It Takes A Humakti

Berra — It Takes A Humakti

????, Fire Season, Stasis Week


Fire season, Stasis week, Windsday. Berra was captured by a troll, and things went badly for her. [[[s01:session-36|Session 36]]]


“Still wondering what exactly the troll was seeking to accomplish here…” Xenofos wonders out loud.

Berra looks at Xenofos, and goes over there. She seems resigned to everything going on, without her usual bullishness around possible danger.

What Berra says is, “He was going to make a Temple here. For the teeth. He needed to…” And she trails off.1Xenofos passes Insight human

Berra is horrified, and managing to speak anyhow. “The ritual involves beating a Humakti to death.” And oh hell she does not want to say that. It is bringing it all back.

Flared nostrils, a widening gaze. Thus, Xenofos shows his reaction.

Berra just shrugs, one-shouldered. “I’ll tell you more later.”

The Esrolian gives his cousin a squeeze on the other shoulder, the one not injured.

Berra lets that happen, but it looks a bit like it’s because her reflexes are not quite working yet.

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    Xenofos passes Insight human