Trouble Brooing

S01 — Session 29

1626, Sea Season

Season, Week, Day
1626, Sea Season, Stasis Week, Wildday?

Dramatis Personae


Serala, the Golden-Skinned
Irillo, the Golden-Tongued
Dormal, the errr…..
Salid the Sniveller, Trollkin Guardstrollkin and Free (but with a ransom) Warrior
Some other people, but I forget.
An unfortunate Broo
An even more unfortunate jackobear
A very stressed and tattered healing spirit
An aquatic disease spirit
Haralis of the Blue Tree Wyter
Chief Dogva of the Blue Tree
Warriors and Welcome Committee of the Green Fish Clan
Saronil, Chief of the Green Fish Clan
Assorted party organisers who never get thanked properly. Here’s to you!
Who was that Koraki guy anyway when he *was* around?


[“Ah, excellent. Good to see such a _fine_ turnout on a University holiday. Go back to your beds, the lot of you1 Or any other beds which are mutually acceptable to you and the owner thereof. , and be sure to give me an essay each on a character of your choice in the ‘Jack-o-Bear’/Green Tree segment of the sagas. You can quote any passages you feel are relevant to your discussion.”]

Let us take the example of the jackobear as an example of mythology in action. The body of a great grizzly or possibly a cave bear, but the head of a pumpkin? Seriously? There are reasons that the primitives had separate runes for “plant” and “beast.” They are not compatible. Witness the many clashes between the Aldryani and the flesh races (not to mention Rajar Chaoskiller, if we’re using that term these days). Beasts like the jackobear, chaos notwithstanding, point simply to the subtext that the author was smoking something.

The group (now reunited with Rajar’s trousers) headed up the hill, and detected two enemies. They launched themselves forward and found a single Broo, and a Jack-o-Bear, and dispatched both before they had a chance to do anything (rather to the GMs shock, and derailing of his planned plot). Still, they returned in triumph, and then headed to the –One Fish, two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish– Green Fish Clan to press their claims to the land Kallyr had pressed on them. Following a slight misunderstanding where Varanis decided Tiwr (with his horn, and his ability to mate with different species) was clearly a Broo. Much confusion ensued, until she was talked down, and they went on to the village. There, Varanis, with a moving speech in regard to brotherhood and patriotism –duped– persuaded the village to sign up, although the promise of a Chalana Arroy presence in the area probably helped. This achieved, the party headed off, unmolested by Devolin, to Clearwine.

“DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Rajar
“No Dormal today.” – Berra
“Where did you bury Dormal?” – Xenofos
“… You are so suspicious. All of you.” – Berra
“And my Hate (Dormal) is only marginally higher than my Love (Indolence) anyhow.” – Berra

“Should we start, and get the waiting for plot bits out of the way?” – Berra

“It’s not like we ever do what the GM says anyhow.” – Berra

“I’m grown up!” – Berra
“Who told you that?” – GM

“I could tell you my reference library story, which is good for dinner parties.” – Rajar

*listens to GM not advancing plot* – Berra

“My Rage is HOT and Rampant!” – Rajar

“Saddling up for yomp uphill.” – Xenofos
“…saddle?….” – Nala

“SCOUT GROUP. (Me.)” – Berra

“Oh, cool. Finarvi gets to find out about shooting into melee now!” – Berra
“And so does everybody else!” – Finarvi

“Yeah. Burning water is tricky.” – Berra

“Right! Burn everything!” – Berra
“IGNITE!” – Nala
“Finally, you come round to my point of view!” – Rajar

“Just burn the hill, what’s the fuss?” – Xenofos

“Wait, this is SARTAR. We live in a convex bog.” – Berra
“read that as convex box and wondered…” – Xenofos

“I failed my ‘I should be able to understand this’.” – Berra

“Slash and burn is a perfectly sensible way of making new fields…” – Xenofos

“Just put servants and slaves on it?” – Xenofos
*patient explanation about Carls, Cottars, and Thrall-holding Clans* – Berra
“Berra manages a perfect ‘not getting angry at Xenofos about freedom’.” – Berra

“Normal fail – just give it to me in writing.” – Xenofos

“I hate you” – Varanis

“Varanis, they’re all paying a lot of respect to you. People who made Insight Own Species: They seem to be impressed that this is a Thane who… knows what she’s talking about when it comes to rural agriculture.” – GM
“I’m not going to disillusion her.” – Berra

