Mellia — Chief

????, Storm Season, Disorder Week


Storm Season, Disorder Week, Windsday. [[[s02:session-24|Session 24]]]

Contains political spoilers


There, Silor is on his throne, talking to a man seated in a chair that has been put down next to him. Chairs are a mark of status here, where most people have stools.

Mellia wonders who that is, since it’s not Eril.

The man seems to be an Orlanthi, red-headed and young, athletic; a warrior, no doubt. He is speaking loudly enough for the occasional word or phrase to drift over. “Utmost import… must… you see?”

Silor’s expression is of a man trying to think things through as he follows along.

Mellia is confused. Without disrupting the proceedings, she would try to get closer.

Up close, she can hear the discussion more easily.

“I follow what you are saying, but so am unconvinced that it will help,” Silor is saying. “Let me explain why… I believe that a clan raid should be dealt with at the clan level, and to lend inter-clan aid is to admit to weakness there. But of course we could patrol unofficially – no doubt there would be a chance to see the world outside the Tula…”

“I want to see friendship, Silor, not words about fear.”

“But the friendship will bring down other friends if we shout it. But a dozen of my men, all volunteers? I am sure I can find that.”

“A… dozen?” The younger man is taken aback. “A dozen would be helpful…”

“Volunteers. Swords have names more often than shields do, but a friend’s shield can overlap in the melee press. I protect you, you protect all your friends. And we keep the names of our swords, swift anger and true striking, for our own enemies and our own fame.”

And Silor has persuaded the young noble, at least for the moment. There are thanks, and they stand to embrace each other.

Mellia sighs. More surgery.

Silor gives Mellia a nod as the young man walks away. “Well, that is most of the morning for me now. Finding volunteers and talking to the raiders’ clan.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Silor considers briefly. “I need to know which of the Copperheads is being more aggressive than usual. I can find out easily enough by listening to their songs, but you could speed that up. It’s important not to ask directly, though.”

“I am not good at indirect. I leave being indirect to Cousin Dormal. I am sorry.”

“Then the best thing you can do is be yourself, and go heal others. If you’re looking to welcome Eril, my brother is currently taking a little time for meditation, and I’ll be welcoming him a little after Yelmrule. He’s got to have a decent audience, and that way I can give others a midday meal.”

Mellia nods. “I do want to welcome Eril. Thank you. I will return before Yelmrule if I can.” She goes to the shrine to help those who need healing, for the morning.