Palace Athene

S01 — Session 44

1626, Fire Season, Illusion Week

Fire Season, Illusion Week, Fireday

Dramatis Personae


Nala and Tiwr


Irillo (mostly off screen)
Eril (mostly off screen)
Leika (off screen)
Leika’s honour guard.
A selection of palace guards.


[[Lecture cancelled. Lecturer attacked by a rodent of unusual size1 “ROUSes? I don’t think they really exist OOOOOOPHHH!” .]]

We find our heroes still with the problem of a dead and non-resurrectable Kallyr. After much debate, Rajar is brought to see if the scent of Chaos is on the Prince, explaining her lack of return. Unfortunately, with a roll which is the theme of today, he establishes Tennebris is the problem, and prepares to strike him down. Unfortunately this attempt rouses both Koraki from his lounge (parrying it with his silver-hand, and lightning striking Rajar) and Tennebris from his catatonia, to eventually teleport Rajar outside. From the 2nd floor. In the meantime, the others have explained that some foul Lunar Magic is preventing Kallyr from returning. Tennebris calls upon Orlanth to dismiss any such thing, and…..

… Kallyr vanishes.

Our heroes realise she was an illusion, and start planning to get her back, calling on Vinga for guidance as to where she is. They are told she is in the Hero Plane, and our heroes plan to perform the Lightbringer’s quest, with Varanis opting to take the ‘short cut’ of being killed by Humakt.

And then Leika arrives in Boldhome, with one of her guards overhearing Dormal saying something unflattering (3 fumbles in a row) about her. A brief chase ensues, before Dormal escapes, to warn the others about this complication.

“Well there was this beaver….” – Rajar

“We picked you up from the Temple before dawn, so we could avoid people helpfully trying to find us.” – Berra

“He’s there, and sober, even more remarkably.” – Rajar
“Is it the real Rajar?” – Nala
“Jury’s out.” – Rajar

“Mellia? They’re not closing. Like the wound on Irillo.” – Rajar

“BE WELL, Prince of Sartar… I said, BE WELL, PRINCE OF SARTAR!” – Tiwr
@@*@@taps with hoof, looking puzzled@@*@@ – Tiwr
“This has never happened before…” – Tiwr
“Horn went limp?” – Berra
“Tiwr is having performance issues.” – Varanis

“Rajar buffs Sense Chaos with Hate Chaos, and that’s a success… and oh fuck.” – Rajar
“The Sense Chaos was – I have to say – a fumble.” – Rajar

@@*@@hides behind own hand@@*@@ – Rajar
“This could be bad!” – Rajar

“Called shot at Tennebris’ head.” – Rajar

“First off, can you make me another resistance roll?” – GM
“I sincerely hope not.” – Rajar

“Mellia, what would you like to do?” – GM
“Put Rajar to sleep before he gets us all arrested.” – Mellia

“You think Tennebris just teleported you out of the window.” – GM
“Probably for the best.” – Rajar


“Just ask yourself, What would Storm Bull do?” – Dormal, who is helping

“Befuddle: inside voice vs outside voice…” – Rajar
“And the other axes.” – Guard
“DAMNIT!” – Rajar
“I swear I saw a tentacle!” – Rajar

“Mellia takes a few sips and thanks Nala.” – Mellia

“<Okaaaaaaaaaay thats a little bit embaressing>” – Rajar
“Still your outside voice” – GM

“He must have had gas. that can smell lioke chaos” – Rajar
“Smell?” – Nala
“Sprouts. I blame sprouts” – Rajar
“Chaos has this particular smell” – Rajar
“Like bad gas and sprouts and little of that spice they serve in New Pavis.” – Rajar

“I obviously sensed deception” – Rajar
“<<<<Totally Vindicated>>>>” – Rajar

“Well, shit.” – Nala

“Ahem. now maturity.” – Berra

“Kallyr’s body vanishes… You’re all standing around an empty bed.” – GM

“OK. Where did you leave her last?” – Rajar

@@*@@offers Dormal fist-bump@@*@@ – Berra
“Well, punch. But in slow tempo.” – Berra

@@*@@rolls fumble on Passion@@*@@ – Mellia
“Tonight the dice do not love us” – Rajar
“They love the GM.” – Berra

“The angst and existential despair have left you at least.” – GM
“This means I may actually come back from under the bed.” – Mellia

@@*@@quiet talking on mic@@*@@ – Varanis
@@*@@louder talking on mic@@*@@ – Dormal
“Dormal, be quiet. Your mistress is talking.” – Berra
“She’s not my mistress. Would you care to correct your mistake.” – Dormal
“I apologise. I was wrong.” – Berra

“And yes, Rajar, the wyter is the Flame and I will recover it.” – Varanis
“Eril has offered me a shortcut.” – Varanis

“This new Eril is disconcerting.” – Xenofos

“That is a 98, which is I believe also a Fumble…” – Dormal
“And would you like to make an insight: own species?” – GM
“I see how this is going to go… Yep, another Fumble!” – Dormal

“All I said was, this fish was good enough for Colymar…” – Dormal

“Right. This seems like maybe I should make myself scarce.” – Dormal
“That would be traditional at this point.” – GM

“RAJAR, wake up, there’s beer!” – Berra
“HURRAH! Is this the kind of beer that requires armour?” – Rajar

“There is a man waiting for you.” – Initiate
“Fuck him, who is it?” – Nala
“She’ll be about twenty minutes finding out.” – Berra

“Good morning.” – Xenofos
“Well, one of those things is true.” – Nala

“Oh, Mellia. Lord Eril wishes me to reassure you that High Healer Beneva was entirely … um, some long word.” – Berra

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    “ROUSes? I don’t think they really exist OOOOOOPHHH!”