The Wedding of Mellia and Venlar

Session Sartar Arc 15

1628, Sacred Time

Dramatis Personae






Endars is going to appear as Yelm!

Leika sends her blessing, but does not attend herself.

Overview: Orlanthi Wedding order of events. Everyone piles off to the Air Temple where there is riotous behaviour and back-slapping, then everyone goes via the Grazelander Embassy where Endars (Yelm) challenges Orlanth for the stealing of his bride, but there is no actual fight as this is before weapons and death happened so nobody gets messed up. Rap battle! From there, once nobody has died, everyone goes off to the Earth Temple. Vows: three gifts are given and each time Ernalda gets to say yes or no, and has to say yes three times.

It is the morning of the wedding. Marta is doing Mellia’s hair. Smoke rises from the Stormbull temple. Rajar will be delayed.

Outside the house is Kallyr’s gift – the use of a chariot pulled by a pair of Goldeneyes, and driven by a Vingan. They will take her wherever she wishes to go today. Varanis is in her ceremonial armour, which shines new-forged. Serala and Finarvi have been dressed finely by Mellia’s dressmaker too. They follow the chariot to the Air Temple. Kalis and Jaldis are there. Kalis with her new husband, lord Evron of the sun dome. Venlar is there too, with a hangover. Rajar turns up looking a bit singed, bearing an axe with an iron head. He hugs Mellia and and says he would have been here earlier but he had to deal with … a chaotic tree.

Rajar seems more Rajar than ever.1crazy POW The iron axe is new, and he has more tattoos.

Berra’s sword hilt and Varanis’s sword hilt are matching. Berra’s has a gem set in the hilt. Varanis says it came out of hell with her.

Finarvi and Serala have not changed much, except Serala is pregnant and starting to show.

Mellia is also pregnant.

Lenta makes flowers bloom early so they can be braided in Mellia’s hair.

Dormal brings gifts from Esrolia, from Grandmother and the family. Beautiful white silk from Mirava.2which causes ruffled feathers Jaldis brings a gift from the temple. Sending an initiate to tend the Blue Tree shrine while she goes to seek a wyter. Varanis gives her jewellery, bells for hair for her and Venlar. Berra gives her baby toys, Finarvi gives her a bronze teething ring which rattles. Rajar gives her a hunk of Truestone. Venlar sings, and Mellia allows him to stay.

They climb into the chariot and head to the Grazelander embassy. We follow. At the embassy an impressive figure wearing golden armour and mask steps out and a sunbeam breaks through the clouds and makes him glitter. He challenges Orlanth, and Venlar responds poetic ally. Yelm Throws aside his golden spear and dances to win Ernalda’s heart back. It’s an amazing dance.

Venlar sings in response, Endars nearly responds and remembers he’s not supposed to win today or he’ll end up married, and throws gilded coins to the couple. They drive on to the Earth Temple, where Kallyr is officiating, and Kalis is hosting. Varanis has big eyes for Kalis. She’s spoken of her before.

Kallyr gives a beautiful speech and tells Venlar to give the first gift. A thunderstone (flint for fire in the sape of a stasis rune with a magical inscription for firemaking). Mellia accepts it. He offers the second gift, a polished silver hand mirror, and for the last, some protectors. He walks around in the crowd, and the yinkin-bonded hunter Mellia brought back to life hands him a basket, and Venlar gives him three wheels, and brings over the basket, opens it to show three pedigree alynx kittens, white with black spots. They are extremely cute. Mellia accepts this third gift too.

As they kiss, Mellia finds herself in a vision. A tranquil wildflower meadow, with a large white moth fluttering around her head. It flies off, and she follows it. It leads her across the meadow, over a rise, where she sees caves cut into the face of a cliff. Outside, women wearing white. Then the vision ends.

Everyone heads to the White Grape for toasts and vittles. Xenofos buys a round and gives a lovely toast. Irillo also buys a round. Rajar buys several rounds. Varanis tells her they have rooms booked at the night, so they don’t have to worry about toddlers barreling through the door in the morning. Varanis also has prepared a song, and sings it well.

Serala noticed that Berra has been swinging between her usual bouncy self and quiet and subdued. Berra says she’s been dealing with some stuff. Big Things eating at her, that she will not share.

Venlar’s people put on a day-long party for the guests, so Venlar can show off his wealth.

Varanis, Finarvi and Serala insist on looking after the kittens. The kittens like Varanis.

Next morning, Venlar wakes up with another headache. Varanis has a disturbed night being nibbled by kittens. One has peed on her. Rajar has slept in the Praxian room. Mellia asks if anyone knows of a carved cave ear a wildflower meadow. We discuss, and decide in Culbrea lands there is a nunnery, the caves are near Telmori lands. Berra tells a rambling story. The cave is called the Nunnery, which is a White Lady temple.

They decide that the honeymoon will be 2 weeks, then Mellia will need to go to the Nunnery. Varanis offers to accompany her.

Jaldis of Whitewall is not going to be pleased that the Northern temple has been in a vision.

Session Quotes

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    crazy POW
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    which causes ruffled feathers