Lunar Hatred

Berra — Lunar Hatred 01

????, Fire Season, Movement Week


1626, Fire Season, Movement Week, Clayday. Berra turns her thoughts to the Empire that invaded her Kingdom. [[[s01:session-39|Session 39]]]


Other people are playing different parts. But not Irillo. He’s always Lord Eril. It’s an attack on my Lord. Through himself. By Lunars. Or by Dormal. Or just an attack. And the Lunars are the worst.

They say they come as friends. But they… they wouldn’t let Sartarites get to the healers.

That’s not a thing I can forgive them. Thieves of the Flame. Stranglers of my Kingdom. Killers of my people.

Nala said cold, and Darkness. I should be patient. But this BURNS. This is not the time for calm. This is the time to try to avoid killing people who are not Lunars. They kept the people away from the healers.

Is that why the High Sword hates Jar-Eel?

No, it’s more. I’d hate her too, if I’d had to leave my Regiment. I’d hate them all. Forever.

I do. Forever. No forgiveness for this.

Under the surface, where the waters run and you can’t see. A pool of hate. Always hidden, unless the river chooses.

Is this how Janeth Minar feels? Cold beneath? Is this how Magasta brings death? But patience. Can I even bring that to bear?

I don’t even like my High Sword. But they made him leave his Regiment. And they stopped the people from getting to healers.

So if I found the banner, would I join the Household? No. That is my Lord’s decision. He hid it. Or even destroyed it. He knows.

But I must not let it be taken from me, if I find it.

He scares me. He was my age. Young. And I couldn’t catch him. Could never match him. My age. Cut off. Alone.

I can’t hate them more. I thought I would not fear him, but I do. Not what he is. What he would do. For Sartar. To himself. What he did. How can I follow that example? Can I live up to that, ever? I don’t have to like him to think him worthy.

I can fight against the Lunars. As hard as I can. For Sartar. Against them. Do both whenever I can.

They kept people away from the healers. They invaded, and then they kept people away so their soldiers could be healed.

Only Chalana Arroy could forgive that. I can’t.