The Limits of Honour

Berra — Honour 01

????, Seas Season, Harmony Week


Seas Season, Harmony Week, Nochet. [[[s01:session-22|Session 22]]]


It may be hard to live with honour, knowing that others don’t, but the reward is being honourable. Being me. Being worthy of Humakt.

(( I thought I was just asking D’Val that about one person, but I was asking him a question about how to live, really. Which is how he answered me. Wisdom. If only I will do the work of finding it. ))

I made the decision to live this way to help the weak, knowing that some among the strong would not. I made the decision and now I live it. Let Lanasha be as pretty as she ever was. I’m not leaving anything I value to go to her. Let Dormal sit and call me a liar. I will not turn aside from the truth.

There is no honour Rune because Truth is the basis of honour. The laws of honour are set and unchanging, as Truth is.

(( The Iron Bastard has a name now. Onjur. Cold-hearted killer. Well, I knew he was clever. Cunning. Onjur, then. He does not value honour as we do. But to win against him, we must be True. If he destroys Truth in me, then his victory increases, even if we end his plans. To give way to dishonour for advantage is not the rule of Humakt. ))

I have the power I have because I made the choice I did. I promised on his altar to be True. If he does not know what Truth or Death mean, I do.

Also, more prosaically, screw him. Onjur dead would be good.

But Onjur dead because I have betrayed Honour, no. If I step from the path for a good reason, one day I will step for my own profit.

(( duck voice: There are no goodt reassons. The path ittself is goodt. ))

Yes, that. There are no good reasons to step away from what is good to do. The step itself is an ill one.