Pangs Of Guilt

Xenofos — Pangs Of Guilt

????, Sea Season, Season/Movement Week


Sea Season/Movement week?/Fireday eve/Among Rajar’s party. Continues in [[[berra:no-hugging]]] for Varanis. [[[s02:session-38|Session 38]]]


Varanis’ eyes settle on Xenofos for a long moment. She gets up and shifts over to sit next to him. She’s close enough that their shoulders are touching. “You ok?”

“Not really, Varanis. How are you?” Scribe answers.

“Better. I guess I needed more sleep.” She is working steadily on her soup.

“I have horrible suspicion why you fell sick.” He says.

Venlar gets some of the more talented ducks going on harmonies to the tune he sings about rolling green fields.

Yamia takes about her fifth sip of wine, and ignores the ruckus around Rajar.

“Oh?” Varanis pauses in her soup consumption and twists to look at Xenofos.

“You have guessed, have you not?” he asks looking other side of the room.

She shrugs. “Something to do with the mist, I guess.”

“We all went through it and you were struck like someone trying to get rid of hazia. Why you? Have you not thought of that?” Xenofos says.

“And he’ths got a great big chopper
And hith wife thayths it’s a whopper
And he keepth it in hith loincloth for hith wife!” sings the duck choir.

“Yes… I talked to Berra about it a little. Either it was because I was too close to the fort too long, or I was already vulnerable because of past events.” Varanis pauses, then adds, “In some ways, maybe my affinity for Air makes me more vulnerable on that front…”

Berra opens the door, takes a look inside, considers, and closes the door again without coming in.

“Yes. Past events. When have you been subjected to it before – and on whose account…” Scribe turns to look at Varanis.

Mellia graciously accepts the last olive. She orders more breadsticks.

The Vingan shrugs. “It is what it is, Xenofos. I am better today than I was yesterday. I will be still better tomorrow.”

“My fault… ” He straightens his back. “But at least you are not dead.”

Rajar bounces past singing “Shuug, Shuug, Shuug…”
Rajar is naked from the waste up and singing and bouncing and in the moment

Ducks have an advantage on nakedness, but some are wearing belts.

The songs about Rajar and his chopper and his wife fade out. Now there are ducks following him in song and dance. Ducks dance surprisingly well.

“Xenofos,” Varanis says softly, “It’s ok. I’m ok. You haven’t harmed me.”

Mellia sings occasionally. Mostly she eats.

Rajar is mostly naked and mostly dancing. Its quit quite alarming

Yamia politely turns down an offer from a duck to get her another drink.

Rajar bounces past head banging ala Stormbull

Venlar remembers to drink, which he has to do in between songs.

“I have. But you are recovering.” Xenofos speaks quietly. “I thought you sent me away because of that.”

“No!” The denial is immediate. “I didn’t want you to see me like that.”

Rajar bounces back again and tags Xenophos “Come dance with me little man!
Shuuuuug, Shuuuuuug!”

“Not tonight Rajar. I am as out of tune and rhythm as my cithara.” Xenofos says.

Someone holds up a bowl of pork scratchings for Rajar.

Rajar seems to have forgtten the invite.

Mellia starts in on her stock of Esrolian hymns to Ernalda. That’s a lot of songs.

“I suppose it would be unethical for you to make him sleep,” Varanis whispers to Mellia between songs.

Mellia nods to Varanis.

“You have spoken to Berra in the afternoon? How was she?” Xenofos asks.

“Only a little, as she walked me to temple this morning. She seemed fine then, but I’m worried about her now. I was supposed to meet her when Yelm set, but slept through it.”

Xenofos just nods at that, his eyes betraying disappointment.

Outside, a group of wandering players that has heard the noise opens the door a little and starts playing cymbals and beak-flutes.

Mellia shuts up and gives the musicians some money.

Varanis winces at the added cacophony.

Shoving her now empty soup bowl aside, she drains her wine. “I’m going to go check on Fish.”

Rajar stands. “DRINK WITH ME. And eat these totaaly grerat pork thing”

“Do want you me to join you, Varanis,I suppose proper sleep is a empty hope right now.” Scholars wine glass is still half full.

The musicians are pretty good, but not equal to the noise already in the room.

Venlar says, “If you eat too many of those, you need to drink more,” to Rajar. Sound advice.
or everyone else does. Whichever”

“HUZZAH!” Tiny duck voices from his new following get enthusiastic.

“Death to Delecti!” calls another. “Drink!” calls yet another.

A semi naked Rajar performs the axe dance.

Varanis nods at Xenofos, “if you want to.” She ducks suddenly, narrowly avoiding the swoosh of Rajar’s axe overhead.

Mellia watches Rajar closely.

Yamia says quietly, “If he gets too close to Venlar, or to you, I can probably stop him before anyone dies.”

Varanis darts upstairs and returns moments later wrapped in a cloak. She nods at Xenofos, offering him the choice to follow or not, then slips through the inn door.

Mellia thanks Yamia and watches the dance, poised to intervene.

Xenofos follows Varanis.