Chalana Arroy Aches

Mellia — Chalana Arroy Aches

????, Fire Season, Season/Truth Week


1626 Fire Season/Truth Week/Freezeday?/? – this is in Hell during the Lightbringers’ Quest, so Time really doesn’t exist. This is specifically during Mellia’s participation in that quest. [[[s01:session-45|Session 45]]]


Ow. Ow, ow, ow. I hurt. Who was that man with the hole in his chest and why did he beat me up?

I hurt. Let me concentrate. Ah, that’s better. Except for… my kidney?

I can’t see it. I can’t reach it.

Let me try again. No, still can’t heal it. Why not?

Since I can’t see or reach the wound, I need to use my magic on it. Still not working.

Maybe I’ll just lie here. No, I have lost too much time. I must move forward and find Yelm. Can I get up without tearing my wound wide open?

I must. The world needs Yelm too badly.

Maybe one of the others can follow directions and stitch me up. Perhaps Lhankor Mhy or Eurmal. I’ve certainly cured enough of Eurmal’s hangovers. He owes me.

Must move. Where is Yelm’s burning blood?