Wedding planning and a bar fight???

Session Sartar Arc 14

1628, Storm Season, Stasis Week

Dramatis Personae




Tennebris’ flunky
A would-be pick-pocket
A bar fight


Mellia is owed a wedding, after her Esrolian wedding was spoiled by Mirava and Fazzur, and Venlar got exiled for eloping with Mellia in the ensuing chaos. Kallyr has promised Mellia a Sartarite wedding, so Mellia and her friends get down to organising the particulars.

The Guest List

Serala and Finarvi have returned from Apple Lane, and found Berra more her old self. Berra gives Serala a hug, and a chunky silver arm band made from the dagger of the vampire Serala helped slay. There is awkwardness.

Everyone has been staying at Varanis’s house. Tennebris invites Mellia and Venlar to the Orlanthi temple to plan the wedding. Mellia wears one of her nicer white robes to the meeting, and Varanis escorts her and Venlar to ensure they arrive at the correct Orlanthi temple. Tennebris isn’t there, but preparations have been made in his absence and the party is shown into a room where a fine repast has been laid out for them. The minion offers Tennebris’s apologies and assures the couple they have the full support of the Temple. There is a lot to plan. Varanis suggests Kalis would be good at helping to plan a major wedding. Berra helpfully points out that since Kallyr’s paying for the wedding, she can just tell Kallyr how many people she needs to feed.

Mellia decides to invite the Blue Tree healers, her adventuring clan including Dormal, Vanlar’s band of friends, Xenophos and the Ulerian priestess Eranda who helped him. Chief Dogfa of Blue Tree and his family are invited, as are Venlar’s family and Eril. Greyrock circle, Mellia’s friends in the Chalana Arroy temple in Boldhome and the High Healer are included too, and they do not neglect to invite Queen Leika, even if she won’t come. Up to 200 people in all. Berra thought it would be funny to invite the Esrolian Free Company, and Finarvi suggested maybe just Lenta as their representative.

The discussion moves onto venues. They consider the Temple of Ernalda because it’s large enough and is reached by fewer steps than the Orlanthi temple, which can be the backup venue.

Mellia decides to have Entale Fineweave prepare the dress, and offers her services to Finarvi and Serala too. Finarvi accepts for both of them, and only needs to kick Serala once to agree.


After that, the group headed to the White Grape to arrange the entertainments. Berra was excited that there should be a greasy pig, so that everyone would know that a wedding was occurring. Rondrik was approached for help finding reliable entertainers and accommodating visiting guests. Serala offered her goldeneye, Cav, to pull the wedding chariot.  

Orders were made for ample refreshments in the form of Sambari redwine, Blue Tree perry and Apple Lane cider.

The group then discussed how to tell the wedding tale. Mellia did not want anyone killed or stabbed, so a telling was opted for over a re-enactment. 

The various tribal mansions would be able to house many of the visiting guests who needed to travel. The list of guests was given to messengers with instructions to wait for a response so the planners would know how many guests to plan for.

Berra asks Mellia if there are any guests she wants to single out for honour and give gifts to. It’s not an Esrolian custom, and Mellia was reluctant to tread on Kallyr’s toes or create unintentional political upset, since Kallyr was running the wedding and the temple would be hosting it. Berra added a gift didn’t have to be valuables, it could be a song, or seeds.

While partaking of Rondrik’s excellent mulled wine and hot beer, Varanis, Finarvi and Berra all noticed a young fellow picking a pocket. Berra yelled at him and she and Varanis both jumped up. Berra bumped into someone’s beer and started a fight, while the thief exited through the window, pursued by a Vingan, and Finarvi enjoyed the spectacle. Outside, the fellow took to the icy roofs in a misguided attempt to flee, and was swiftly captured by Varanis and frogmarched back to the Grape.

Berra took the fight outside, whereupon her opponent took her advice to go home. Varanis reminded her to check on his friends, and two more men left the inn and headed off to make certain their friend got home alright, since he had obviously had far too much to drink if he was picking brawls with a Humakti. Berra gave Rondrik a few clacks for a round the next time they visited.

Rondrik recognised the hapless pickpocket as one who had been in begging a few times. Varanis, realising that he wasn’t lying about being cold and starving, bought him a warm meal and questioned him while he wolfed it down. She learned he was an out of work carpenter with two children and an expectant wife. Varanis offers him and his wife a season or two of work to keep them until he can get back on his feet, and sent him home with a meal for his family and instructions to turn up at her house in the morning.  

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