Mellia And Maalira

Maalira — Mellia And Maalira

1627, Earth Season


Late Earth Season. Just after Varanis did not fall off the cliff after all. [[[s02:session-54|Session 54]]]


Before long, the healers are in the little shrine to Chalana Arroy and one of the village women has brought them an herbal tisane to warm them up.

Maalira accepts the cup, teeth chattering by this point, and sips it, trying to work out how she can make things right with Berra.

Mellia thanks the woman. “I don’t think we have met. I am Mellia.”

“Maalira,” Maalira manages through her dancing teeth. “Pleased to meet you.”

Mellia says,” I am glad to meet you, Maalira. Here, take my cloak.”

“Thank you.” Maalira gratefully pulls the cloak around her shoulders. “I have heard a lot about your work here,” she adds.

The woman who brought the tea quickly lights a brazier – she is an Ernaldan, and can do it with a few words – and leaves it in there to go on to her next task, possibly that of gossiping about what just happened.

Mellia smiles. “I do the best I can. Are you traveling with my cousin?”

“Yes… she and the others keep me busy.”

“They would. You may need to shout at them. Varanis is especially stubborn.”

“I have noticed. None of them seem to understand about danger.”

“They are heroes. Don’t let Varanis drink lumivva. She will drink it by the pot instead of the cup and make herself sick.”

“I’m sure she would.” Maalira laughs unsteadily. “I’m still not entirely sure how I came to be tagging along with them, but somehow I can’t imagine parting ways now.”

Mellia chuckles at that. “I miss them, but I promised to heal these people.”

“You used to travel with them?”

“Oh yes. It has been a few seasons.”

“You said you promised to heal these people? What drew you here in particular?”

Mellia explains, “At one point Kallyr Starbrow gave all of us land here. The nomads gave me their lands in exchange for free healing .”

“A fair exchange,” Maalira says. “It seems like a nice place.”

“It’s a good place.”

Maalira notes that ‘nice’ and ‘good’ are not the same thing, but keeps the observation to herself. Instead, she says “Will you take a look at Varanis when she gets here? You know her far better of course.”

Mellia says, “Of course and I will give her the scolding she deserves.”

Maalira snorts. “What was she *doing*?”

Mellia says, “Climbing the cliff without safety gear or telling anyone, I think. Varanis loves to climb.”

Maalira rubs her eyes with her fingers then pinches the bridge of her nose. “Of course.”

Mellia says, “This sort of thing is why I shout.”

“Does it help, the shouting? Do they stop doing it?”

“No, but I feel better.”

Maalira laughs. “I’ll remember that.”

Mellia comments, “Your most challenging patient is likely to be Xenofos.”

“Really?” Maalira can’t keep the surprise from her voice. “He seems the least idi… uh… impulsive of them.”

Mellia smiles. “Xenofos is sensible if he’s not trying to sleep. His dreams are deeply troubled. I gave him something for dreamless sleep, but it is not a cure.”

“Oh. How did that come about – the problem with his dreams?”

Mellia says, “At first it was his memory of the Dragonrise. Now he is haunted by those he slew at Alda-Chur.”

Maalira’s eyes widen. “Why does he go in to battle, if the act haunts him so?”

Mellia says, “He gave his oath to Varanis. She could release him, but he would never forgive her.”

Maalira shakes her head. “I feel I am never going to catch up,” she says.

Mellia says, “You will, Maalira. Don’t worry about it.”

Maalira bites her lip. “Well, if they let me keep travelling with them after today… if Berra forgives me.”

Mellia replies, “It’s an honest mistake. I have faith that Humakt and Berra will understand.”

“I hope so.”

“I know so.”

Maalira gives the other woman a grateful smile. “Thank you.”

Mellia smiles at Maalira. “You are welcome. I think you should take good care of them.”

Maalira starts to relax, finally beginning to feel warm again.

A messenger comes to the shrine to say that Berra has gone with her sister to the great house and Varanis will arrive shortly. Maalira’s presence is requested elsewhere.

In the great house, Berra finds Brandt, and gives him a slight bow and a very slight smile. It says she is not dead yet. Yehna ushers her away to go be given food.

Some time later, Varanis and Mellia make an appearance. The Vingan makes her way to her packs to find dry clothing.

Venlar stalwartly hangs around close to Mellia just in case he is needed.

Berra and Yehna are nowhere to be seen.

Mellia and Maalira talk about the difficulties of keeping heroes alive.