Coming together

Session Sartar Arc 01

1628, Sea through Earth Seasons

Dramatis Personae




Nargli the Horselord
Kalis, High Priestess of Ernalda
Tennebris, Chief Priest of Orlanth
A contingent of (in)convenient Colymar
Heenith, Sword of Humakt
Kallyr, Prince of Sartar
Various horses who should probably be listed by name but aren’t because I’m not Serala


Flashback:  Sea Season.  Apple Lane

In the village of Apple Lane, all was peaceful (or whatever passes for peaceful in those parts). The bustle of the day was suddenly interrupted…


Finarvi and Serala went to investigate the disturbance and discovered a cavalcade of Grazelanders led by  Nargli the Horselord who was being strangely polite.  He passed along the gift of a silver armband to Finarvi/Serala from their ‘Lord’1Serala grumbled inwardly.  Nargli and his people caused no trouble that Finarvi or Serala noticed2Serala put two and two together and made the number of hooves that a horse had, working out that Nargli was geased against helping or talking to any Orlanthi – which explained a lot. and went on their way the next day. Jorrim informed the Grazelanders that the Horselord is no longer needed in Boldhome because the complicated nuptials between King Kallyr, the Feathered Horse Queen, Argrath, and the Luminous Stallion King are more settled.  The Luminous Stallion King now takes precedence and Nargli can go home.

NotAFlashback:  Earth Season.  Boldholme

Maalira, Berra, and Varanis arrived at Boldholme. After bathing and de-fishing themselves3the log glosses over exactly what Berra was doing with ducklings, they went to the Earth Temple where they were welcomed by High Priestess Kalis who suggested Berra might like to visit her own temple after enquiring about whether she was allowed to know love, or words to that effect.

While Berra was occupied, Maalira and Varanis went to meet Tennebris, up up uuuppp at the top of the city.  Tennebris mentioned that he had not heard from Koraki in a while and wondered if Varanis might be willing to drop by and check on him.  

Berra believes that Koraki is to blame for the ‘decisions Varanis made in Tarsh’, Varanis informed Maalira. In a typically Berra-violent-impulse-blaming way.  Maalira was thus forewarned and forearmed…  well, not armed, she’s a White Lady, about the possible situation.  

Meanwhile, Berra re-connected with the other two, announcing that she needed to go to Tarsh. The whole regiment would be marching to Tarsh and Berra would be going with them – at their speed.  Bah. Conveniently for everyone, Koraki was also meant to be in Tarsh and therefore, Varanis and Maalira were going to be going in the same direction as Berra.

Back in Apple Lane

Finarvi and Serala heard rumours that Varanis fought the Crimson Bat.  Sounds like Varanis, Serala agreed.

Apple Lane Rumours:  

Volunteers from Colymar were going to Tarsh for a battle, fighting for Argrath. Which seemed odd, as Leika doesn’t like Kallyr and Kallyr is at least allied with Argrath.  It was even more odd when Leika asked Serala and Finarvi to go to Alda Chur and fight for Koraki, for the honour of the Colymar.  Finarvi and Serala were, of course, happy to oblige. 

Back in Boldhome

Back in Boldhome, supplies were in short supply.  Varanis decided to keep a low profile and tried to look like a bodyguard for a White Lady.4Which was definitely going to work with a reputation of 92.  They headed out to Johnstown together, arriving as the forces were coming out onto the road.  While they were trying not to get too far ahead of Berra, they discussed heading onwards to Dangerford, but in the end decided to stay in Johnstown for the night.  Varanis pointed out that Earth Season is a very, very wrong time for people to be marching to war.  

The next day Serala, Finarvi, and various Colymar attempted to overtake the ever-expanding army; more people were joining constantly, flooding in from all the nearby areas. They joined the column and went to investigate who was organising this logistical nightmare so well.  After introducing themselves to the Humakti Sword Heenith, they were given a front and rear marker, aka two Humakti.  At which point their hundred Colymar decided to play silly buggers on the basis they were not there to fight for Leika or Kallyr, but were volunteers.  Serala tried to persuade them to walk between the two Humakti and failed utterly as she’s a bit of an arrogant idiot at times.  Finarvi, however, managed to point out that they will make better time if they behave.  Lord Heemith is Unimpressed.

