Flame Of Sartar – the fallout

Berra — Flame Of Sartar 03

????, Fire Season, Movement Week


Movement week of Fire Season [[[s01:session-33|Session 33]]]


Over a day since she left… Berra comes back into the White Grape. She looks tired, both in the sense of not having slept, and in the sense of physical exercise. It is almost the height of noon, and Yelm overhead has not been kind. Berra is armoured and in her padding, and faintly pink. Her hair is damp.

Finarvi is sitting on a stool with a good view of the inn’s door. He stares at Berra for a long moment, as if doubting his eyes, then stands to greet her. “Berra. Is all well?”

Berra nods. “It is.” She makes for a table, drags it towards a wall, and with a stub of charcoal from her pouch, scrawls a Death Rune over it. Then she noisily puts down a couple of chairs by it. When that is done, she glares at the only person close enough to overhear. “That means you. Other side of the room.” The man looks, gulps, and picks up his drink to get out of earshot. Berra turns to the bar. “Water for me, and beer.” And then she slumps into the chair.

Talking with Finarvi

Varanis tries to walk around

Mellia arrives