I’m Humakti

Berra — Varanis And The Box 03



Behind Berra’s eyes as she talks to Varanis in the previous scene. Spoilery for Berra’s inner thoughts. [[[s01:session-25|Session 25]]]


Do not rise to this. Do not. Nala is a good person even if she does not understand the importance of not getting in my field of view.

And she doesn’t understand why a bodyguard is alert after the attack as well.

But if Varanis does not show her some respect there may be an incident.

And not with Nala if she calls people savages again. People call me a savage. How can she not know?

Walking up and down time, I think.

If he can be calm, I can be calm.

*small smile*

Damn, I miss him.

But not too much because that would be showing favour and that’s unHumakti.

Right. Calm again. Settle down. Back to the talking.

What do I say?????? Varanis needs a path built and I’m not a Mostali. Or Aldryami. Or anyone who … that broke down a bit.

What am I?

“I’m Humakti.”