Marshing Orders

S01 — Session 42

1626, Fire Season, Movement Week

Fire Season, Movement Week, Godday to Illusion Week, Windsday

Dramatis Personae

Berra, some of the time
Tiwr the Magnificent
Salid the Sniveller, Guardstrollkin
Thirteen other trollkin who are also not Salid
Two Ghouls
A Ghost
Uncountable zombies
Also some skeletons
Lots of bodies
Some very lost frogs
Silor Cracks-Rock and his children:
* Habela, an Earth Priestess
* Venlar, a nice person and Orlanthi
* Yamia Humakti, not a nice person, but very cute if you are a Storm Bull
* Hengrast, a great big puppy of Orlanth
Thenaya, Thrallmistress
Silor’s Warband

As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, NalaTiwrSaga, and The Death of Rajar. There will be extracts from the Sonnets in Praise of Xenofos and The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia. There will be reference to the Accounts of the Travels of Irillo Goldentongue. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. The {“D”} voice appears.

[Good afternoon, estudentia. Except for Professor Tomm, joining us by video link. To him, good evening. We have a lot to cover today, so we will be diving straight in. Not into the Marsh, but Rajar’s emotional state.]

The girl over there
Looks AMAZING. Oh so cute.
Death Rune just like mine!

And she likes axes
Enough to tell me mine’s great,
And she … walked away…

[This is believed to be his reaction to Yamia Silorsdottir, unusual because of its explicit existence. She takes up more room than Kalia, a known lover, and yet seems to have no feelings for the Storm Bull. The question I would like you to answer, in five hundred words; from the known works we have that mention Yamia, does she have feelings at all?]

[We do have an example of those who have feelings for each other. A small pack. NalaTiwrSaga]

Distant view of foes
A band altogether, high
Hilltop Triumphant

Dash and ride and run
Carry and sit and keep by
Pause and pause and pause

[We know from the fragmentary SiloriSaga that Nala brought the news of raiders to Venlar, who took it to his father. The Silori, his children, were not all present. It was understood to be Venlar’s place to guard the stead while Yamia guarded him; Jengharl, on the other hand, was volunteering for war, along with his own dedicated band. However, the message arrived. Most sources agree this, and that Silor set out to guard his Clan – or seize whatever was found. Meanwhile the others were fighting their way through this odd fragment of the Upland Marsh. Rajar again and then Berra.]

It is not often
This very thoughtful Urox
Gets to make a splash

Mighty marsh murder
Maiden mauled [word lost]
Finding foes foul
Fighting fierce unforebearing
Reed refuge refused
Repulsing raft raiders

{“Berra is on the other raft? I’m sharing with the goat!”}

[And another five hundred words on whether the murder is the death that Berra brings, or the death that was already there. And while you are digesting that, we shall pause, or at least, our heroines and heroes will. Back at the Tula of the Cinder Fox Clan, Varanis has been left behind to sooth ruffled feathers, or prepare the way for the group to return.]

Around her self she pulled her cloak of Sky-dyed blue,
And in her ears set drops of gold and jems of every hue.
Upon her arms the ring that Kallyr gave and more,
And pinned her hair and in styling such that Hengrast must adore.
Around the Tula walking in her finest Esroli’n gear,
Her voice in fine song did she lift that all might know and cheer.

[SiloriSaga does mention the stay of Varanis, in Hengrast’s Lament. However, SiloriSaga also mentions a very important relationship at this early stage. Mellia appears to Venlar. One of the great love stories of our time? A tragedy? Only time will tell. If you have NOT read ahead, next week’s spot exam will shock you all. If I decide to set one.]

She walked towards the Upland Marsh alone and unafraid
From Xenofos’s sick bed coming swift to give her aid.
WIthin the den of foxes of the hearth of Silor free
She paused to offer help to all, for generosity.
When from afar young Venlar kind saw Mellia by the gate
And felt his young heart quicken as he understood his fate.

[And, if Professor Tomm is available, we will allow him to reveal what was found, with his excellent understanding of the Accounts.]

[“Ah yes, thank you Professor. Now, the Accounts give a very clear and informative description of this period. It allows us to get to the heart of the psychology of both Irillo and his reading of Eril. The phrasing is particul….”


[Aaah, tuned to a dead channel, I see. Never mind – catch up on your own time, and let us see if Professor Tomm is superfluous. Five hundred words on what you think he was going to say.]

A vision or two from Irillo, and a conversation with Berra.


What Really Happened


Letter from Eril to Silor

Further MASSIVELY SPOILERY visions for Irillo

Eril in the Tula, in Darkness

Eril leaves his Clan

Session Quotes

  • 1
    Irillo passes Insight (Own Species), a roll which Eril managed to fail whenever he saw Thenaya.
  • 2
    Fumbled battle roll for that boat.
  • 3
    Fumble on Moon Rune. Bad Things Happen to Berra and Salid’s Darkness Runes, and Irillo sees through the worst lens Eril has.
  • 4
    Six failed Moon Runes in a row, after the fumble that gave him a vision from the selfish point of view.
  • 5
    Mellia passes a Scan Roll to see this.
  • 6
    Mellia rolls a special on First Aid: Eril, as she sees him now, has a nasty cut over his right eye, in a way that is familiar, both in shape and in colour. In shape, it is just like Venlar’s, making it hard for him to see. In colour, and the redness around the edge, it is like she treated on Geriol, with the suggestion that the infection is probably fading – the puffiness she would expect has gone.

    As for the rest of him, he looks tired, and thin, close to the point of exhaustion behind the arrogance. She has seen young Eril in visions, on this Quest. This is half him, half the High Sword, as if the pride were always there and waited only to be revealed.
  • 7
    Which is made easier by being wounded, and the pull of damaged skin. And is familiar on his face, for Mellia, watching.
  • 8
    Eril knows that his father drove off ravens when he was being born. Ravens can control Death Spirits.
  • 9
    Mellia passes Insight (Human): It is hard to tell what is keeping him upright, but sheer determination would be the fore-runner. A low grade fever, blood loss, pale skin. Emotional outbursts would be bad for Eril right now.