Ty Korak Tek, The Mother

Ephemera — Ty Korak Tek The Mother


It is said, and is correct that, a soul can only be reborn once it has forgotten its past life. This is very painful, as the spirit starves in the Hall of Silence, miserable and forgotten.

Some have other places to go to, other things to do. Humakt takes his warriors. Storm Bull insists his berserks do not stay there – but Ty Kora Tek cares for everyone who has nowhere else to go. Men will always act without thinking, but the Crone Goddess has patience.

The comfortable and the comfortless alike are housed in her great hall. When each soul forgets, and begins to scream once more, she takes it with the loving care of a grandmother and entrusts it to her niece Ernalda, and it is born.

There are many, many souls, and the process of forgetting is hard, but she cherishes every one. The Earth cannot love a spirit more than Ty Kora Tek does, or be more pained in parting from it, or more proud when it is born.

She instructs the living in how to keep the dead comfortable, because it is better not to forget. And it is her duty to make sure souls only go back to new bodies when they are new again themselves. She forbids those who are unprepared from rebirth.

Hail Ty Kora Tek, who loves all who have nothing left in the world of the living. Hail the mercy of she who cares for the forgotten. Hail the Great Charity.