Who Trolls the Trolls?

Session 4.03

1629, Sea Season, Disorder Week, Windsday through to Fireday

Dramatis Personae




Salid and various guards
Jenr the Knowing
Cousin Rik
An un-named Argan Argar troll
Kozang, Chief of the Sazdorf Trolls
Half a bison warrior
A gorp


Varanis had a nightmare whilst sleeping in a private room at the Nunnery. Berra barged in and bullied her into going for a walk and a drink of water. Lenta was also woken, but she allowed herself to be brushed off. When Varanis headed back to bed, Berra insisted on staying on guard.

In the morning, no one said anything, though Jenr made it clear that she knew and was available if needed.

Breakfast had something for everyone, though Jenr warned against eating Rik’s mushroom broth. Mellia asked about how to find and negotiate with the nearby trolls, who were located at the Haunted Ruins. Jenr advised that they bring gifts.

Some discussions occurred over breakfast about how to proceed with things. It is decided that they go forward as a trade caravan. Salid recommended that they should arrive at dusk.

(Varanis obtained some herbs for sleeping from both Jenr and Rik. Rik’s are meant to be used with extreme caution and not around trolls.)

At Beasts Gather, no one wanted to help guide them to the Haunted Ruins. Berra asked for advice and then made a plan that put her in point, while Varanis stayed with the caravan. Varanis was told to take command if Berra got eaten. Irillo acquired some meat to bring as gifts to the trolls.

As they rode to the Haunted Ruins, the lands were looking like they were in the bloom of spring. Here and there, they spot dog-sized beetles flying up to carry messages. Irillo announced himself to one of the briar patches. There was no open acknowledgement.

The landscape was beautiful, but many of the party noticed that they were being followed by someone well-hidden. 

They were greeted by a large, scarred trollkin. Berra greeted him and passed along the conversation to Mellia, who mangled a greeting. Then Irillo stepped up and had Salid do the talking. The trollkin left to fetch a large troll, who came out looking very Argan Argar looking.

The large troll, Irillo, and Mellia talked and the troll decided to take them to the place of talking. They were brought to a large cave entrance. The troll offered to make sure their mounts wouldn’t be eaten. Irillo left most of the guards behind, but brought Salid. 

Varanis climbed the wall they came to and rigged up a sling to haul up Mellia and Irillo’s goods, plus made it easier for the others to climb. 

They were brought into a sort of receiving chamber, where they were greeted by a pair of Humakti trolls. The chief of the trolls greeted them and then sat in a huge chair, which led to everyone being more than a little bit confused. Irillo made a pretty speech and was told that the chief of the Sazdorf would be happy to talk more after receiving his gifts. Irillo presented various yummy things. When the gifts were deemed acceptable, he said that he would be willing to listen to Mellia.

Mellia asked for safe passage to and from a spirit of Chalana Arroy and said that she hoped the spirit would come back to be a wyter. Kozang, the chief, said that he knows of a likely spirit and that he could provide safe passage through their lands, but that was as far as he could go. He asked why he should do so and Mellia told him her story.

The chieftain and his beetle wandered away for a while. During this time, Berra and the Humakti trolls talked for a bit and she offered to help introduce them to one of the nearby Humakti temples.

When Kozang returned, he told them that what he wanted was for them to get him magic from the Six Hags. (A magic for meat preservation.) Irillo asked about some mushrooms that Rik was after and Kozang agreed to trade with Irillo. 

When they returned to their mounts, it was to find three cave trolls lurking, but they left quickly enough.They got some directions to a safe area to camp from the floppy hat trader. During the night, Varanis woke from another nightmare. 

They were watched through the night by various trolls and trollkin. The remainder of the watch was handled by Varanis and Salid.

They returned to Beasts Gather. En route, Varanis was dozing on horseback. Lenta and Berra spotted some vultures circling ahead. As they rode closer, they realised that it was a dead bison and a person trapped under it. Berra cast Detect Enemies and the thing under the bison lit up.

Irillo cast disrupt, which caused the creature inside the bison to come out to attack him. Varanis lightning-blasted it, Berra hit it with something, and Tyr stuck a javelin into it after racing towards the creature with more speed than anyone else felt comfortable about. 

Berra prepared the corpse while Irillo looted the bison.

From there, they returned once more to Beasts Gather.

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