In Nochet X

Mellia — In Nochet X

1627, Fire Season, Disorder Week


Fire Season, Disorder Week, Freezeday. Mellia needs to plot not being kidnapped by Venlar for what might be a very long time for the young man. [[[s02:session-41|Session 41]]]


Mellia: Mellia hurries off to change and thinks. Would Erna make a good chaperone, or should she get one of the Babeester Gori?

Erna was certainly taken with the description of him, and thrilled by the idea of heroquesting. A guard would be more professional, but there is the chance she might defend too hard.

Well, Erna has to be invited over anyway. Perhaps the head of the guard can advise Mellia.

She has a choice of Eranda or Serzeen, depending on the definition of ‘guard’.

Mellia will try Serzeen first.

Serzeen is at the guard post where she might be expected. Either the old injury or a new one means there is a walking stick next to her, and she does not stand up when Mellia comes in. “White Lady. How can I help you?”

“Lady Serzeen, my beloved wants to steal me away. I find myself in need of a guardian who will stop him without seriously hurting him.”

Her expression changes from polite to thoughtful. “I… see. Not my main strength, but I have a few people who are solid enough. If he hurts my guards, though, he’s broken hospitality. And if he steals you against your will that will be the smallest of his problems.”

Mellia adds, “He desperately wants to see me alone. This is not permitted, of course.”

“We can guard you from him,” she says carefully. “But you can’t ask a protector-avenger not to avenge. The goddess is great. I’m going to say you should have Orlanthi and Yelmalians. That way we don’t have a big political problem instead of a marriage.” She leans over far enough to wave for the attention of one of the guards on duty. “Yelnor? Go get the spear-bearers. One of you with the lady at all times in public, whether she tries to dismiss you or not. Check her room before she goes in.”

Mellia says, “I will need someone at my side at all times. Do we have any Vingans up to the task?”

“Mostly we have men,” Serzeen admits. “Hiring anyone new because we can’t control a man in our house would be a bad look. Eranda might have someone she can think of, but that’s going to be coming from the central bodyguards.”

Mellia says, “As soon as one of the spearman’s ready, I’ll talk to Eranda. Thanks, Lady Serzeen.”

A few minutes later, Yelnor comes back to introduce three other Yelmalians; Vontor, Delanos, and Thristo. “Know them by sight,” Serzeen advises. “And if anyone else arrives instead, even with them, then there’s trouble.” The four men look at her in what could be shock or amusement or irritation.

Mellia tells the spear men, “Venlar is taking the ban on private contact as a challenge. He might go so far as to steal me away. Your job is to stop him without hurting him.”

“He’ll be warned not to hurt you either,” Serzeen adds.

The four nod, taking that in. Yelnor asks, “This is the man who stole you before, right?”

Mellia nods.

He lets the other spearmen know, “That time, he used Flight to take her up and away.”

“You’re not allowed to tie her down,” Serzeen points out.

“This time, I won’t agree to be stolen.”

“That does make it easier on me,” Serzeen says almost lazily. Her hand does not quite reach her axe, but she does put it closer, where she could do so.

Mellia says, “Let’s go see Eranda now.”

As they go out, Yelnor tells the men, “Delanos, with me. Thristo and Vontor, you get to start taking time off as soon as we’ve talked to Captain Eranda.”

Mellia smiles and goes to Eranda.

Mellia sees to being guarded