In Argrath’s Camp 2

Xenofos — In Argraths Camp 2



Morning after a prisoner was murdered [[[s02:session-47|Session 47]]]


At some point of the night Xenofos has wandered over to the site of the tent occupied by Varanis and Lenta.1 and Mellia -V Dawn sees him sitting outside it sharpening and polishing his weapons.

Berra drops into place a little after dawn. “Got time for a talk?”

“I am waiting to speak with Varanis, that feels most urgent now, Berra.” Scribe is talking more to his sword than to the little Humakti. “But if you are brief…”2 Oops, Xenofos fails Truth and Love Berra at the same time

“Nah. This one might take a while.” Berra pours herself back onto her feet. “I’m going to go check on Rajar.”

Scholar nods and keeps on honing the razor sharp edge of his rapier.

The shadow that Berra casts pauses, half over the sword, for a little too long. Then she looks around. Then back at him. “Did I piss you off?”3 she passed insight and noted the icy politeness in Xenofos tone

He looks at over the edge of the sword looking for non-existent nicks or burrs on the weapon that was not even used yesterday. “I think she should be back pretty soon. The morning ritual does not usually take long. She might be angry today so Yelm might take more throughout killing than some other morning.”

“Wait, you’re pissed off at me AND you’re not answering me?” Berra steps back to look at Xenofos more clearly.

Xenofos’ eyes are hidden under the brim of his cavalry helmet. He uses a small piece of worn suede to give the blade the final polish, but does not answer. There is tiny shake in his fingers as he does the work.

Berra drops down into a low squat, without warning, to look under the helmet’s brim. Little frog pose.

Xenofos tilts his head sightly and returns the stare.

“Sup?” Berra asks.

“Yes. I am mad at you, too. Don’t make me say why. I am more angry at myself and feel the urge to just hurt everyone around.” His tone is icy.

“Nono. We need to talk, then. Because I need to know.” She looks away. “An’ I should have kicked off yesterday, no matter what.”

“Please, just go away now” He sheaths his sword and rubs his brow.

Berra falls back to rotate as she hits the ground and comes up facing another direction entirely. She goes off in search of something, but whatever it is, it’s not Xenofos.

Some time later, Varanis and Sorala return to camp. The Vingans are talking rapidly in Esrolian, making plans for the day.

Berra ends up looking for Irillo, asking around after him with the Esrolians, and making sure they all know who he is, as she does so.

When Varanis returns Xenofos stands up and asks if she has time now.

His cousin nods. “Walk? Or just here? Mellia and Lenta may still be sleeping.”

Xenofos looks at the tent and then around. “I would rather walk, milady.”

Varanis nods and waves Sorala off. “I’ll check in with you again after you speak to Irillo,” she tells the other Vingan. To Xenofos, she says, “Shall we walk the perimeter?”

He nods and the two walk away.

  • 1
    and Mellia -V
  • 2
    Oops, Xenofos fails Truth and Love Berra at the same time
  • 3
    she passed insight and noted the icy politeness in Xenofos tone