Scared Beast

Xenofos — Scared Beast

????, Sea Season


Sea Season/Movemennt Week?/Windsday/After Yamia’s encounter with Fish [[[s02:session-38|Session 38]]]


Leaving Yamia, Varanis starts across the common room. She pauses as she reaches the table where Xenofos sits. “I’m sorry. You wanted to tell me something about Fish. I wasn’t ready to listen, but I am now.”

Xenofos turns his look from Yamia to Varanis.

“Fish? Oh, that. Yes. There seems to be a pattern to his bad behaviour.” He says eyes half closed.


“It looks like he is spooked with bright, shiny things. And lashes out, poor thing.” scribe says.

“Height? Shiny things? So… me in armour?” She arches an eyebrow at him.

“You in armour, my greaves, Yamia’s helmet… anything bright and shiny that surprises it.” he confirms.

Varanis sighs. “That’s not terribly useful in a horse. At least, not in a horse for me. I think I need to get a message to Serala to send Manasa to Boldhome for me. As soon as I can, I’ll send Fish to her. If she can’t train the fear out of him, at least she can give him a home.” She sounds resigned. “Hey, do you know where Mellia is? And Berra?”

“Not useful no. But not just sheer evil either.” he notes “Mellia? Upstairs maybe? Berra… she went out a while ago.”

There’s a heavy sigh and then Varanis straightens her shoulders. “I’ll start with Mellia then. At least I don’t have to chase her around the city. You know, I don’t even know how big Duck Point is. Is it truly a city?”

“Are you in condition to chase anyone, Varanis?” Scribe shrugs “I would call it a big village, small town… But then it’s denizens are small too.”

“I’m fine,” Varanis replies automatically to his question. “Mellia first, and then Berra. Thank you. For telling me about Fish. You might have saved him from the knife.”

“I would not be sure. I was quite worried last night, feared for your life to be honest. It is good that you see Mellia first.” He is looking at the table, not Varanis.

“Last night… it was rough. I’m glad you brought Mellia. Thank you.” She grasps his shoulder, giving it a squeeze, before heading up the stairs.

He freezes at the touch and slumps against the wall when she goes.