“I would sugest a polite meeting with the Green Fish” – Rajar
“I’ll bring my best axe” – Rajar

“Weird barbarians – we just go in and tell them how things stand these days.” – Xenofos
“failed intrigue…” – Xenofos

“This is about the subtle balance of power.” – Berra
“You mean, they’d understand it here?” – Xenofos

“By the way, here is our friend the Storm Bull.” – Rajar

“Not even bothering rolling Household Management.” – Nala
“^^^ Praxian” – Berra

“I could roll survival again?” – Nala
“Well, we all need a snack…” – Berra

“Chill. I’ve got this. I know what I’m doing.” – Varanis

“where are the paths to Green Fish” – Xenofos
“Paths. To Green Fish. Hmmm….” – Berra
“If You happen to travel there looking for lost sheep?” – Xenofos
“Ah, THOSE sorts of paths.” – Berra

*attempts once more not to go to Clearwine* – Berra

“If the Humakti is going, I’m going also.” – Xenofos

*Some petty argument or another* – ???
“It’s like watching Eril and D’Val again!” – Berra

“Truth is the basis for Honour.” – Berra
*blinks audibly* – Nala

“YAY! We derailed Clearwine again!” – Berra

“I shall have to oil him down.”- Nala

“Dirt fish, clean fish, red fish, green fish.” – Nala

“OH NO. IT’S A 100!” – Vanaris
*cracks knuckles* – GM
“I’m so sorry.” – Varanis

“I’ve been on him for twelve hours!”- Nala”
“True! And she’s a bit heavier than she thinks she is.”- Tiwr

“Berra, I think he’s a Broo!” – Varanis
*reaches out to test Varanis for fever* – Berra

*mean, suspicious glare* – Xenofos
“All of the rest of the group is alright with Tiwr…” – Berra

“UM! WINE?” – Tiwr

“How does the wine taste?” – Varanis
“Honestly? Awful” – GM
“Like wine made in northern climates.” – Berra
“Barley and maybe sand? how quaint.” – Xenofos
“Berra only winces a little, and not at all when anyone is looking.” – Berra

“Mellia will go through the guest ritual and will NOT comment on the wine.” – Mellia

“Make yourself at home.” – Chief Saronil
“Um, if I’m making myself at home I tend to be outside the door, guarding it. Can I be at home inside instead?” – Berra

*makes emergency introductions* – Xenofos
“In purest Esrolian.” – Xenofos

“So, Blue Tree clan… odd. no Ducks.” – Saronil
“We rode here.” – Berra
“Ah.” – Saronil

“You should search your lands in case any evil escaped. I am happy to ride with your warriors.” – Rajar
“WARRIORS!” – Berra

“I got 00-2. You can’t see my victory dance here.” – Varanis

“I have moomintroll pyjamas.” – Well Dressed Player
“HOORAY!” – Finnish Player

“Well, that puts a whole new perspective on things.” – Green Fish Chief
“… Perspective?” – Berra to Xenofos
“Way of looking at things.” – Xenofos, aside

“Honoured to accept your proposal, … thane…. and we’re happy to accept friendship, and some trade arrangements.” – Green Fish Chief
“But?” – Xenofos
“Does the Queen know?” – Chief

“CLEARWINE!” – Berra
“We made it, and only 2 weeks after the GM said so.” – Berra
“I’m counting that as a win.” – Berra
“DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Rajar

“You just want to get between me and the Duck.” – Berra

“Berra is brushing off most of the dust. Washing is for religion, not for pleasure.” – Berra

“She’s called Nameless. That’s how much you don’t ask her name.” – Berra

… “Assassinated by Humakti.” – Xenofos
“Xenofos. Let’s use the word ‘killed.’ It was done openly.” – Berra

“I’m sorry. I was crap at taking quotes. I was too busy pressing gauze to stitches. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:” – Varanis
“Well, we could all have been less amusing.” – Berra
“Except me. My default setting is hilarious.” – Berra

“We’re not allowed to have Varanis in stitches.” – Nala

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    Or any other beds which are mutually acceptable to you and the owner thereof.