A Hazia Shade of Winter

S01 — Session 31

1626, Sea Season

Season, Week, Day

Late Sea Season, exact date unclear. Kindly GMd by Rajar.

Dramatis Personae


[Those of you following along will be pleased to know that Dr Tomm is fit and well, and I should not be with you for too much longer. Marks for last week’s snap essay have been given out. This week, given the theme we must now approach, let us concentrate on the Death of Rajar. By now you understand me. Set the lengths of your essays yourself. Begin when I stop talking.]

Loyalty calls me
As the plains to a bison
As beer to Storm Bull

This is no place for men
Nor for women – only the
Holy and Cleansing Rage

Underground Chaos
My friends all stand about me
Don’t lie down in bits

I have one honour
That I may offer to Broo

What Really Happened

Session Quotes