On The Road

Berra — On The Road 01

????, Fire Season, Movement Week


Fire Season, Movement Week, Clayday [[[s01:session-40|Session 40]]]

After [[[finarvi:farewell-to-arms|speaking to Finarvi about Separation and finding the important part of the task]]], Berra turns that question on herself.


Separation. What is important?
What is the task?

Two tasks. Heroquests. This, and Varanis. So if I have said ‘this’ then that’s the one to look at.

It’s not what I want. It’s what the right thing to do is. The High Sword hid a thing. And told nobody. He probably wants it to remain hidden.

But does that mean out of his control, or out of everyone’s? I should ask him.

Xenofos should write to him. Xenofos? Maybe Irillo. Irillo. And quickly. Send the message with people who know what happened. Report to my High Sword.

(A brief interlude in the White Grape sees Berra’s Darkness Rune freezing, and she passes out, forgetting to tell Irillo this until they are all on the road.)

Yelm has been up for a couple of hours, climbing steadily, strongly towards his ruling position.

Berra, up at the front, hands over Road to be lead by Salid and stops to wait, off the road rather than on it. As Irillo gets closer she does not step towards him, but does keep pace without exactly keeping him company.

The mule ambles on, without any significant input from its rider. They are clear indications it feels it knows the way. Or thinks it does. Berra gets a little look, then a nod.

Berra waits until the mule and she are pretty much level before she says, “I forgot to say in the inn. You should tell the High Sword. Write to him.”

“Yes. I probably should. Any thoughts of what to say?”

“Er, the truth?” Berra shrugs, Esrolian-style. “I don’t know. This has never happened to me before. But, um, if you don’t then he won’t have the best information. If there’s anything you can’t tell us, his Excellency might need to know. Tell him I forgot to tell you to write – that will give him someone to aim at.”

“Mmmm. Not sure about that. But yes, he needs to know what’s happening. Not least, in case he’s experiencing odd things. Or he’s becoming a Hero, of course.”

“If he’s dead we probably won’t get into as much trouble as if we are being used to hurt him,” Berra says. Her tone is one of happy agreement, of finding the fleecy lining. “Oh. Tell him the Iron Lord advised on how to stop the Heroquest from being broken.”

“Yes. Yes, I will.” He pulls his scroll case out, and draws a pen.