Mellia — Uncle

????, Storm Season, Disorder Week


Storm Season, Disorder Week, Clayday. Mellia has made friends with the one thing in the house almost as vegetarian as she is. [[[s02:session-24|Session 24]]]


Mellia thanks the cat for the carrot.

Mellia will try feeding the cat bites of vegetables.

The cat tends to nibble and then drop bits, like it is feeding her. Venlar says quietly, “She hardly ever feeds people.”

Mellia is impressed and eats the food.

Halfway through the meal, the cat freezes still just as Venlar gets up to go to the window, saying, “That horse sounds odd…” His room overlooks the front courtyard, although he has told his father he does not intend to jump out again, and that was just enthusiasm.

The cat is also looking towards the window.

Mellia will go look out the window.

“Oh, it’s a big horse. Right.” Venlar puts an arm around Mellia as she gets to the window, where the cat is already lying in wait to pounce.

The gate guard is letting Lord Eril into the courtyard, and the horse is indeed big – tall enough to carry a man over six feet tall. “My uncle!” Venlar tenses. “He… oh, yes. You met him.”

The cat has frozen in position, staring.

“Yes, I did. I don’t think he is here to thank me for sewing him up.”

Eril waits in the courtyard, but his gaze takes in the window where they watch.

Insight: The man in black takes a little too long to look at Mellia and Venlar, and it is just possible he is surprised.

“Hmm. I hope Eril isn’t about to tell us we aren’t safe in Sartar.”

“He’d send someone for that?” Venlar suggests. “Unless he is coming for another reason too.” He leans out a little, hand on the window frame, to watch as his father comes out to greet the guest. “Huh. Yes. Of course they would.”

“This is going to be interesting.”

Silor nods, formally, “Lord Eril. Welcome to my house. Please accept my hospitality.”

Eril’s bow from the waist is shallow, but he holds it for a moment, a sort of extended nod. “Lord of Cracks-rock. Thank you; I accept such.”

Then Silor sweeps in to enfold Eril in a hug; Eril manages to keep his right arm free, and even pats him on the back as Silor says, “Brother! I missed you. Welcome back!” He tries to hold Eril’s shoulders to take a look at him, and Eril lets that happen, but says something quietly, and Silor steps away.

Insight: both of them seem happy to be there, although in Eril’s case this is difficult to tell from being clinically dead.

Mellia decides to stay quiet and just smile.

“Good for tomorrow?” Silor asks as they walk towards the door. The cat launches itself, and manages to clip Eril on the way down, but impacts on the floor.1Eril fails Scan, cat fumbles an arbitrary Jump roll, and GM laughs out loud.

“Yes,” says Eril lightly, and looks down at the cat, as Silor stands in surprise, then also looks down.

Mellia watches, hoping Eril won’t kill the cat.

The Humakti Lord bends down, and pulls his sleeve up slightly so as not to get hair on it, scoops up the cat, and speaks a spell. There is a fractional pause, and then Silor suggests, “Try that again?”

Eril gives him a narrow-eyed look. “Of course.” Then he casts it again, and the cat licks his hand. He holds onto his dignity, hands the cat to Silor, and gestures towards the door as if to have it be opened.

Silor gets the door for him.

“Mmm…” Venlar looks perplexed.

Mellia shrugs.

“His spell failed. Do you think he’s well?”

“That sometimes happens to everyone.”

“I… it happens to me a lot. You’re right. Silly cat, though.”

“Silly cat.”

“We could go down and greet him, but he’s a guest of my father and this seems official.”

“It does seem official. Eril may not be High Sword, but he is probably close to whoever is. We will have to find out what is going on later.”

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    Eril fails Scan, cat fumbles an arbitrary Jump roll, and GM laughs out loud.