A Ride

Xenofos — A Ride

????, Earth Season, Fertility Week


Earth Season, Fertility Week, Godday. It is the Holy Day of Lhankor Mhy, and Xenofos should be at Temple. [[[s02:session-9|Session 9]]]


Godday, Fertility week, Earth season.

After breakfast Xenofos gets presentable in the baths. Servants may note him whistling a Heortling tune. When ready, he walks with springy steps past Varanis’ rooms. He pauses for a moment, raises his hand to door frame, hesitates, shakes his head, does not knock and continues his way.

Accompanied with a guard he rides briskly out of the Gate of Harmony following the road northward. Lyxos glistens far on his right hand sides, beyond the golden wheat fields. Swallows are flying low over the fields. Road is filled with wagons overflowing with produce, bounty of Ernalda making its way to Nochet.

Getting impatient with the sedentary pace the traffic forces him into, Xenofos gets off the road, rushing past vineyards and orchards. In afternoon he lets his horse rest and graze for a while, while scribbling something into his notebook in shadow of an ancient olive tree. Guard uses the pause to trade some food and wine from nearby peasants, who are eager to hear news of Nochet. Xenofos just drinks a bit of springwater and mounts his horse, forcing the guard to abruptly finish his meal and rush after the erratic nobleman who is quickly disappearing towards Nochet in a cloud of dust.

Just before the gates are closed for night the riders return to palazzo. Covered in dust and with horses sweaty and pretty exhausted.