Wolf Prayer

Berra — Wolf 01



After the Heroquest of the Rescue of Voria, Berra as Humakt had to pay the price of having allowed Death to be cheated. [[[s01:session-26|Session 26]]]


Grim guised wolf warrior, Death Dealer
Here hear her halting held hunger
Satisfied self Swallowed separated Spent soul
Nothing needing Now next Narrow necessity
Fail faith Fervour flamed Form fled


Humakt, wolf and master of wolf, who brings Death as a rune and by force of arms
I, who have been the wolf, hold that within me. It hurts.
I was replete, and my duty was before me, and so it was done, and I am done.
I wish for nothing more, but any challenge-path you place before me, I will walk.
Humakt allowed escape from Death, and I left the wolf-body.