Mellia Muses on Kallyr Starbrow’s Gift

Mellia — Mellia Muses Land


1626, after Session 27

We are in trouble.

It’s true, matters could be worse. We could be imprisoned, or Kallyr might have decided to assassinate us. Instead, we told the truth, reassured Kallyr Starbrow and I suspect at least one of my friends sent up a prayer to the gods. Kallyr Starbrow greeted Varanis as kinswoman, made her a thane and gave all of us land. Are we not all richly gifted?

It is a gift with wolf’s teeth.

Varanis will need to grow into her new role. We will all need to grow and learn. Now I wish I had been taught by Mother how to manage tenants and farms. I am not certain Mother would advise me now. She’d probably get me to give the land to my older sister Breda.

So much land! Two hides each! Serala and Rajar traded theirs to me for free healing always. Six hides of land! Enough for my very own temple!

A temple, but fewer friends.

Rajar and Serala do not want to stay here. I don’t think Nala and Tiwr will either, even though Tiwr has sired an entire herd of descendants. Berra longs to go kill the Lunars.

We could hire stewards to manage things and we could leave. Yet the tenants have a claim on us, especially Varanis, for leadership, protection and service. If we fail in that duty, Kallyr Starbrow, or the Queen of the Colymar, will have the right and duty to take back the land and give it to someone worthier.

We dare not sell the land. Kallyr would fly into a rage at the insult. Sartar is too central to this part of Glorantha. We pass through Sartar all the time.

I have long allowed the White Lady to lead me. If this is where She wants me to be, I am content. I will miss Nochet, my family, the Great Hospital, young Jenn and especially my friends. I will find a way to manage.

What the land needs is tenants to farm it and tend the trees. Tenants will not come if they feel they would be in danger. Does not Orlanth protect His people? Does not Humakt act as champion? One would think Varanis and Berra would be thrilled.

White Lady, I know this is really not Your job, but please help me find a way forward for us all.

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