Get thee to a Nunnery

Session 4.02

1629, Sea Season, Disorder Week, Clayday

Dramatis Personae




Ivarnessa, an outlawed Wind Lord
Band of outlaws
Orlamani Clan at Beasts Gather
Orlamani Wyter
Jenr, the Knowing, High Priestess at the Nunnery
Rik, not a Priestess at the nunnery.

Events (unedited)

Lenta was left behind when the party hurried out of Boldhome. She was busy at the Temple teaching some dancing and once free from her duties, Kalis sent her off to catch up with the others by way of chariot. Her chariot driver is a Vingan, called Tyr (from Blue Spruce clan).

Tyr drives like she’s on speed, carting Lenta off to the Nunnery. 

Early morning – when do we go? Salid can see the tracks, so Berra wants to go as soon as we can safely.

Irillo is loading up his mule and himself. Varanis is going to carry her own stuff. They are just getting organised to move out when Tyr and Lenta pull up. A large bunch of stuff gets tossed into the chariot as soon as Tyr agrees to stick around.

There’s a conversation about whether or not Varanis intends to allow for a peaceful resolution and she agrees to let Irillo take point.

As they follow the tracks, they encounter a lone figure on a Sartarite pony, waiting for them. She’s yet another Vingan, who has faded markings of the Two Pines clan, which doesn’t exist any more. She knows them by reputation and recognizes Varanis as a Wind Lord. Turns out that someone sold her their mounts. She offers to return the White Ladies’ mounts without delay. She wants a favour from Varanis in order to return the others.

They are brought to her camp, where there’s a band of people and their mounts. There’s apparently a beautiful looking young man. 

Ivarnessa – outlawed Wind Lord who chose not to follow Ranulf

Lenta cast Inviolable, which bounces off Varanis who is annoyed

Mellia offers to heal Ivarnessa’s eye, but the Wind Lord gave her eye up for some magic. She shows Mellia by looking at her with it – shows Mellia grow old briefly.

A bit of commenting about kings, which allows Ivarnessa to segue into her favour. Turns out, she’s a daughter of Ranulf Treeleaper. She fought alongside her father. Story about Ranulf losing his hands. Story is that Fazzur returned the hands and they were burnt. But, it’s a lie. Fazzur has them. She wants them back to try to rescue him from the Lunar hell.

Varanis agrees to attempt this thing if the opportunity arises.

She returns their mounts. Varanis offers to share a meal with them and the animals are loaded up. Lenta innocently asks about fields, not clueing in that these are outlaws. Ivarnessa offers to guide and they agree. Her pretty young man comes along too.

They get to where the bridge is out and another route is taken, leading them to Blue Spruce village (aka Jaralor village). A very Ernaldan village. Mellia checks to see if anyone needs care. A party of armoured figures rides up. Berra stares at them. Irillo greets them. They stare at Berra. They seem to be part of the Jaralor Regiment. Irillo tries to bargain with them, which eventually leads to him trading with the village after the warriors leave. Irillo seems set to fleece the village (special on bargain).

Lenta talks with the priestess and the temple. They are doing well – could do with some more farmers given how much land they have.

Tyr makes a plan for them to travel. Things devolve briefly. Berra decides to go for a chariot ride.

They pass King’s Tower. Huge beetle passes overhead as they enter Battle Valley. Salid says it’s usually used for messages. They spot some herders, who turn out to be from Orlamani. There’s some dramatic driving from Tyr. They decide to spend the night, so as to arrive at the Nunnery refreshed. Varanis thinks it’ll be good politics. Mellia offers healing and gets to help out a boy with a sprained wrist. Irillo sets up to trade. Sussing out political situation – Carasai wants war. Kallyr is pretty ok, but she owes them something. (Critical on orate and tells a bunch of the story of the recent fights at Alda Chur. Turns into a party.)

Mellia notices a horse sitting by itself, drinking wine. She goes to visit and they have a lovely little chat. Turns out she’s chatting with the wyter.

They head off into the drizzle to make their way to the Nunnery. We make good headway through the weather. They ride up to the massive edifice of the Temple, where Mellia and Maalira are made welcome. They offer to take care of the mounts and Varanis takes care of hers by herself.(Pass ride – not kicked in the head)

A new White Lady emerges. Cheerful and enthusiastic. Head of the temple. She’s very welcoming. Mellia and the healer talk and Mellia explains why she’s there. It turns out that Jenr the Knowing knows where Mellia needs to go and there will be trolls. Her cousin, Rik, is there – he’s a shaman who starts going on about mushrooms and mustard?

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