Eril Vs D’Val (Round 1)

Berra — Eril Vs Dval 01



Privately, Berra asks, “Did the High Sword suggest the trolls because you’d be involved?”


“What’s the problem there?”

“Trollth killed some of my family.”

Berra nods. “Fair enough. We’ll put that later in the roster. Maybe out of the door knocking to be admitted… And… we’re going to be here for a few days. Is it the act of a coward not to sleep in the temple?”


“I… I only don’t want to go there because…. you know what, I volunteered for it. If he pushes me hard, that makes me stronger.” Berra hardly looks afraid at all.

“The underworld?”

“No, going back so he can have a target. I get the idea he doesn’t really like me much.”

Duck shrugs, “Told you not to take me ath a mentor.”

“No, you didn’t. You told me he didn’t like Ducks. You never said anything about mentors.” Berra gives him the innocent wide-eyed look of someone reminding someone else they hang on every word that someone else says.

There’s that annoying little quackie chuckle

“…Anyhow. I should sleep at the Temple for the next few days. If the High Sword is so minded, he should be able to find his initiates easily. …Unless you advise me not to.”

“No, his honour is unimpeachable.”

Berra gives a little nod. “Yes. I like that about him. He’s a great man.” A moment later she rubs at her Truth rune, thoughtfully. And a moment after that she asks, “Why do you follow him? How did that come to be?”

“I follow Humakt. He altho followth Humakt. I don’t have to like the man to see that he serveth the God to the besst of hisz vision.”

Berra nods. “Yes. You need a temple that will let you be you.” She manages to suppress a yawn, and grimaces as her ear pop. “I’m really sorry about last night, and … I didn’t know I could mess up meditation so badly.”

He shrugs, “You need the practith. But you are getting better.”

Berra only whimpers a tiny bit, and turns to her beer. Then she grins. “I’ve got a flaming sword now. Like a Duck I once met!”


I wonder how often Eril sends D’Val up to the palace. That’s a thousand steps. No wonder he was sitting down at the top.

Had –Eril– the High Sword even told the guards to expect D’Val? I mean, he’s a Rune Lord… Surely they’d let him in anyhow. Surely.

But he’s so patient. I could not be that patient. Not on his behalf anyhow. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. Or asked D’Val if I should have…

No, Eril would only blame him too, then. This was all me. I’m not having my Duck punished for my actions… wait… Everyone else could have been killed too! I mean I knew that, but still. I could have been killed too, even. And Mellia. I bet Mellia would come.

And D’Val. Just attached to a thing Eril thinks is hopeless, to put him into danger… Like when he got sent to Whitewall. And he left so fast to do his duty that he left his belongings behind. I wonder if Eril sent him without them on purpose. Wait wait wait back up, Berra. What do you mean my Duck?

He is very much his Duck.

And my Mentor.


He said so. He thinks I’m like a little Sword. Damnit. Death is still so far beyond me. Further even than Truth. I suppose it’s best that Truth leads the way.

Does he ever struggle like this? Well, not like this, but he keeps struggling. He said my questions were good for his meditation. Every time I ask him something and he says he doesn’t know…

The High Sword said he would send D’Val if we chose one of the dangerous routes. D’Val said he’d come to the Necklace. But His Excellency might decide that should not happen. Maybe I should ask D’Val if he’s free to do that. I mean, he thinks he is.

But reminding him that the High Sword could stop him would remind him to give me advice early. But he knows that. And he can write.