A Hazia Shade of Winter

S01 — Session 31

1626, Sea Season

Season, Week, Day

Late Sea Season, exact date unclear. Kindly GMd by Rajar.

Dramatis Personae




Farist, War Leader of the Green Fish Clan
Saronil, Chief of the Green Fish Clan
Two hands of warriors of varying morale and aptitude
A corpse of no morale whatsoever
A jackobear of no moral significance
Four more hands of warriors of rather greater aptitude, and better armour
Some unnamed things below the ground, that hate the adventurers
Bits of corpses


[Those of you following along will be pleased to know that Dr Tomm is fit and well, and I should not be with you for too much longer. Marks for last week’s snap essay have been given out. This week, given the theme we must now approach, let us concentrate on the Death of Rajar. By now you understand me. Set the lengths of your essays yourself. Begin when I stop talking.]

Loyalty calls me
As the plains to a bison
As beer to Storm Bull

This is no place for men
Nor for women – only the
Holy and Cleansing Rage

Underground Chaos
My friends all stand about me
Don’t lie down in bits

I have one honour
That I may offer to Broo

Our merry band of Heroes were admiring the recently started construction work at the Chalana Arroy Temple. Conversation had moved on to travel plans when a rider from the Green Fish Clan of the neighbouring Tribe.

The rider brought notice of a Broo raid and a request for aid. Our heroes quickly saddled up and headed off to help.

On arriving at the Green Fish Tula they saw that the fyrd was mustering and the Clan Warleader in attendance.

An outlying farm had been quiet for a while and a messenger dispatched. The messenger never came back.

A small patrol was sent to check on both messenger and Rabbit Hat Farm. The patrol never came back either but a few refugees did speaking of a Broo raid.

Our heroes were sent to Rabbit Hat to investigate and cleanse, along with a small part of the Fyrd.

On arrival at Rabbit Hat they found evidence both of a Broo raid, a corpse or two and a powerful jack-o-bear….

Having dispatched the latter after a brief but terrifying fight, the group explored the deserted farm, cleansing corpses and identifying that the well had been poisoned.

It was then that they discovered the terrifying but rather well made shaft sinking deep deep into the ground……..

We leave our heroes lowering themselves into it and preparing magical defenses….alerted by magic that many enemies lurk below. The enemies may also have been alerted by magic.

> *Irillo shows legs*
“San loss rolls, please…” – GM

“The sound of a pony approaching.” – GM
“So… drumming of tiny hooves.” – Finarvi

“Billy is at the front! Well, for a little while anyway.” – GM

“Increase in Charm and Intrigue, and nothing else. What does this say about Irillo’s life?” – Irillo
“That it’s easy.” – Berra
“Stop complaining!” – Berra

“I would appreciate the aid, and it would be a favour to the clan.” – Saronil
“Oh, we’ll do it anyway.” – Berra

“I’m not producing play aids for serving maids.” – GM

“Eating. Sleeping. Drinking. Not necessarily in that order.” – Irillo

“Also someone has been SCREWING UP MY TRADING for the last year!” – Irillo
“Damn Onjur.” – Berra

“We few. We happy few. We band of buggered.” – Irillo

“Remind me. Why did I leave Esrolia?” – Irillo
“The cash.” – Berra

“A raised eyebrow and stoic acceptance of the fare…” – Xenofos

“Riding my horse.” – Xenofos
“Tempted by Foot-soldiering.” – Berra

*sings* “Climb every mountain….” – Irillo

“As the crow flies… It would be gaining altitude and possibly stopping for a fag break.” – GM

“Nooo, he is not tainted. He is innocent, and flowery!” – Rajar

“((for the record Fumbled sense chaos))” – GM
“We know.” – Berra
“((For the record… we guessed))” – Serala


“You’re pretty sure that’s not pig.” – GM
“Maybe the Long kind.” – Kris

“… Weird vegetation among the normal harvest – weird sartarite habits again?” – Xenofos

“Can I, just out of curiosity, make an evaluate roll?” – Irillo. At the Chaotic Fields
“(Chaotic fields of a FORTUNE IN PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS)” – Irillo

“Or any crazed Humakti…” – Xenofos
“Humakti are always sane. They just see life differently.” – Berra

“Yes, that would NORMALLY be the case….” – GM with Jackobear

“Daaaaaaaaaa” – Xenofos stops for a bit

“69 as a resistance roll.” – Berra
“That’s a shame, because you’re not going anywhere right now.” – GM

“(Thank God for Buffing)” – Irillo
“HUZZAH for IRILLO!” – Berra
*rubs Irillo to make him shine* – Berra
“Just be careful where you’re rubbing him….” – Serala
“I already went there.” – Berra
“As it were.” – Berra
“I really hope you didn’t!” – Serala
“Well, I’m nice that way.” – Berra

“Hi ho War-Mule, AWAY!” – Irillo

“Jackobear is now in a target-rich environment.” – Berra
“Hopefully that will confuse it.” – Serala

“Rajar storms forward! And rides past waving his lance at it. And swears a lot.” – GM

“When the Fyrd members have stopped stabbing the bad guy, I’ll praise their courage and reassure them.” – Varanis

“Evil earthworms!” – Finarvi

“Running commentary continues.” – Xenofos


“I have a very bad feeling about this.” – Xenofos

“Thirteen out of a hundred. Is that a special?” – Napoleon ‘Serala’ Bonaparte

“Frankly, the only place I’d like to dump a huge amount of Hazia is in a Lunar Garrison town.” – Irillo

“I’ve climbed the wall closest to it to stare down at the hole.” – Varanis
“You look into the eyes of a jackobear….” – Berra

“Okay, I can cast up to 4 points of Warding.. Which lasts until wands disrupted. Each point can cover 100m square, or give additional countermagic and Disruption” – Irillo
“Do you have anything else that could harm the enemy?” – Berra
“Summon Cult Spirit/Command Cult Spirit.” – Irillo
“So… you could bilk them on their payments?” – Berra
“Foreclose on the wormy thing.” – Irillo

“I’ve rolled on my water rune, which is my impetuosity, and I’m going to throw a torch down the hole.” – Varanis

“(a) to slow down anything that crosses the boundary once chasing us in, and (b) to slow down anything that crosses the boundary chasing us out” – Irillo
“I like that.” – Berra

“I’ll loan a fyrdsman my horse!” – Varanis
*dies of giggles* – Also Varanis

“And I’ll promise Rajar that we’ll deal with this and he’ll be allowed to fight Chaos in dark tunnels.” – Berra

“Go through the accounts.” – Irillo

“We do have dried hazia here. We could just get high.” – Berra
“Sounds better than the looming alternative.” – Xenofos
*sings* “We were gonna fight the Broo, but then we got high.” – Irillo

“This should not be.” – Xenofos
“Should not be what, Xenofos?” – Varanis

“I don’t think we should leave Mellia where it’s safe. Rajar is likely to happen. We’ve got 20 people with us, and we can leave some and bring some, and keep her in the back with a couple of guards.” – Berra
“Nyah-hah-hah.” – Mellia
“I don’t want to be sprinting back to safety with Rajar thinking I’m a broo sympathiser!” – Berra