Daughter In Law

Mellia — Daughter In Law

????, Storm Season, Disorder Week


Storm Season, Disorder Week, Clayday [[[s02:session-24|Session 24]]]


After about an hour, with Venlar writing out a bit of music and humming a lot and stopping to look lovingly at Mellia, there is a knock on his doorframe, and Thenaya looks into the room. To Mellia, she looks very upset.1Successful Insight (Human). She gives Venlar a tiny nod. “Your father wishes to talk to you, lord.”

Venlar stands up, and says, “Of course,” and goes without apparently noticing Thenaya is miserable.

Thenaya goes away having given her message.

Mellia chases Thenaya, planning to comfort her.

Thenaya is walking away, holding herself under control.

“Mother? What is wrong?”

Thenaya takes a deep breath, and turns to Mellia. “He didn’t know me. He… Eril… just walked past. It’s fine – I just need a moment.” She blinks back tears.

Mellia hugs Thenaya. “That’s very strange, although I can guess why.”

Thenaya nods, a tiny movement, as she holds on to Mellia. “I felt him die again. Silor…. I should have known. Only I could hope, until now.”

Mellia hugs her and nods.

After a while, feet sound on the stairs and Venlar comes up. Thenaya straightens up and gives him a pinch on the cheek, to his evident confusion.

“I have a room here tonight,” she says. “I will be fine and all will be fine. Thank you, Mellia dear.”

“You’re welcome,” Mellia says after she lets go of Thenaya. “Venlar, what did your father say?”

Venlar hesitates and watches Thenaya walk away. “He told me to take care of mama,” is the quiet reply. “I think he sent her for me to get her out of the room.”

“I think the demon took more of Eril than I thought.”

“Father says she needs me. Just to talk to. To be there.” Venlar looks at the way Thenaya went. “But she seemed alright to me.”

“No, she needs you. Eril doesn’t remember her.”

Venlar’s expression passes through confusion to amazement and worry in a few moments. “But… everyone tells us how close they were. Even now, they still do.” He lifts his hands and looks at them for a moment and then prods at the scar on his face with a fingertip. “She… oh Orlanth help me be persuasive I will need it.” He swallows nervously, sets his shoulders, and follows his mother.

Mellia lets Venlar go comfort his mother. Mellia will wander around seeking people who need healing.

Within the house, there is nobody who needs her. Aelna, Silor’s wife, is in residence, and greets her formally, polite to a prospective daughter in law.

Eril and Silor are in the biggest room of the house, the main downstairs area, deep in a discussion which is complicated enough that Silor has called for a map.

The cat is lying on the table, and has killed a cabbage for them.

The local shrine might be able to find a use for Mellia; the usual sorts of problems present themselves.

Mellia would come home well before dark.

Silor and Eril now have more maps, wine, and an eviscerated cabbage spread all over the floor. The cat is asleep by Eril’s chair. He is not exactly pointedly ignoring it, but he is sitting so that it cannot drape itself over his feet.

Venlar has left a note for her. It says ‘I love you. I am with Mama,’ in carefully clear writing.

Mellia goes in search of Venlar and Thenaya.

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