Of Cabbages and Queens

Mellia — Cabbage Queen

????, Sea Season

1626, Sea Season, after [[[berra:blue-tree-clan-tattoo-04 |Roots]]].

Our heroes begin in the village hall of Blue Tree Village.

Xenofos has had quiet discussion going on with Berra and Varanis during the evening. At some point he will approach Mellia “A word with You cousin if You please.”

Mellia smiles at Xenofos. “Of course, cousin. Would you like to stay in here, or shall we go for a walk?”

“Short walk might be good, after the riding”
Xenofos casually picks a javelin when going out.

“Then let’s walk,” Mellia says. She doesn’t pick up a weapon on the way out.

“Are You planning on staying with Varanis here?”

“I am planning on staying, yes. I feel responsible for these people. They didn’t ask for me and I didn’t ask for them, but thanks to Kallyr Starbrow, we are stuck with each other.”

“Oh yes, the royal gift. On lands of queen of Colymar.”

“It will be interesting to see how Her Majesty of Colymar reacts to this,” Mellia agrees. “All I know is that if we get rid of the land, or fail to care for its people, Kallyr will throw a screaming fit.”

“Did the short humakti hint to You of becoming member of the clan here?”

Mellia nods. “I think of it as forging a clan alliance.”

” Might make excellent sense for our cousin Varanis but I would rather not go native on a whim.”

“Hmm,” Mellia muses. “Too bad there isn’t enough time to write to Grandmother Saiciae and get her opinion.”

“I wil stay around to help cousin Varanis. That is what Grandmother sent me to do – and that I promised cousin Varanis too. But I am trying to figure out what rest of the clan and all these foreigners are upto. “

“Kallyr is up to making certain we support her,” Mellia answers.

“I am not sure if that is the true point of this gift. But outwardly it would seem Varanis might by honorbound.”

“Varanis is honor-bound,” Mellia says. “We all are.”

“Well the Grazelander and Praxians quite deftly shed themselves of ties of Earth”

Mellia comments, “They have an excuse and had better not be planning to return to Sartar.”

“I will not pledge myself to Kallyr either. At least not directly, only through service to Varanis. I think even these barbarians have concept of weaponthains or something.”

Mellia nods.

” … And queen of Colymar might argue that lands in Colymar require service to her, not Prince of Sartar. Would be interesting case of native customs except being personally involved.”

“It’ll be interesting anyway, just painful.”

“Have You talked with Irillo or Dormal? Dormal was talking of some task south of Nochet, but I don’t see any way of leaving Varanis now.”

Mellia admits, “I have not. I want to ask Irillo some questions. I don’t think Dormal can get to south of Nochet and back before Fire Season. I think we’ll be asked to fight the Lunars in Fire Season.”

The two walked in silence for a while, then Mellia returned to the village hall.

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