Nala And Air Spirits and Bad Communication

Berra — Nala And Air Spirits 01



On the road to Boldhome, Berra tries to talk to Nala about Varanis and Air Spirits. [[[s01:session-29|Session 29]]]


Berra takes almost the first opportunity to ride over to Nala, getting her horse to trot for the occasion, albeit with a little effort and cursing. She gives the huntress a nod of the head from the saddle. “Care to talk? I want to say something.” Her voice is more polite than the content of the message would indicate.

Nala brings Tiwr down to a walk for Berra’s sake. “Yes?”

“It’s about Varanis. And about Kero Finn.” Although she is capable of great leaps from one subject to another, her tone indicates she is not doing that this time.

Nala blinks, not following.

Berra elucidates, in her short words. “Do you remember when we were on Kero Finn? We saw visions, and they made sense to us, but they were sent by the Air Spirits, or Orlanth getting thin?”

“Or other gods, yes. First, let me say that she has more problems with me than I do with her. Did. Everyone coming up to me and saying Poor Varanis is starting to make me hate her. Before, I couldn’t be bothered. Proceed knowing that, and that she has attacked Tiwr twice, and has no excuse for it, because I asked when she apologised, and then stormed off when I offered her a way out to save her pride and participate in investigating the mind magics on the box.”

“Well, she is handling things badly. That was about to come up. I’m not trying to make you feel sorry for her, but I think she’s being talked to by Air Spirits. I think she sees things we don’t. Now you can tell me how you don’t hate her, if you want. I wanted to remind you we saw things that made sense to us.”

“Which is why she isn’t dead. I’m surprised Tiwr didn’t go for her when she accused him of being broo. I think she is being manipulated by either Lunar magics or sorcery. Which is why I offered what I offered. I have to find out whether either can be done remotely through carvings. But she also denied there were any aldryani the first time she attacked us.”

“Mmmm… I think Rajar would notice Lunar Magics. I think I don’t know how to understand sorcery. But if you already know that, I guess I don’t have to tell you. I… I think she’s still half a child but she’s touched in a way that could be good if she learns to control it. Visions are often sent by gods, and we have no reason to believe it’s not Vinga or Orlanth, yet.” Then, being Berra, she adds, “Well, I don’t. I’m not going to say what you have reason for.”

“I honestly think I would have seen air spirits if they had been present at any of the crux points. I made sure she isn’t under any kind of influence that Kalis could tell, benign or—damn.” She obviously goes through her tradetalk vocabulary in her head “—not benign,” she says, giving up. Rajar would only notice I think if he actively sensed on Varanis, I think, and I’m not sure a long enchantment would show up, especially against the background count we’ve had the past few days. I’m not the one storming off. Except when she attacked Tiwr, I have t even raised my voice. Why don’t people try talking to Varanis and point out that she is utterly unreasonable on these points, and that even a ten year old girl knows more adjectives than “mine”?”

Berra will see Nala visibly getting annoyed, where she hadn’t been previously. “I’m pretty sure it is not the monolith. At first it could have been, but it would have this lasting influence”

“I’m not saying you stormed off. I’m saying you wouldn’t see that sort of Air Spirit, because on Kero Finn you didn’t see them coming, and none of us did. She’s responsible for how she reacts to the actions, but you’re doing people a bad favour by saying they are not talking to her as well. If a vision had convinced me to take a sword I’d damn well take a sword, because it would be mine. Do you think I’d not be upset if people told Humakt not to do that?” Berra has to think through some of her sentences, obviously picking her way past different ways of putting things.

Nala says, wryly, “ I wasn’t looking on Kero Finn.”

“Mm.” Berra sounds unconvinced. “Anyway. How is the rest? How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, and I have checked Varanis out several times for spirit influence, as has Kalis. Go ahead and disbelieve me, but disbelieve Kalis at your own risk.”

Nala is now quite seriously annoyed. “Excuse me,” she says, and Tiwr reads into a canter. They converse in Praxian

“I’m not–” Berra cuts off, or is cut off by the distance. She does not bother trying to give chase.