Meanwhile Varanis and Maalira managed to reach the front of the army where Kallyr and Eril and lots of other courtly types were riding.  They were, of course, invited to ride with Kallyr.

Discussion about politics ensued about just what Varanis was doing, i.e. visiting a friend (Koraki) and being tasked with making sure that the various factions don’t have fisticuffs.5To be the magical lightning rod for things that had happened in mystical realms.  With Varanis there, certain people will Get What They Earned.

Manasa behaved throughout, and for the next few days they rode in luxury.  Good food, camp beds for people of rank (and their guests), and not eating dust.  Then they arrived at the meeting place.

Shortly after arrival, Serala had to report to Kallyr on behalf of the Colymar contingent.  It was all very awkward, Serala said what she needed to and escaped as soon as possible.  On the plus side…  she saw Varanis.6Squeaking and happy moment.

Varanis was assigned as the ‘bodyguard’ for the Colymar.  Contingent numbers were now assumed as two.  Kallyr assigned Varanis and Maalira to keep the Grazelanders alive, and Heenith later interpreted that liberally on his order of battle.

That evening, Berra joined the group at the fire. They practiced some spear drills and discussed who would be where in the battle.  The Humakti are where Berra will be, and it is later decided that Finarvi and Serala would be moonlighting with the Alda Chur cavalry at the invitation of Koraki. Maalira would be with the White Ladies and Varanis with the Air contingent.7Varanis may be in the air over the battlefield or by the Alda Churi.

“Bear in mind that Tom’s going to take 15 weeks to do one week.” (No one is being assigned credit for this particular quote, for reasons.)
Sunspears you all, Yelm will know his own – Main GM

“I’m going to say that this is canon and everyone else is wrong.” -GM

“I need my dice!” – Serala, 30 minutes after theoretical start, 15 after GM arrives.

“Yes!” Rajar in the background.

“Giant cock… Rajar just looked up then. He knows who I am talking about.” – Serala

“Can everyone please do me a battle roll?” – GM
“I need to get my dice!” – Varanis

“I’m gonna do that then.” Serala, with glee.

“I am a Yelmalian and my pole is firmly up my ass.” Serala

“Why have we never thought to glue Varanis to her horse?” – Varanis

“I do freeze beautifully when I’m freezing.” – GM curses connection

“The trouble already exists. You’re just asking to be introduced to it.” GM

“Voluntold.” – Maalira
“We thought about volunteering. That’s good enough.” Serala
“They have not been voluntold, they have been volun-heavily-hinted-at” – GM

“I’d hate to think I was being, you know, overbearing.” Serala to Finarvi

“I think we’re the leaders, aren’t we?” – Serala

“Do they have something against Leika?” Serala
Somewhere at the head of the army, Varanis thinks, “yes!”

“Finarvi, can you please do me a charm?” – GM
“I didn’t even know that was a skill!” – Finarvi

“GM, are you at your desk with a frozen screen or are you messaging from somewhere else? Because all we can see is an empty chair…” – Maalira
“I am making tea, Maalira.” – GM
“You disconnected from the call. Your chair apparently reconnected you.” – Serala

“Cut the crap. What’s happening?” – Heenith
“Well, if we are going to talk to each other like that, this is horse shit.” – Serala

“Berra had to get her orders from Lord Eril while smelling of floral perfume.” – GM

“Pass insight.” – Maalira
“There was something about a neon sign and Serala and Varanis having history.” – Varanis

“Any injuries?” Maalira
“Yeah. I broke someone’s nose.” Berra

“Whatever you are about to say, no!” Maalira

“While you’re all rolling spear, I’m rolling bandages.” – Maalira

  • 1
    Serala grumbled inwardly
  • 2
    Serala put two and two together and made the number of hooves that a horse had, working out that Nargli was geased against helping or talking to any Orlanthi – which explained a lot.
  • 3
    the log glosses over exactly what Berra was doing with ducklings
  • 4
    Which was definitely going to work with a reputation of 92.
  • 5
    To be the magical lightning rod for things that had happened in mystical realms.  With Varanis there, certain people will Get What They Earned.
  • 6
    Squeaking and happy moment.
  • 7
    Varanis may be in the air over the battlefield or by the Alda Churi.