Chicken Picking

1626, Storm Season, Death Week


Storm Season, Death Week, Waterday. Berra is at the Temple in Tourney Altar, preparing to make a sacrifice on her High Holy Day. Session 2.26.


tumtumtum… nananan.a..

. o ( No, still can’t remember that bloody song. )

. o ( Bloody. Huh. Damnit. I’m going to have to cook this for the sacred feast. )

. o ( And not leave any for Lord Eril, because he can’t eat meat in Death Week. )

. o ( But at least he’ll get the sacrifice. )

. o ( Alright. Black chicken. Bowl. Bronze knife. )

. o ( Did I buy the chicken too early? It’s made a mess in the cage and there are two days to go. )

. o ( No, it’ll live and that’s what’s important. )

. o ( And I can clean that up. I should put a bit of hide under it. )

. o ( It’s a long sort of humming whistle, under the tune. )

. o ( Alright. Yelm’s dying. Let’s get purified for… )


. o ( … )

. o ( For meditation. I can do this. )

. o ( Thank you Duck. That feels better. I… )

. o ( Where the hell is my chicken? )

. o ( It can’t have been long. )

. o ( Chicken. )

. o ( I cannot fuck this up for him. )

. o ( Kitchen first. That’s the worst case. )

. o ( … Alright. So at least it’s not soup. )


. o ( AHAH! )

“Hello, that’s my-“

“Yes. I was just saying it’s mine.”

“Because it’s there for a sacrifice!”


“No, I can’t get it to pipe down, I have no idea how to shut up a rooster.”

“Alright… but it’ll be dead in a couple of days anyh-“


“I was MEDITATING. Of course I couldn’t hear!”

“Look, just give me the da- the chicken, and I’ll find a way of keeping it quiet.”

1And that is what happened with that fumbled Charm roll.

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    And that is what happened with that fumbled Charm roll.