In Argrath’s Camp 1

Xenofos — In Argraths Camp 1


After meeting first Argrath and then Roneer at [[[xenofos:meeting-with-the-straw-weavers]]] [[[s02:session-46|Session 46]]]


Xenofos is walking away from the camp of the Straw weaver bisons, holding his helmet on his arm and brow in deep furrows.

“Xenofos!” His cousin’s voice calling to him.

Scribe shakes his head and starts looking around as woken from deep thoughts.

“Varanis.” scholar nods when he sees the Vingan.

She’s walking with Rajar, but she waves the big man onwards and breaks off to join her cousin. “You looked lost in thought. Everything ok?”

“What, yes. I think so. I heard tidings from the Straw weavers” flicker of sadness, happiness and confusion alternate on Xenofos’ face. “Eiritha has blessed them in these past seasons.”

“That is good news, then. But, something else?” She falls into step beside him. “Want to talk about it?”

“Old Majaro has passed to halls of Ty Kora Tek.” He shrugs “But he was old and had lived a full life. That is the way…”

She nods.

“Ernalda has blessed Neela, so life goes on.” he looks ahead as he says that. There is a wistful smile on his face.

“Oh?” Varanis looks curious. “When will her baby come?”

“I don’t know, Roneer did not say.” Scribe answers.

Thoughtfully, she murmurs, “Interesting. What will you do?”

“They said she was visited by Najeem and blessed by Ernalda after that. ” He gestures with his hand “What can I do? Roneer said that is the way. And in land of Imarja Ernalda carries the child and tells who the father is and that is the way.”

“It could very well be Najeem’s. But…. if the babe looks like you?”

“Najeem was her husband, passed away when Orgfal was one” Xenofos explains, looking at Varanis sideways.

“And? Spirits can be powerful entities, Xeno. You know that.”
She shrugs. “Besides, a babe belongs to her mother.”

“Quite. I was a bit rude already when I asked if she said it is Najeem’s offspring or if that was just warriors talking at a fire.” He combs his hair with his fingers. “I just… it is great news whoever is the father…”

“You could send gifts, if you wanted.” 1 ((Homeland lore? Both Varanis and Xenofos know that in Esrolia, at least, it is common for a man to send gifts to an expectant woman, even if they have no formal arrangement. The child belongs to the mother’s family, but a man who may have helped make the child possible can send a gift of celebration.

He nods and answers slowly “I could if she was Esrolian. Not if she had said the child was sired by a spirit though…”

“Do you know if she said that or if people do?” Varanis shrugs. “You have to decide for yourself. You could always visit her and decide then.”

“I don’t know if she said it. I asked and Roneer just said it is the way.” He shakes his head “I don’t know if she said it, I don’t know what it means in Prax. And I don’t know if I have the time to visit her. I know I should talk with her.”

“Agreed. Let’s see how things play out for us over the next season or so. Perhaps we’ll find our way back to Prax.”

He looks at the banners over the walls of Alda-Chur. “I don’t know if I have a season or a week or a day to think about this, Ranie.”

“I know. But what other choices are there?”

He looks beyond the walls. “The choice to wait and maybe leave this unadressed. The choice to send a maybe intrusive gift. Choice to leave something behind with instructions that it be delivered if I am not able to do that myself. Choice to be made with incomplete knowledge in any case.” His brow furrows. “I could perhaps try to get more knowledge on the customs of the Straw weavers on this.”

“Seek out knowledge? What a novel idea!” The Vingan’s tone is gently teasing. “Maybe ask Valseena?”

“I was thinking Rajar. But he would probably advise more beer.” He nods “Yes, Valseena is more likely know the customs of this kind.”

“You didn’t happen to see Dakajeel over there, did you?” Varanis asks casually.

“Who? Oh, him. No, I can’t say I did.” Xenofos answers absentmindedly.

“But the camp is veritable maze…”

There’s another shrug, as if to say that the answer didn’t really matter anyway. “I was going to go visit with Rajar, but I think maybe I should do that later. I know Berra has our people in hand, but… I need to go see how they are doing.”

Xenofos nods.
It is unclear if he heard her though.

She clasps his shoulder briefly, then walks off in the direction of the Esrolian camp.