Prayer Before Travel

Berra — Prayer Before Travel 01

????, Fire Season, Harmony Week


1626, Fire Season, Harmony Week, Waterday [[[s01:session-33|Session 33]]]


Separation’s Sword, Captain Commanding Clan Cleaver
Hear her, still seated, dagger drawn.
Facing fate, self seeking honour only
Powerful protector guard guide, guide guard
War web foot fleet well ward.


Humakt, Guider of the Moment of Death and not the action of death1Or ‘the tool of death’, who is over warriors by force of personality, who destroys clans
Hear me, in meditation2Or, ‘sacrificing my need to move, to bring me closer to you’, ready3Or ‘held as a tool for others’.
I am ready to do what is required4Or ‘I wish not to be selfish, I remind myself that honour is the foundation of action’
Put your power over me, and show me the way
Protect the Lismelder Tribe and their Durulz ally-lords5Or ‘the deep place that is the entrance to the Underworld’


Humakt, you have authority over Eril my commander, who is separated from his Clan as you were
Hear me, in this tired state, pulled thin by great forces6Or ‘made stronger by the heat of the blacksmith’s fire
Those who are chosen must follow their path. Let them do well.
Let me be equal to guarding others, or give me those I can rely on7Or ‘let Eril, who is our Lord, treat us as honour and rank dictate’
In the confusion of battle, look after the infanteer’8Or ‘Safeguard D’Val, who is swift to battle’