Going Fourth About Midnight

Session 3.9

1628, Fire Season, Harmony Week

Dramatis Personae




A sleeping Luminous Stallion King
And some city guards who accepted alcohol from Berra


The beginning of Fire Season found Xenofos at the Library, in Boldhome. He was seeking information about the nature of Hero Cults, but could not find the answers he sought amongst the scrolls. After a time, the High Priest approached to ask what he was researching. After his explanation, she suggested that he was overcomplicating things and that Hero Cults were just about the worship of the hero and perhaps there were better ways for him to spend his time.

Nala worked with Galri and Minster to define what the Goddess of Teeth and Salt required; essentially it was the same sort of altar as Nala’s mother required, and the same form of worship; sacrifices and followers as any god had.

As a thank you for the use of Elmal’s spear when GoTaS had swallowed her up, Varanis offered a week of service to the Temple of Elmal in Boldhome. She was mostly given the task of beating gold into leaf, to repair the temple statue, and standing guard at the gate, lest wild animals come – they didn’t. Berra came and glowered a bit with her, as company.

One day, while most of the party were gathered at the house, a messenger came to invite them all to meet with the King.1D’Val was at the top of the stairs, and told Berra to talk to him afterwards. They left promptly and other than a bit of fuss at the top of the stairs with regards to whether or not Tiwr was welcome inside, they were able to see Kallyr swiftly. The Luminous Stallion King was artfully napping, while Lords Eril and Tennebris attended Kallyr. After a bit of discussion, Kallyr suggested that it would be really useful for Varanis and the rest of the party to head across the Glowline and gather intel on the Crimson Bat, and that Varanis had at least one asset there2.Mirava She made it clear that this was not an order and that she would prefer them to return alive. Varanis asked Kallyr to look after her child, if it became necessary.

On the way back down the stairs, Berra talked to D’Val, who shared fish jerky with her, despite her not having done anything to provoke him. He told her that Eril didn’t want her dead – so he thought that the group could do what they had been sent to do. They talked about scouting and going overland as opposed to using the roads. They agreed it would probably have to be a merchant rather than a trickster who helped them, as Berra was very bad at getting along with lies, and Xenofos even worse. D’Val left her at the door of the house, and she went in to let them know what he had said. He advised her to keep her feather hidden, in case she was asked about the Duck Hunt, as she would not lie. She tried it, got less than a sentence into not having it, and gave it to him to hold.

Varanis asked Xenofos to check the market for Irillo or word of him. He asked around after his cousin and found a merchant willing to sell him information. For reasons of his own, Xenofos paid twice the asking price, much to the merchant’s consternation. He was informed that Irillo had been in Whitewall recently (or Wilmskirk?) and would likely arrive in Boldhome shortly.

Berra encouraged the city guards to keep watch for the Esrolian merchant through the liberal sharing of alcohol and money. They very happily agreed and indeed became so happy about it that Eril eventually sent word to chastise the little Humakti for interfering with the effectiveness of the guard. Berra went to the Temple to deal with the fact she had got the guards drunk, and after a sleepless night and a long day, was permitted to apologise to Lord Eril.

While Varanis was off to commune with Sartar, Berra was being Humakti, and Xenofos was at the library, the Praxians took advantage of their alone time to have a conversation about Argrath, his extra spirits and the possibility of Chaos. Nala was particularly concerned about the Lunar aspects of those spirits. They discussed the Lunars as opposed to Chaos, and whether Argrath imprisoning Lunar spirits made him Chaotic. They also planned how to make people disappear, and that they should take an altar of Salt and Teeth with them.

After a few days, Irillo finally arrived. Varanis sent Xenofos to the market again, to inform their cousin that she required his presence. He came by that evening, bearing a gift and message from Grandmother Saiciae. The situation was explained to him (much to his growing horror) and ultimately, he agreed to help. Berra asked if she would be paid, as being Humakt on a quest was different to being a caravan guard, and Irillo threw her a bolg, which she accepted.

Irillo also nudged Varanis to open the missive she’d been determined to ignore. It contained an extravagant silk dress, very Ernaldan and Esrolian and far too regal from Varanis’ perspective and a copper headdress.3Honestly, she still likes silks and fancy clothes and it’s been a while. But this comes from her Grandmother AND is meant to be a political statement and no. Varanis isn’t thrilled about that. After both Varanis and Xenofos failed to read the accompanying letter, Irillo did. Varanis enjoyed it even less than the gift.4Varanis’ thoughts on the letter: “I am the child’s parent, not her mother. I am most certainly not a matron. And I will NOT be manipulated by that woman!!!!”

Dear Varanis, my darling grandchild, I hear so many happy tales of your triumphs in Sartar, and rejoice in you bringing the name of Saiciae to ever-greater renown. Word has reached my ear that you are Sartar’s heir, and I feel that given your motherhood and your new place in the proper position for a Saiciae matron, you deserve better clothing than you will be able to achieve up amongst the Sartarites. Please feel free to get this adjusted slightly if the fit is not quite perfect. I know that motherhood can change one’s shape a little. Pray give my regards on behalf of both the house and of course our own queen to the queen who reigns in Sartar.

Aranda Saiciae to Varanis

Nala offered up her ability to see far away, and to be able to search. However, clouds would probably get in the way if she was high enough.

Eventually, it was agreed that they’d travel to Jonstown and then to Tarsh. En route, Irillo, Nala, and Valseena would collect some horses from Blue Tree to give as a gift from Kallyr to Koraki. Varanis made arrangements with Tennebris for supplies, nondescript armour, and anything else the party would need. They set out as soon as possible once everything was ready, after letting Maalira know where they were going, so that she and Rajar could find them when the Storm Bull was recovered sufficiently from his current bout of worship.

The trip to Jonstown was uneventful. In the city, Xenofos visited the Library to continue his attempts at research. Varanis loomed guard-like over Irillo in the market, where he made brisk trade. And they passed the day and night in hopes that Rajar and Maalira would catch up.

Xenofos brought back enough information that they had some idea of what the Bat was looking for – slave camps or penal colonies. Berra was able to describe some of those, at least in theory, as things that Nala could look for each evening.

Session Quotes

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    D’Val was at the top of the stairs, and told Berra to talk to him afterwards.
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    Honestly, she still likes silks and fancy clothes and it’s been a while. But this comes from her Grandmother AND is meant to be a political statement and no. Varanis isn’t thrilled about that.
  • 4
    Varanis’ thoughts on the letter: “I am the child’s parent, not her mother. I am most certainly not a matron. And I will NOT be manipulated by that woman!!!!”