Rolling Down To Old Corflu

Xenofos — Rolling Down To Old Corflu

????, Earth Season, Season/Illusion Week


Earth season/Illusion week/ Day after Berra was seasick. [[[s02:session-18|Session 18]]]


Day after Berra was seasick Xenofos seeks her out at some point.
The Humakti is standing up where Rajar was a moment ago, before Billy fell over in the hold. She has a cup of wine, and looks pale, but rather better than she was. Xenofos gets a brief smile from her.

“Feeling any better?” He asks quietly.

“A bit. A mix of time and wine, I think. I asked Rajar what Storm Bull would do. Which probably means I was feeling better and wanted a drink.” Berra offers over the cup. “It has water and some honey in it.”

Xenofos takes the offered drink and tastes a small sip. “Have you eaten anything?”

“Uh, yeah. A bit of soaked bread this morning. Nothing yet this afternoon.” She looks up at Yelm, or at least where Yelm hides behind clouds. “I’ve got some travel-crust which is boring enough it’ll probably work as food, but if I tried to eat it right now I’d pour wine on it and I have no idea if that would be good.”

“Ginger is supposed to be good. Varanis reminded of gingered pears you have.”
After taking a small sip Xenofos seemed to forget the cup.

“Good point.” Berra leaves her cup in the care of Xenofos for a moment to lie down full-length on the half deck and fish under it for her bag, wriggling to get a hand far enough. No luck, but she hauls herself forwards and does a slow-motion movement around with a half-pike that ends with her able to reach under, catch her bag with a foot, and bring it close enough she can get it to where she can reach it from the top. In concentration, she looks furious. In movement, she looks like a broadfish in water, steady and confident. In victory, she looks childishly pleased.1 Special on STR and success on DEX there

Xenofos looks on her attemps with expression that is hard to interpret while holding her cup.

“I didn’t touch the floor!” Berra pulls her pack up to the deck and rummages through it. “Do you want some? The ginger stuff doesn’t bite back too hard but there’s stuff with fire-pepper in that does.”

“Nah, I am good, just wanted to check you manage to eat something.” He lowers the cup to the deck next to Berra and stands up, scanning the waters ahead.

Berra cuts off a chunk of the gingered, compressed pears, and wraps the bar again. “Ginger’s a vegetable in some places and a spice in some places, so I don’t know if that means D’Val could eat it in the right place, but I wouldn’t give it to him. A lot of the things in the other pack are for him, though. But I use a vegetable knife for this stuff and a fruit knife for him.” She must be better. Her voice is chattering on.

He nods. “You sound better.” He looks like he might be saying something else, but then just nods and walks to main deck.

Berra busies herself with food, and packing away, and trying to get the bag back into position without touching the deck again. This involves an ankle-hook that no sane human would attempt, and that goes well until a wave changes all of the calculations required, and makes her put her hand down. A cheerful, “Damnit,” indicates her failure, and a slithering of padding and leather indicates she is fine. She stands and picks up her cup and perches on the edge of the half deck once more.

Xenofos has gone to fore and seems to be looking at the seas ahead.

  • 1
    Special on STR and success on DEX there