Berra Naming A Horse

Berra — Berra Naming A Horse



Session 13. Berra’s horse has no name that she knows of, and she seeks to find out how best to rectify this, from the expert on horses, [[[characters:serala|Serala]]].


While riding to Bagnot, when they happen to be alongside, or with Berra’s horse tied on to Serala’s, she’ll ask, “How do you name a horse?”

Serala reaches out to run her fingers lightly over the mane of the Quiet and Calm horse that she is leading. “Generally, they name themselves; or rather, you become aware of an aspect of their personality. Or, if you want to be boring, name them after a physical feature – colour, for instance.”

“Right. ‘Stays under me nicely?’ Does that trip off the tongue?”

A lift of Serala’s eyebrows and a Look your way. “Well, you could always call him Sumn, I’ve heard worse.”

“Stays underm. Stunder.”

Serala actually laughs. “Start calling him that, particularly when you feed him carrots. He’ll soon be answering to it.”

“I’ll think about it. Maybe ‘launcher’. Or something. I do tend to dismount from it … him? her? quite often.”

“Maybe consider calling him something that would sound good in a ballad.. You do tend to draw bards to declaim about your prowess, from what I’ve heard.” Serala notes, completely straight faced.

“Yes. I had noticed that! It’s … strange. I think Qidane is doing it. Maybe. He said he would.” Berra looks genuinely puzzled.

Serala just seems entertained in her withdrawn sort of way. “Why not Burro? Berra and Burro sounds like a good team…”

“What does Burro mean? I… I think I’m really an Infantry person. So maybe ‘Road’.”

Serala winces at the pun. “Berra rode Road.. Or you could call him Mighty Steed or similar, Berra rode her Mighty Steed, and so forthh..”

“Berra rode the Road. I like that.”

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