Ducking the Subject

Berra — Meditations 01



Berra is not good at staying still with a calm mind. After [[[s01:session-26|session 26]]], she attempts to settle down to meditation she did not do before going to Nochet.


Can an animal have a different-gendered spirit? Could a horse be Heleran or Nandan? Do you keep your eye-patch on purpose, to help you be taken seriously? You don’t come from a warrior family, do you?

1) Yeth, if it’s intelligent.
2) Yeth, and I’ve been busy.
3) No.

. o O ( It is unseemly to grin at a Duck’s pride. )
. o O ( And he is in front of me. )
. o O ( But he’s so earnest and obviously deadly… )
. o O ( … which I didn’t realise the first time I met him. )
. o O ( And I should probably mention that. )
. o O ( Yet for some reason, meditation is suddenly feeling like a good idea. )
Will you teach me the Protection spell?
. o O ( Damnit. )
. o O ( Coward. )

1) One thing at a time.

. o O ( Don’t ask about Bladesharp. Don’t ask about Bladesharp. )
. o O ( For one thing, he already answered. Weeks ago. )
Am I holding my hands right? Should I be relaxing my shoulders more? Should I be engaging my mind more?

1) Yeth.
2) Yeth.
3) No.

Should I be engaging my mind less?

1) Yeth.

… How?

1) Be the thord. Feel the God. Flow where He taketh you.

. o O ( Arooooo? )
Um…. w-wolf Humakt, or not wolf Humakt?

1) Sword Humakt.

Is this only the fourth day? Are rocks still not an option? If I’m moving with the God, that doesn’t mean I can perform sword exercises in my head, does it?

Is this the fifth day? If Irillo arrives again, will you let me know? Did I remember breakfast? I can’t remember if I remembered breakfast.

Are you hungry? Is the chalk mark smudged? How about the charcoal one? They look different to yesterday. Are they different? Can I eat something please?

Is this the last day? Does that make any difference? Is it Chant of Blades day? Should I feel tired? Should I feel like I’m floating? Did everything just get really small? Oh, like this?

Berra bows from meditation position to the Duck. “Thank you for your patience, Sword Lord.*

1) You are improving. Thtick with it.

Berra manages not to smile too much. And then gets the hell out of that place of horror.

Aaand, a few minutes later is back… “Um, Sword Lord?”

1) Yeth?

“Would you scar an Earth Rune on my back?”

1) Why?

“A focus for the spell. I need something to remind me.”

1) Sshure.