Hanging A Really Bad Votive Offering

Berra — Berra Hanging A Really Bad Votive Offering



In Alda Chur, in [[[s01:session-10|Session 10]]], Berra went to worship at the Humakti temple, and ask permission to leave a sword there. She was slightly surprised to find out her fame had gone before her.


After the usual rites, and Berra pacing up and down excitedly, and stopping to try to meditate, and waiting more, she was given an audience with the High Priest – another of the aristocratic, dark-robed sort.

Berra: “I’d like to hang this sword here. This, I took from a bandit I slew. I’m going to be going onward, up Kero Fin, and it will be dangerous…”
Priest, in kindly fashion: “You are… not from here. And an initiate.”
Berra: “Indeed, I’m from several hundred leagues away.”
Priest: *surprised look*
Berra: “My temple is in Nochet.”
Berra: *continues to be obviously a Sartarite*
Priest: “I have heard of you, Jarang’s Daughter.”
Berra: “That was quick!”

It seemed that the tale of the Scorpions had already been sung this way, and the High Priest wished to know how many there had really been. This was a surprise to Berra, who had not heard her own saga, but nevertheless she gave a good accounting of the battle.

Priest: “How many scorpions were there really?”
Berra: “Oh, five. Rajar killed two, and i think Serala killed two, and I stood to battle – there were two when I did but one didn’t arrive. I think I may have killed one – there were a lot of people there.”

Definitely, an inspired use of the truth rune to indicate that Berra was worthy of honour, and not a seeker of mere glory.

Priest: “Let me…”
Priest and Berra together: *wince at terrible weapon*
Berra: “It’s not the sword that is the value, but what it means.”
Berra: *does not mention she fought four bandits alone*
Priest: *takes pity or at least, takes the sword*
Berra: *bows low*