sleeps.

He wakes abruptly with a sense of foreboding. He has to be somewhere. There’s a storm brewing, but he knows that Yelm will rise soon.

His hands seek his sword. Storm? Where is Varanis?1 special on loyalty Varanis, fail love Berra

He left her at an inn. The same inn he left her at last time, puking her guts up.
Berra is at the Temple of Humakt. She went to worship and then to try to contact Eril.

He gets out from under the reedmat that serves as quilt in here and swings his feet to the floor. His clothing and armour are waiting, neatly piled. Thunder booms in the distance.

He ties his sandals. Clips on his greaves. Pulls on the tunic, and dons rest of the panoply. For a moment he looks at his sword before tightening the swordbelt on his hip. He bows to the Goddess with palms held together and puts on his helmet.

There’s a sense of urgency building. He must hurry.
With a sigh he sets on his way.

Outside, a storm has begun. Wind whips through the buildings. Waves rise on the water. Something doesn’t feel right, doesn’t feel real.2 pass truth

As he makes for the inn, he finds himself fighting against the wind.
Killing Dragons carries a price. Is she there?
He struggles forward.

She is. She is in the courtyard and she seems to be dancing naked in the rain. She glows blue like she did when she fought the dragon. Lightning sparks in her eyes.
Yelm tries to rise, but cannot pierce the storm.

“Varanis?” his words vanish into the wind.

There is Berra. Or is it Eril? No, Humakt. She stalks purposefully towards Varanis. Death is in his eyes. Death is in her hand.

Xenofos takes a few steps to get between the two.

Still the scion of Sartar dances, oblivious to what hunts her.

His hand seeks the hilt of his slender sword.

Berra stares past him, her attention solely on Varanis.

As long as she stares, she can do it. But if she goes further Xenofos will be there.
Between her liegelady and Death.

She stalks forward, brushing him aside.3 That was some force, he was ready, but she just brushed him aside Thunder claps overhead.

She is Humakt. She is Death, She turns to him and Sarostip tells him, “Temertain dies first. His guards follow. Your turn will come soon.”

“You killed Temertain and you killed Feathered Horse Queen. It may be you kill her, but not while I am alive.” He draws his sword.

“As you wish,” comes the cold reply. His own sword has barely left its scabbard when he feels the cruel bite of Windtooth. The blade slides through his armour as if through cloth. He feels his legs begin to buckle beneath him as he watches Death advance on Varanis. His blade clatters to the earth, fallen from lifeless hands.

And still the Vingan dances.

“Assassins…” comes his last breath with a gush of blood.

The blade flashes. The Storm ends.

He wakes abruptly with a sense of foreboding. He has to be somewhere.

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    special on loyalty Varanis, fail love Berra
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    pass truth
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    That was some force, he was ready, but she just brushed him aside