Mellia — Wife

????, Storm Season, Disorder Week


Storm Season, Disorder Week, Windsday. [[[s02:session-24|Session 24]]]



Mellia nods in acceptance of her task and looks around for Aelna.

The lady of the house is not about, but Silor says, “She’s weaving. Her loom’s in the room almost this size on the other side of the house.” His house is of course – like many Cinder Fox dwellings – two houses made into one by adding walls and knocking through doorways.

Mellia thanks Silor and goes to Aelna.

The hall on the other side of the house is a little smaller, but has far more people in it – thralls are grinding grain, a couple of women are talking as they spin linen, and three toddlers who think they have escaped from their minder are investigating a door, while the teen girl in charge of them stays at a distance.

Aelna is at her loom, weaving a complicated pattern into what will probably be a cloak.

Mellia politely asks, “Good morning, Lady Aelna. Might we speak as you work? That is a beautiful pattern.”

“Thank you,” she says. “I prefer to be silent when working with something like this, but I could take a break.” Aelna gets up and stretches out a little. “I have just finished a band of four – these.” She indicates a coloured bar that looks like a flame going across the fabric.

Mellia says, “You are a great weaver. I will never be able to do that. May I ask you a question?”

“Of course.” Aelna flexes her hands and winces a little, stretching out the right.

“Is all well with your marriage, Lady Aelna? I apologize if that is too personal.”

Aelna is a lot taller than Mellia, and looks down at her for a moment. “Well. It’s good to come right out and say it. My husband left me for over a season, and he is ignoring me today. A woman loves to be loved, and I have spent much time in his company. I’ve… had enough of him thinking of Sartar more than he thinks of me.”

“I may have a similar problem with Venlar some day. Is there a way to mend matters?”

Aelna gives Mellia a careful look. “I’m his wife, important to him, and yet he has asked his sons and his brother for advice, but… he does not remember to value me for body or mind. My mind is not entirely made up, but he… he is a good man who is doing good things. Yet here I am weaving and he has not come to me himself. Somehow he has arranged for you instead, treating me as one of his campaigns. His wife.” Her face is calm, but sad.

“He said he loves you. Surely there is a way. “

“It begins with him, Lady Mellia. Why did he send you? What is so important today that he does not visit the Temple – or me?”

“He is preparing to dispense justice, Lady Aelna. I sent me to you. I can return to him, if you want.”

“You sent yourself. After talking with him. I have had long enough of that happening. Of subtlety. You may find one day his son does the same, but perhaps he will have the grace not to.”

Mellia is thoughtful. “I think Venlar would send poetry instead. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“The only help is help that he can give, and he has chosen not to.” Aelna shakes her head. “I should get in with my work.”

“I have learned something important. Thank you.”

She gives a smile. “My house is your house.”

Mellia curtsies and returns to the great hall.