In Nochet XI

Mellia — In Nochet Xi

1627, Fire Season, Disorder Week


Fire Season, Disorder Week, Freezeday. Mellia now has guards on her to stop Venlar from stealing her. [[[s02:session-41|Session 41]]]


With three men trailing after her, and Yelnor going first through each door, getting aroudn the house takes a little more time than it otherwise would. Eranda is free about a third of an hour later, when she comes briskly into the room and asks, “Ah! What’s to do?”

Mellia replies, “Thanks for coming, Captain. Venlar is taking the ban on private meetings as a challenge. He might even try to steal me. I need to be guarded at all times.”

Eranda looks at the four spearmen. “You’re not here to ask advice about taking extra husband-protectors, I suppose?”

Mellia says, “There’re places that these people can’t go. I need a few female guards who won’t need to chop Venlar up.”

“You should have married someone else before finding the troublesome one,” Eranda says. “I suppose they can’t be Death cultists, so that means freeing up a Vingan or a …. no, not an axe maiden. We’ll see who’s rostered on with the Hundreds right now – send in any women and give them a man to give them sloppy habits for a bit. That won’t happen until tomorrow, though.”

“Thanks, Captain.”

Mellia goes to her room. She will send a message to Erna to come visit and a second message to the Great Hospital to explain things.

There is already a letter waiting for her, in Venlar’s handwriting.

Mellia eagerly reads it!

Venlar, whose heart beats faster at your name, to Mellia, most generous of women,

My love,

I who have snatched only the briefest glimpse of your lips am captivated by them, and capture a dozen kisses in this letter, to send their way. The barest hint of your breasts, I send a dozen more. As for the delights that you keep hidden, I do nothing, for your frown is the greatest guardian of all, more fierce than lions.

Command me only to wrestle such a wild beast for you, and I will, winning over in your name, by my strength. I wait on your word, only give me deeds to do.

Mellia writes back.

My love,
I love you more than tongue can tell. I long for your touch.
Our separation is part of the wedding ritual. I do my best to bear it, knowing we will soon be joined forever.
I have no mighty deed for you to perform. Perhaps we could meet in a bit? With the guards, of course.

The return reply is a poem,

I walk on pale sand
footprints before me
my own behind

Ahead is the hut of a fair woman I know
full of good cookery and joy
and she knows my name

I am free to speak, of course. Jengharl has helped me scrape off the blue, and I am a polite, well-presented man, with silk twists on the edge of his tunic. Would you care for a walk in the gardens or the city? My brother will send guards he speaks for.

Mellia sends back that she prefers the gardens.

A few minutes after that, there is a knock at the door – a house messenger to ask if the Lady Mellia is free to meet the Lord Venlar.

Mellia answers that she is free.

Mellia sees to guards then sees Venlar