Songbird Wakes

Mellia — Songbird Wakes

????, Earth Season, Season/Fertility Week


1626 Earth Season/Fertility Week/Godday/late morning at the Great Hospital. [[[s02:session-9|Session 9]]]


After discussing the torcs, Mellia dutifully reports to hospital to attend to her duties. Initiate Janina is ready to cheerfully brief her.

“Ah, Mellia, there is a note for you with instructions about a case.”

“Would you be a dear and read it for me?” Mellia smiles winningly at Janina.

“Why of course dear. The patient taken in on Windsday is ready to be waken up.”

“I’ll go do that,” Mellia says. She leaves before she has to endure much more of Janina.

“Do remember he is in a very weak state and may be delirious after such long sleep.” Good advice in friendly voice follows Mellia to the corridor.

Mellia remembers that as she goes to the young man’s room. Once there, she gently wakes the young man. “Good morning! Please don’t try to move just yet.”

For a while nothing happens. Spirit of the young man is roaming far.
Bandages have been removed from his face. The cheeks are slightly asymmetrical after the healing magic, but the youth still looks handsome. One might say beautiful.
After a time it takes to say Chalana’s blessing time his eyes open and Mellia looks into pale blue depths.

Mellia smiles kindly at the young man. “Good morning,” she repeats. “You’re a very lucky young man. You’re in the Great Hospital.”

He tries to say something.
At first words refuse to come out. All he gets out is torturous croaking.

Mellia will help him drink some water. “We had to keep you asleep for a few days.”

” Va-crah- ran- crah is?”

“Varanis? Is that what you are trying to say?”

Man looks disoriented but nods. Lay healer swipes his brow with a moistened towel.

“Ah. My cousin Varanis is just fine. I am Lady Mellia Saiciae. Here, sip more water. Your injuries were so great we feared disease demons might be living in your stomach.”

The pale blue eyes try to register his environs.

“Hospital? ” Word is croaked.

Mellia repeats, “You are in the Great Hospital.”

Youth tries to rise to sitting position.

Mellia gently pushes him down. “No, don’t try to get up. You are lucky to be alive.”

He is weak as an alynx kitten.

Mellia smiles gently down at the young man. “You need rest. Your options are sleep or chicken broth.”

Cough. Grimace. ” Broth” cough. ” Please?”

“Don’t try to talk,” Mellia advises. “Your throat needs to soak up liquid and heal a bit more. There may be scarring.” Mellia briskly tells the lay member, “Very carefully feed him a cup of chicken broth, then get him to sleep. No visitors other than his parents.”

Another layhealer arrives and tells Varanis of house Saiciae wishes to see the patient.

Mellia studies her patient. Can he handle seeing Varanis?

His face lights up when he hears the lay healer and he tries to sit up.

“Five minutes,” Mellia says sternly. “Lie back down. I want you sleeping afterwards.” Mellia turns to the lay member. “And tell my cousin that I want to talk to her after she sees him.”

“Varanis” croaks the blond youth.

Continued in Seeds of Doubt